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The Little Things

It's the little things in life that often get taken for granted or overlooked. Sometimes, they are so commonplace, that we barely notice they even happen or just who is doing them. Things like feeding the dogs and/or cats and making sure they have water. Picking up toys out of the middle of the floor so dad doesn't step on one in the middle of the night and curse everything around him loud enough the neighbors hear.

Nobody Asked You To

But hey, he went ahead and mowed the lawn anyway. Even went and trimmed around the mailbox and gave everyone a walking path around the big field. No one asked you to help your sister off of the trampoline, but you did it anyway. Even made a little 'whoosh' sound like dad does making her think she was flying for a brief moment. Nobody asked you to wash and dry my laundry, but you did it anyway. Even folded them all nice and neat and set them beside my closet and dresser.

It Makes Things Easier

And even more enjoyable. I know that one of my daughters likes the color blue. So, at night, when they are getting ready for bed, I'll get her a drink in a blue cup. She seems to appreciate that. It makes it easier for her to go to bed in a timely fashion. I know where my son likes to go fishing, so when he sees where we are heading, I am under the impression I hopefully made his day just that much easier.


Or is it? Maybe somebody washes the dishes all the time and never gets a thank you. Maybe someone helps you at work by arranging certain things or making sure this or that is in order. Just because they are maybe a little nicer than we choose to see. Say thank you a little more often. Do a few things for others you know would make their day just that much brighter. But most of all, don't take the little things for granted. Oh yeah, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when I'm just ranting about the little things.
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The little things in life can make The BIGGEST of a difference 💞

Loved this and I agree 100%
Just a simple Thank you, can do so much... to show you SEE what he /she has done and make sure they understand that you appriciate it.
So easy to take things and People for granted and forget whats important.
To really listen and SEE someone...makes a huge difference.
YOU make a DIFFERENCE... more than you know.
Much Love 🤗😍😘🌸🌼

Thanks love and you are highly appreciated too! Thanks for reading and hope you have a stellar week ahead!🥰😘🤗🤗

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i read this to Hobo in the hope she would get the hint and start looking after those little things for me.

The look I got seemed to indicate I need to up my game and do more for her.

I tried.

😹😹was worth a shot eh? Maybe she's got selective hearing?

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of course she has selective hearing ... she's a cat

I can see the process... "yes, should do things, just because".... "human do you hear that?.. YOU should do things, more things for me, just because."

Awww... 😂 Lmao

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Thanks to @saffisara for sharing this at PYPT! Yes, it's the little things that matter most each day, to help us along our way! What a great theme for a #thoughtfuldailypost 😊

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Another wonderful addition to my #thoughtfuldailypost... yes, even the little things can quickly become the big things if we aren't creating apositive vibe or environment...

Do a few things for others you know would make their day just that much brighter.

This is the EXACT feeling I am trying to convey, with my #tdp initiative... thank you for your support, and for believing in my cause enough to share the tag... !tip


Sure thing my man. I continue to do my part when I remember. World needs more positive people and for those people to rub off on others 😉

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That is a wonderful way to be, and a VERY true statement! I am having a hrad time keeping up, replying to those that are supporting me, and of course, placing all of the #thoughtfuldailypost posts, in my channel at the @steemterminal lol 😂

I guess that means I am making a difference? Or impact? Who knows... I am just glad to help spread the love... appreciate your support my friend, and thank you for the comment 🙏

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found it in #pypt discord server, read it later

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well, you know engine, even it's just a little things it could be bigger. Even though it's so simple, it can affect people wonderfully. The thing is, if we care for someone we don't expect for a return but yet they appreciated it. Great thought's engine..

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Appreciation is so undervalued. Little things, I'm telling ya😀

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Howdy sir enginewitty! Words of wisdom. You're a great role model.

Wow thanks my man.

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Very sweet reminder, Witty dearest. <3

I'm grateful to know you 1. have people to do such loving little things for, and 2. have the daily companionship of others who may offer the same kindnesses. Indeed, it's those very 'little things' one misses in a quietly solitary, childless, pet-less & partner-less life.

Here's a cute little thing for ya – a weeee baby snail on a dew-covered daisy petal. Hope he makes ya smile! :)


thank you for sharing this loving post via #pypt

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