The Hive. Weekly Review. 07.08.2018

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The Hive Weekly Review. 07.08.2018

Howdy folks'.

Posts' through the week

Monday's post

Mondays bring a post for the Buddy Up Server contest called Drop In the ocean. each week a word is selected to be wrote about by each member who chooses. This weeks work is Perception. There is still time to write this post and discuss what you have wrote and the opinions others have wrote. The show will take place in the Buddy Up discord server each Monday 10 PM UK time.

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Also squeezed in between Monday and Tuesday was a spontaneous post to the Comedy Open mic . Unsure how many will get that humour but hey.

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Tuesday's post

Tuesday post was about try to use this time now to get ahead. Letting the things we do now work together so they can have a greater gain later.

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Wednesday's post.

Wednesday, I went into a bit of an explanation about what I do all week and my efforts to keep promoting the community.

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Thursday's post

Thursday I wrote about an alternative front end to the Steemit platform. Steempeak. I like the statistics it makes available to me more than anything else. Get the link in the post.

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Friday's post.

Friday was a positive day for me. This post does not highlight anything specific we do right, Just maybe a combination of everything we try is helping us grow.

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Staurday's post.

Saturdays post ponders around the idea of a token for The hive, this is not a token on an exchange. Just a numerical value to know a members level of rewards.

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