"Creators Network" The last social network the world will ever need.

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The Most Powerful Thing In The World Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come

I teased this in my last post and decided to release it publicly here for the first time in hopes of creating the most decentralized, crowd-sourced version of the network. You can also find updates at golos.io/@bless, I would appreciate an upvote there as well if you support this idea and are on Golos

This is an idea for a Reputation Based - Social Network which will eventually branch to Augmented Reality that I believe IS coming and will change this world, here is my long term vision and my philosophy behind it.


Dunbar's number - is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships—relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person.
He proposed that humans can comfortably maintain only 150 stable relationships.

The global community has lost this reputation system, "Creators Network" (working name) aims to re-create that reputation system on a global scale.

I propose we can not only move that number much higher based on a reputation system similar to how easy it is to have relationships with over 500 people on facebook. We can also enable a new level of trust and interaction with completely unknown person's.


This network will build stronger communities, reduce stress throughout the population, and enable a far more content driven sharing economy. Where everyone is equally rewarded for their energy.

With every net positive beneficial action for the network the user is rewarded KARMA POINTS (KP) (working name) proportional to the network , which allow you to vote on the direction of the network and also receive a payout in KARMA TOKENS (KT) which can then be exchanged for other currencies .

*For those reading from outside of steemit that are unaware of how a reward system like this could work, check out how steemit and the steem economy and tokens work.

Steemit is the proof this concept can work and currently has a $239 million market cap and are already paying people for individual contributions to the network. *

The difference is there are still rich men at the top of steemit that are not contributing proportional to their share but are still holding and receiving a large % of the money and power of the network and the corruption trickles down - imo this model is still to close to facebook, it unnecessarily slows network growth and eventually kills the network - The Last Network is the next evolution.

Not to say the initial founders and investors shouldn't be rewarded but it needs to be proportional to/freely given by participants within the network.

On The Last Network, reputation (KARMA POINTS) = money but Money will never fully ≠ KP. So you may gain Karma Points or reputation from a donation to a charity but the goal of the network is that no amount of money could buy an actor enough power to control the direction of the network.

For example if a wealthy philanthropist donated $1mil to a charity, they would receive Karma tokens, but never gain enough Karma tokens from that single action to make the $1mil back. Ideally there would be money caps in place and a degrading scale of rewards. (This would only be true once the network is near full effect, until then there could potentially be a decent ROI.)


The goal of The Last Network in the end is to redefine for society what Wealth truly is - from an accounting of your assets to an accounting of your person.

It's kind of like Elon Musk vs the Koch brothers, the brothers each individually have more assets and possibly power then Elon and but Who is more valuable and loved by the world?

As we are moving into a new age where technology and automation will eventually replace 95% of human manual labor and low level service jobs, it's important that these human energy savings are used to benefit all of man kind and not a select few. This network helps to ensure that future.

This network then becomes a truer to base reality accounting system based on the underlying beliefs of our society and nature.
i.e. All parties contributing are equally rewarded proportionately to their current contribution to the network as seen throughout nature.


Starting Network Infrastructure

This system was first envisioned to run on technology 3-5-10 years from now, (magic leap type of AR glasses) to be a kind of Augmented Reality to Real Life overlay of your person, to adopt it for immediate use in todays technology I would start with:

Network Foundation

The most basic and crucial part to keeping the network balanced and fair. I propose the starting architecture look something like:

100 billion starting Karma Points to be created & assigned the network

One account which I would run that start with 1% of total network total or 1billion KP which after 1 year or when the 1,111 creators accounts (see below) are created would revert to 100mil KP and eventually down to 10 mil KP to be equal to the network at such a time I felt like the foundation is highly resistant of corruption. We could have a dead mans switch in the event I don't check in or was killed most of the power would be locked for a set amount of time and then revert to the network. Also open to other safe guards to insure the network and market are safe in the case myself or the main account is compromised.

100 rotatable Board accounts with 10mil Karma Points

The job of this group is to find 1011 of the top creators and curators in the world to upvote to 10mil KP for the network in order to unlock the board accounts to individual accounts and create 1,111 diverse un-corrupted individuals to lead the network

Ideally the first 1,111 would be people of very high character and reputation that are already driving culture, ex: Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Jason Silva, Dan Harris Neil DeGrass Tyson, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Stephen Hawking also ideally it would be 50/50 female to male and very diverse culturally.

Our network would ideally become the main source for breaking news and events these people would naturally want to read.

