Introductory Post To The Awakenment

Hello Fellow Steemians! :)

My name's Kyle and I have a YouTube channel called The Awakenment (maybe this is how you found me?).

I'm a Business Owner, Crypto Investor, Nature lover & Truth Seeker.  I’m also a fervent believer in Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy ‘Be the change you seek in the world’. 

I used to wish life came with a manual. Maybe something like; ‘Welcome to Planet Earth – A Human Guide’.  Some people say it does (as long as you subscribe to their religion).  However, I've always looked outside the confines of religion for my truth and continue to carve my own path in life.

If you have a faith - then I'm cool with that too. As long as you're not a hater 'Each to their own' I say...

Whatever interpretations I seek to accept, they must comply with a robust sense of reason.  In the same breath, I am also completely aware of the limitations of reason when it comes to dealing with some aspects of the human condition.

The primary intention of my Steem posts (apart from seeing if it's actually possible to get paid to write on here ;) is to extract certain truths wherever they may reside and present them with as little connotation or bias as I possibly can. I have no fixed agenda or belief system, I am only concerned with getting to the truth or, failing that – to what works.

I understand the problem with truth is that it's sometimes subjective, especially when it's derived from our Thinking-Mind, which has its own unique opinions and perspectives on the world.  So with this in mind, please accept the fact that my truth has come from within me, so will forever be tainted with my own 'personal truth'.

It is my hope that a lot of my truths, even if different from yours, will still be analogous to your truth, or at least have a resonating affect with your truth.

I trust you’re an intelligent person, so I promise not to intentionally condescend to you in any way.

My YouTube Channel can be found by clicking here.

 My modus operandi for posting on Steem will be as follows:

  • To try and accept reality, not as I wish it to be, but as it really is.
  • I accept human limitations both in myself and others for perfection is not a characteristic of the human, but of the whole.
  • Many things are beyond my ability to know. Unperturbed, I will strive to know and understand all that I can to the fullest of my ability.
  • I acknowledge that my understanding of reality will always be imperfect and incomplete.
  • Even in this relatively safe, modern world, we have no guarantee of a tomorrow and for this reason it somehow makes it more precious and beautiful.
  • Everything is susceptible to change.

I decided to name my channel The Awakenment rather than The Enlightenment, not because the enlightenment name was already taken :)  but because to 'be enlightened' deems one to be free from questions and to have arrived at some pre-determined destination. I haven't and up to this point, I remain reasonably fluid in my thinking.

Awakenment is the process whereby one realizes an aspect of reality that was previously hidden. It involves the finding out of new information that leads to a change in the way one views and approaches things...

I also meditate . Through Meditation, I started a process of discovery, a process that has begun to change my entire being.

OK, that's enough for now. I'll end with;

Some of the things I love:

(Friends and Family is a given)
Being smiled at  
Friendly inquisitive animals
Laughing until my stomach hurts
Delicious food & wine
Crisp, clear early mornings
My morning cup of coffee
Love itself

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Great stuff Kyle. Keep it up. I was going to send you some EOS for all the info and tips, but upvoting you here = even better ! :-) . Definitely post your videos to Dtube as well, the upvotes might surprise you. A podcast on Dsound = awesome as well. Anyhow, stoked you're on Steem.

Yes please. I listen to Chris @ Cryptoverse while cycling to work, and would love to be able to listen to you as well.

Hey Kyle, i know your super busy but im hoping you have 5 min to help me and in return ill vote for you. Im a londoner living down under to be close to my son. Im holding eos and few other bits as savings to try to get my residency here to be a dad. I have followed the steps to reg my EOS in 2 wallets both using same process but one has not been done as after several attempts to open and setup an EOS wallet i keep getting 'no such wallets exists' even though after adding private key the public one automatically appears. Please can you help or point me in right direction. Thanks Dom

Welcome Kyle. I follow you on your YouTube channel. Glad you come over to Steem. I've recommended your channel to a few friends, especially your stuff on : bitcoin is gold, ethereum is oil, EOS is real estate.

Thanks Alan,
I plan on expanding on my EOS = Real Estate (in terms of the investment case) in future videos.

Yeah buddy! I following you on your YouTube channel... Positive vibes and hope will get huge success, expecially with EOS (as EOS crazy lover).... Please in your next video advise to the people how to find you on steemit, because actually with this beta version is not easy to find users. So I went up to the link and pasted "theawakenment" ... Than finally I found you. All the best! Good luck

I put the link to my Steem account in the YouTube description.

Glad u r on steemit! You are one of the few people who might partially invest the way I do which is very rare. Since we are both a fan of EOS and have the ears the ground, I'm happy you are finally on By the way, what have you heard about Dan Larimer's falling out with Steem and his potential to make his own new steem platform on EOS?

I thought that was pretty funny (handbags at dawn :)
I think Dan was always going to make a new Social Media platform, as he's previously talked about there being some flaws in Steem that he would like to iron out.

