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RE: 50 STEEM and 100K MORTY$ prize for our first contest!

in #thecircle5 years ago

I like competitions :-)

What services does our project offer to the holders of our Sphere token?

My answer is: It costs you money for a below dust threshold vote while @dresden who runs this scammy scheme gets to earn lots of cash from curation rewards!!

Do I win ? :-)


You got a 39.39% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @nathen007!

Hello, Mr. Hater.
You're wrong, as always you've been since the beginning.
We said we'll upvote the winners, and in this case, we'll create the rule of downvote the loosers wich envy and hatred doesn't let them think with clarity.
The official downvote reason, apart of your mental ill, is your continuos Hate Speeech since our launch.

I really hope you're attending Steemfest :-)

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