THE DIARY GAME : 08/08/2020 : At Pottery & Handicrafts Market.

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I hope you're having a great day.

So... I totally didn't have any plan of getting out.

My wife was asking me to accompany her in visiting the Pottery & Handicrafts Market near our place.

I was doing some stuff on my PC and suddenly my wife asked me whether we'd go out this afternoon or not.
I didn't say anything and she got silent after that.

I understood she wanted to go outside and I also felt backpain so I decided to go out for a walk which might help with my back pain and I'll also accompany my wife outside.

Well... then we went outside.


This is the main gate of Pottery & Handicrafts Market at Nabinagar, Savar Cant, Ashulia, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
This market is under Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation which is a Govt. Tourism Foundation.

There are elephants on one side and zebras on another side of the gate.
I mean not original elephants and zebras, they're manmade with soil.


There are some rides beside this place which is in an area of Joy Restaurant.
Some kids were playing there enjoying those rides.
My wife captured some photos from outside the market and then we walked into the market.

My wife did some photography inside the market for her post and when she handed over my phone to me, I started doing some photography for me.

I captured photographs of some drawings from a stall where they sell drawing with nice frames.
I captured some nice drawings for my wife so that she can hone her skill practicing them.

Then I've found out a new thing which I haven't seen there before.


Yes, aquarium with various kinds of fishes.
I looked at those fishes for some time and captured some photos.
I also captured some photos of my wife beside this.

Then we walked inside the market safely making distance from other peoples.

We walked around the market for some time.
Then we left the market as it was getting darker.

While we were about to walk towards our place, my wife told me to capture some photos of the Joy Restaurant there as there were lights on it.


Then we walked towards that restaurant and then my wife saw some colorful lights inside the market from another side.

We went there at that stall and saw different types of lights and mirrors there.
Some other customers were also asking for prices of some lights and I was busy capturing photos.




There are some mirrors there too.
If you have eyes then you might be able to see us in one of the mirrors.

I didn't carry much money at that time so I didn't buy anything but I chose some lights and I'll buy some from there and I'll buy some more things from that market soon.
This market is so close to our place so we can go there anytime, any day to buy the things that we need or we choose.

The day ended like this.

"The End"

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"


Thanks for sharing your diary with us,

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