Queen Sarah~ Day 5 @freewritehouse selfie Celebration Contest

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Today's prompt for the @freewritehouse selfie contest was Swing. My first thought went to finding a swingset to take a selfie with. The rules for the contest are such that I could have just drawn a swing but I figured in Mom's retirement community there should be at least one swing somewhere!


With me being under the weather the last few days Mom was really wanting to get out of the house with me in tow. She likes to do anything. The plan was born to go out for lunch then see if we could find a swing on the way there or back.

We ended up at a Colombian restaurant. Mom had a Cuban sandwich which she loved. I had a great lunch of back beans and rice. Yummy!

Unfortunately, we did not see a swing on the way there but the lady that ran the place who did have two children of her own must know of a place!


She could not think of any place where they would have a swing at all. I was told about water parks and all kinds of other fun things but not a swing in sight.


Mom had one last idea of where some might be so she drove to a park she had never been to. The park was beautiful, full of trees! Low and behold it did have a swingset! I have to admit my heart raced a bit.

We parked the car very close. For such a huge pretty park it was sad to see it so empty. I made a beeline right to the swingset to start taking photo's, afraid it would disappear on me before I was done. Two mothers looked on but never said a word which I thought was strange but I guess it is now the world we live in where people are used to strange happenings.

Photo's all taken, we went back to the car, me giving Mom directions on how to get out of the park in one piece. The medication I was on made it so I could not drive. Something I will remember the next time we go anywhere together.

One would think this story is over but as fate would have it while closing my eyes, so I did not have to see how my Mother was driving, I then thought of another meaning to the word swing which you can read about in the short story below that was started on Day 4 of the Freewritehouse Selfie Contest.

I hope you enjoy it!

Queen Sarah

Sarah climbed up the last hill to finally receive the shade she had been looking for all day.

Her day had started out once again with her being lost. She had received directions from her mother before she took off.

All Sara wanted to do now was rest her tiny six legs under the shade of the tree she had finally made it to. The tree offered her protection and food from the fallen fruit at its base.

She knew once again she would not make it to her Aunts house tonight.

Then from the sky came Harry the Bumblebee. He flew down next to her and told her she was lost.

Sara held back the very big "DUH!" that was already forming from her throat. Harry was a nice bee and she was taught manners always came first.

Harry was angered that he had been sent out by Sarah's Mother to find her this late at night. Didn't they know how unsafe it was to fly at night? Hawks, animals, and Lord only knows were out at dusk just looking for things to roast over an open fire pit for dinner.

Sarah very tired from walking in circles most of the day. Her mood rivaled Harry's one could say.

She was tired of her Mother trying to always run her life. Had decided while making her way toward the tree she was now going to call this fine place home. All she needed was a few workers to help start building a Hill at the base of the very fine sturdy elm.

The two stood looking at each other with a glare in their eyes waiting for the other to speak.

Sarah finally said, "If you do not tell me why you are here I'm going to take a nice large swing at you so beware!"

Harry the bee was so taken aback by sweet little Sarah's words he at once blurted out "Do you think you are a Queen to be able to talk to me in this way with that tone of voice? Have you lost your mind?"

Sarah gave Harry a very steady look and said straight out that he had it correct.

"Welcome to my new Home soon to be called Queen Sarah's Hill, known far and wide for the best workers and greatest aerators around. Soon this meadow will be filled with green flowers of all kinds. You may leave now and let Mother know I am fine and I wish her well."

Queen Sarah turned to look for a place to settle in for the night. Her head full of plans for the upcoming days.

Thank you so much for stopping by!



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Wow, you went above and beyond getting that selfie! I fully gave up on the thought of ever finding a swing in the next 24 hours and just drew one. Now I feel like a slacker.



it was more to get out of the house I went to such lengths. I'm visiting my Mom and boring her to death so was more so she had fun loll. and I saw the swing you drew and OMG! you are not a slacker :D

That's cute! I didn't have a swing either!


yeah, at home I could have found 20 all within a short walk LOLL

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Your lunch sounds so yummy and it's surprising that you had to search so long for a swing. Happy that you found a park (and your smile in your selfie is lovely)!
As for the trip out of the park, I can only imagine how scary your mother's driving is if it made you have to close your eyes. Poor Snook. So many Hugs!
We need to get you a boxing bag, so you can hang a few photos and swing away! (I'm sure you've more than a few faces to picture while giving it some hard smacks!)
Good for Sarah, sorry Queen Sarah, for moving on, away from her overbearing mother!


HAAAAAAAAAAAA you have no idea :D but lunch was very yummy :D

Hey snookie :-) How are you doin? I liked very much your wonderings looking for a swing ...but mostly the Cuban sandwich (I don't even know what it's made of but i'm drooling lol)


Thank you for reading.