Hi Kyle, i am wondering if you have read books from Nassim Nicholas Taleb.... Fooled by Randomness, the Black Swan, Antifragile.... lots of interesting stuff for curious people searching for answers....

Hi szakez,
I read The Black Swan a while back and I love reading and learning. The only thing that constrains my thirst for knowledge is time :)

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Much appreciation Kyle, for the connection!

I enjoyed reading your post. It gives me inspiration for completing my introduceyourself post, which I will post later today. You offered a different perspective than most people, because of your belief of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy ‘Be the change you seek in the world’.

I am a nature-seeker also, and a student of Ayurveda. We will be sharing some great knowledge here, as this will assist others seeking betterment.


Thanks. And it always makes me happy to inspire people to do things - even if it's just writing an intro post! :)

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Welcome new steemit, succes for u, folow me,

Welcome to steemit. I hope you like it here and keep posting. :)

Great seeing you come over!

Yo Kyle. I'm based in the UK. Wanted to touch bases and offer some help regarding content creation for your block producer candidacy. I've noticed very few developer types deliver really polished visual content and thought a bit of high end production on some of the important candidacy videos will make a difference. I'm invested in EOS and want to see the project do well. Please can we do a skype call some time when you're next free?


It was nice to read your post. I'm really happy to meet people whe are awake completely and seeking the truth. I have faith (being Christian from my birth) however I'm not sure about Church any more. If you ask me why? There are plenty reasons... Maybe one day we could talk about it. Why not?
Anyway nice to see you here. :)

Hey plinglish, I found an ebook that assisted me with the church conflict. It spelled out things that the preachers missed or didn't understand, its called "the code to the matrix", silver edition. I hope this helps you. Let me know if find it, its a free pdf by sevan bomar.

Talk soon!


Hey. Ok. I'll have a look a bit later. Thanks for advice. Nice to meet you :).

Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
You can follow my blog @hrishikeshmatre

Welcome. I am glad to see you here :)

I discovered STEEM and Streemit thanks to your EOS YouTube videos!

Welcome! I really enjoy your YouTube Channel!

Looking forward to seeing more of you here, Kyle! @theawakenment

Welcome to steemit :) If you have any question just click to Follow on my profile and ask :)

I follow you from Youtube to here, Welcome Kyle to Steemit!

Truth can be very different to what we believe it to be. My journey, like yours is: ’It does not matter what you believe in. What matters is the truth. Because what you believe in will never change the truth, but the truth will inevitably change what you believe. Therefore, Pursue Truth.’
Good read Kyle, will follow with interest.

Hi @theawakenment ! Great post, i like it, i just upvoted it ! PS: you may like to follow me ... @legsnheels

Fascinating! Looking forward to reading your posts!

nteresting blog....beautiful pictures....thanks for sharing....see more at my page..welcome again

What kind of meditation are you into Bro ?

I took the TM course, I also do a bit of mediating down at my local Buddhist centre (Mindfulness), even though they know I'm not Buddhist they're cool and let me join in :)

Enjoying your takes on EOS.

Keep it up. Did you see today's news about EOSfinex decentralized exchange? This has to be good news!

Hi Rodger,
I did. Big News! :)

Hi Kyle did you hear about eosDAC (The Community-owned EOS Block Producer) and their airdrop April / May ? I know you are interested in becoming a Block producer, do you have any views on this I reckon this would be great to do a video on ..... P.S. not sure which is the best method to chat to you or forward any suggestions such as this ?

Really enjoy your channel, great stuff!

Welcome to steem! I look forward to following your posts! Focusing on the truth of the matter is something I myself am working at. At a certain juncture in life one realizes ( often after experience great pain) that the truth is the only way to move ahead with any purpose.

Crypto and mindset - a perfect combination...Ill be following you :-)

Welcome to Steemit I am glad you have decided to join this great and wonderful community

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Yo Kyle. A subscriber of the awakenment Youtube channel here. Glad to see you on Steemit also :D. Your truth certainly resonates with me. Interested in your opinion on building a business. Do you think it's important to build a business around something you're passionate about?

Hello Kyle,
Congratulation in joining steem. I follow you on YouTube and I love the contents you are producing. You really explains EOS in a way that makes it easy to understand. I also like your other videos about meditation and mind beside cryptos. I wish you a huge success in steam. I upvoted you. Good luck!

Welcome to steemit ..
I invite you to visit my blog

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste :D greetings

Will you be covering EOS developers? I missed the Instar ICO! I’m learning more about EOS but the partners are just as important.

Hi Kyle, Love your EOS videos and have shared with Brock Pierce who loved your real estate analogy way back when you created it ;-) Am launching an EOS block producer, would love to tell you more. Am based in UK, can we chat directly? Email me on [email protected] and perhaps we can find a moment to talk.

Hi Kyle, we are still missing you videos on DTube. When will you upload them? It's great content and it deserves a place here!

Hi Kyle I follow you on You Tube , loving the videos on EOS in particular

Welcome to steemit, Kyle! Wishing you a lot of luck here on this channel.

Thanks Yasmin,
& Good luck with your new adventure!

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