Daily Three

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What's The Daily Three?

It burns, it burns, it burns! I think my tongue is going to fall off. But not before we hear more about our supasweet STEEMchain. Teach on the preach. Because learning is necessary. My grandfather used to say a day he didn't learn is a day he just assume forget.

1) The Dangers of PYPT - A Kimchi Rant: Ulog [#001] - Comedy Open Mic Round #30 - by @tamala

A while back, I had given Tamala a nick name, 'Hot Tamale'. Little did I know just how true this was going to end up being in the coming weeks. I was rolling from this one hun, to see your hind sight is just hilarious! A few excerpts for ya, and you know you'll have to read the rest. "Now I'm coughing, sneezing and choking from the peppers - seriously this is the hardest most deadly recipe I've ever attempted!" "But I spent 4 hours making this shit so I'M GOING to eat it. Tastes like nothing - just burn." "And she's still laughing. I might have to kill her. Or send her some kimchi." This has got to have some body else on the @comedyopenmic panel over there laughing their asses off! Good one, and the first of her #ulogs!

2) My Experience Emceeing For The Borneo Blockchain Summit - by @alvinauh

This was really neat to read my man! I think my favorite part was where you mentioned other people became interested in the STEEM blockchain! People know it's here, but they don't realize its capabilities. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is and the more effective you can use your speech, the better one can promote a thing. Really glad you got to help dispel some of the negative content and media surrounding the tech we love so much and to get the ear (and picture with) the deputy prime minister of education? That will hopefully speak volumes to the country, especially if (and I imagine you did) told them about the way you go about using it in your own classsrooms. Good write up buddy!

3) Life Update from the Slow Rolling Home - by @ameliabartlett

Been quite awhile since I seen anything about the 'Slow Rolling Home' and after reading this, I now understand why. "What if home is not a place, but a feeling?" What if? Perfection is never attainable except by the one choosing to see it. I learn things on a daily basis about people and their personalities, the world around me and even about myself. I think that's the biggest thing you have to take away from all of it Amelia, the entire thing is a learning experience - regardless if that feeling of failure arises or not. I have faith that you'll achieve your goals one way or another, you're too able minded not to. I also hope to see more frequent updates :)

So There They Are!

All of you need to give yourselves a pat on the back! Hope everyone has a FAMtastic day/morning/evening ahead of them. Swing by some other allies' posts and if you find some good ones, you have permission to drop them in the comments down there and if you haven't already, I ask now, that you give those ones up there some love. Have a great start to the week everyone, STeeM on my peoples, and remember to BE YOU!

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Fantastic Posts, and I am so happy to see @ameliabartlet back on Steemit! I have missed her! :)

Thanks so much for the mention @enginewitty! So glad my pain and confusion could make you laugh 😂. @dreemsteem will say it was all my fault - I’m still holding my ground it was hers.

Hot Tamale - out.

Btw want some kimchi? I got plenty 😉🤯

Great posts. Haha, had to chuckle about your hot recipe experience. 🌶 My Hungarian Wax peppers are not too hot in the yellow stage but will get hotter when they turn red.

Good stuff. I really loved @ameliabartlett 's. Just so fascinating with going off the grid in that school bus. Really interesting and amazing.

And how bout a round for the house with this post being a dolphin.gif

Don't know what the Dolphin Support Initiative is ?? Check it out below

Beautiful Article friend..
Well done...