The Magic Story: #1 Day 2

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It's me again...
The Magic Frog

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Good to see people are actually trying to help me. The Magic Story Machine already generated a pot of $3.59 at the moment of writing this. You can win it by helping me to tell the story.

Here's what we have so far:

Once upon a time, there was a wizard...

who had to run some errands to plan a surprise party for his little frog friend.
(by @localnorth)

To be continued!

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The Magic Frog

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what caught the attention of the high council of suspicious and insatiable storks in the neighborhood


Those storks... I knew they have something to do with it... I knew it!

The ingredients he needed most were


Well, that will be a long list I think.

It was his trusted amphibious companion's 5th birthday and, as was the tradition, he was on the search for some components he needed for the charm spell he was planning.