50 STEEM and 100K MORTY$ prize for our first contest!

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   As we said yesterday The Circle today launches its first contest that will last for five days .

   Since we want everyone to have the opportunity to earn some tokens, the contest is very simple.

   Just leave a comment with the answer, in this article, to the next question:

   What services does our project offer to the holders of our Sphere token?

   They will win the five most complete answers that are closest to reality.

   Each winner will receive 10 STEEM and 20K MORTY$, apart from a vote of The Circle in their comment.

   Don't forget to leave your EOS account next to your comment!

   In order to receive the prize in MORTY$ you will have to have your own EOS account. If you do not have it and you are one of the winners, you can only receive the STEEM prize, canceling your share of MORTY$.

   If there are not enough participants, the contest prize will be used to swell our accumulative jackpot and our donation fund.

   Remember that to access all the updated information of our project we recommend you visit both our website and our Discord server..


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hello, sorry for my english, the project is to attract investors on steemit and reward the tokens holders with upvotes in proportion to the stored tokens

Greetings friends of @the.circle, the project offers a variety of advantages for Sphere forks, among them we have marketing tools and ease of earning money, plus a guaranteed security in terms of data management of users who own these tokens.

What services does our project offer to the holders of our Sphere token?

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The circle.

This blockchain clearly focuses on its investors, favoring them greatly; carrying out a totally attractive and dynamic business approach, promoting marketing campaigns attracting the attention of new potential investors. This implies an unprecedented expansion in the part of our tokens and cryptocurrencies such as: EOS, ETH, TRX, LTC, BTC., BYTES ..), tokens of the same Steem Engine ecosystem (ENG, PAL, CCC and NEOXAG) and in tokens of some EOS dapps (BOID and KARMA).

One of the services provided by this platform for its large investors is that they have the right to a daily vote for life, they also receive a percentage of their vote in favor, this will depend on the amount of chips they have, and the vote in favor will be greater the greater the quantity. This percentage of positive voting will be directly associated with the total number of tokens issued that year.

When you invest in our token it is a way to change your STEEM, providing you with a series of advantages, both for the investor and for the community. People and many projects that will enjoy an aerial launch of our token and discounts will be made for their pre-sale purchase for a week.

Free monthly draws are held and offers a cumulative Jackpot system, which gives 40% of the profits generated with the purchase of tokens and the taxes of the delegations. To be eligible to obtain this distribution of funds, the investor must be in possession of at least 8,000 Spheres before the end of the year.


The Circle project will focus on attracting investors to the STEEM blockchain, offering its users advantages that will allow them to maximize their investment. For our Steemit community, this is an excellent way to invest in STEEM, since it offers a fair and safe ecosystem for all its participants and through the purchase of its tokens, even you can start enjoying the many benefits they offer.

The tokens of the project can be purchased both in cryptocurrencies and through STEEM delegations, and they give you the opportunity to:

  • Vote daily for life. The more tokens you buy, the higher the percentage of votes you have in the Circle ecosystem.

  • Receive annual earnings in proportion to your investment. Since 40% of the profits generated by the sale of the tokens and the taxes of the delegations in the project will be distributed among the holders of the tokens.

  • Make donations to charities. Since 10% of the profits generated by the sale of the token and the taxes of the delegations will be sent to charities or NGOs, chosen by the vote of the investors.

  • Receive significant votes. Already 50% of the profits generated by the sale of the tokens and the taxes of the delegations will be aimed to do Power Up and to be able to vote with greater voting power to the investors.

The name of the token of the project is Sphere and in its presale they offer discounts of 40% on each Steemit account. Delegations are also accepted, however they will not be accepted as payment in presale but later.

The pre-sale price will be 1 SPHERE = 1 STEEM, or the equivalent in other currencies.

After the end of the presale period that lasts one week, the first tokens will be issued and an air launch of 640K tokens will be made, favoring users who own tokens derived from the presale much more, and thus, these users have a crucial advantage.

The Circle project is an excellent form of investment that will help our community Steemit to continue its growth.

I like competitions :-)

What services does our project offer to the holders of our Sphere token?

My answer is: It costs you money for a below dust threshold vote while @dresden who runs this scammy scheme gets to earn lots of cash from curation rewards!!

Do I win ? :-)

You got a 39.39% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @nathen007!

Hello, Mr. Hater.
You're wrong, as always you've been since the beginning.
We said we'll upvote the winners, and in this case, we'll create the rule of downvote the loosers wich envy and hatred doesn't let them think with clarity.
The official downvote reason, apart of your mental ill, is your continuos Hate Speeech since our launch.

I really hope you're attending Steemfest :-)

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