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Our featured member this week is a man that most of you probably recognize from @luzcypher's Open Mic. He has been an ally pretty much since the beginning and though he may be somewhat quiet on paper, his actions speak loudly. Let's get a round of applause for this talented dancer and musician, @donatello! You allies are sure to have seen him jumping on your posts at one time or another as he is very involved and consistent on our sultry Steemit.

Who Is @donatello?

This bilingual ally of ours is a family man. His son, @mikeylorenzo, is also on Steemit and can be seen dancing away from time to time. I mentioned he does the Open Mic competition. From time to time he'll do covers and sing in Spanish, but most of his songs are original. He plays guitar extremely well and has a voice that projects beautifully. Did I mention he is also a dancer? In fact, he runs a dance competition here on Steemit! Most recently, he has started something we've not seen here either, a fitness video competition.

Don't masturbate too much...

Volare di Domenico Modugno

Fitness contest week 5

Dance contest week 15 - Winners from week 14

Steemit Open Mic Week 58

This is a song he wrote for his son...

We Love You @donatello!

You are a valuable Steemian and ally @donatello. Your perseverance and consistency is top of the line. Your music is amazing and your fancy footwork is astounding! We will make sure to stop into The Donatello Club and say hi! Speaking on behalf of #thealliance and all your allies, we're glad you're here and love having you as a member!

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