Maybe we get a few news outlets to release a couple of breaking stories a month in order to have decent stake on the network?

If this network takes off, there will be thousands of applicants that the 100 board will have to help sort through to find the most noble applicants to lead the network.

1,000 oracle, curator, advisors accounts - that would start with 1mil KP

The main job of this group is to bring to the network and dilute power to THE best content creators in world so they have a large stake in the network taking off.
Everyone wants being on the ground floor of the newest thing so we bring as many of the best in the world as we can from the start.

10,000 investors, content curators/creator accounts that pledge to produce original content for the network - 100k KP

Ideally we get an algorithm made that can spider through these top 10,000 individuals social media accounts and pulls all the numbers (followers, following, posts, like retweets - preferably it even checks against past snapshots so we can see whose already trying to game the system from the date of this post) and gives us a real good perspective as to the extent each individual is actually driving our culture and give KP proportional

100,000 early adopters, investors, creators, curators - 10k KP

The rest of the KP would be held in a fund to build the network - I prefer it be as transparent as possible

I envision a system that would display total accumulated KP which would for now cap at 10mil. Then a yearly, seasonal, monthly, weekly daily, hourly KP total leader boards with the top 1000 displayed and payouts proportional to % of KP in Karma Tokens. In order to really gamify the system and get people driven to create as much original content as possible.


Total: 10,000,000 Highest rep achieved - MAX
Yearly: 1,283,837 - #5 on network
Summer: 333,333 - #1 on network
Monthly: 100,123 - #100 on network
Weekly: 15,000 - #867 on network
Daily: 1,111 - Not ranked
Hourly: 0 - Not Ranked

Also a system where you could automatically invest your daily KT payout towards your weekly payout / weekly towards monthly / monthly towards yearly. Giving you an amount of bonus KP for helping secure the markets and network
(this could also scale proportional to say total weekly KP - if you invest 1 day of 7 you get 3% extra on your weekly if you invest all 7 you get 25% instead of 21%) (math geniuses needed for this)

This will create the biggest crowd sourcing machine in the world as people are fairly rewarded for every beneficial action, allowing us to create the most accurate data bases for future AR applications to build on (plant, insect, geographical, mechanical, educational information overlays.)


For anyone interested in building this that wishes to contact me privately:
[email protected]
Wickr: xblessedx

Please include any strengths you would add to the network and any experience or training along with any social media accounts if applicable.

This network will represent all views and perspectives, Everyone is welcome to apply. Please give time for a reply in case things get crazy.

I am still updating this and willing to hear ideas and change anything as necessary, if there are any mistakes or suggestions please let me know

Much Love <3

- Bless


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A couple of things I would like to say....one a lot of what you propose for "The Last Network" are ideas I have proposed over the last year for Steemit....so I really like your concept. The name "The Last Network" though is atrocious, obnoxious and scary. Might I suggest rebranding the idea with something like "Shazaam" I suggest that name cause I thought long and hard about building a network very very similar to what you are proposing last year and after exhaustive research that name popped among the people I discussed the idea with. Oh and I already own the domain shazaam.me!

The network structure you propose, if I followed correctly, sound intriguing, but I think the possibilities of finding the famous people to start the networks top tiers is an unlikely scenario. Not to mention it, in the eyes of normal users, would look like they rich and powerful control the system....just the way it appears to people here on Steemit.

I think you would be far better off getting "relatively unknown" people to fill the top tiers of the initial network. You and the network would have far more visibility, distribution, adoption and support if people saw it was run and controlled by 10,000 normal people than a few thousand rich/famous people.


@bless, Interesting concept but will it really work.
As venus pointed out, how would you go about allocating famous people to the top tiers and would that be really fair?


The problem with 10,000 normal people is that most normal people are not driving culture they are sheep to it...
Also 2000 of those 10000 unknowns could very well be duplicate persons.

Its not really about famous people, more so people that already have a positive reputation with most of the world. There are a number of people throughout steemit that I could see being part of the top 100 or 1000 let alone 10k.

I pop into the different discords almost daily to read and listen to whats going on, I know there are some very smart people on steemit which is why I posted here first. I've had the pleasure of conversing/listening to quite a few people that I would love leading the network...


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I am intrigued!

Following for more :)


Appreciate it :)

Sounds interesting, I;m always willing to give these things a shot to see where they go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained ;) Also, kind of reminds me of Simbi.

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