Silent Heroes

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What You Don't See

On Valentine's Day, my sister @snook, honored me in a beautiful way. Thank you hun, it's great to be thought of in such high regard and I can only hope, I honor you in the same manner. She classified me as one of her 'Silent Heroes'. Her definition of such is:

From her post - Who are your Silent Heros of Steem?

If you look around, its always the same quiet ones that help those in need. Taking no recognition for all they do. They are the real heroes that work behind the lines, making sure others shine. They never ask anything for themselves. Every day they give where they can with barely a 'Thank You' heard.

Who Are My Silent Heroes?

  • @michaeldavid - since day 1 of creating #thealliance, he's been helping in some form or fashion
  • @guiltyparties - doesn't get near enough credit for all he does for the chain and others
  • @adsactly - have been my biggest supporters and nobody really understands just how much I appreciate them
  • @jatinhota - a good friend and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet - we've had many a long night
  • @jackmiller - another of the most unappreciated guys out there - even though he's nuts HA!
  • @eturnerx - not even sure I should call him out as is his preference, but I do appreciate you
  • @phelimint - an OG ally, he's been supportive as one could hope for
  • @edthecanadian - another OG ally, does all he can to help the fam grow
  • @tattoodjay - another OG ally, he's been vital in our growth
  • @nainaztengra - she has been here forever and still is loved
  • @amitsharma - quietly has he been supportive of the fam
  • @buzzbeergeek - always accommodated any requests and offered help
  • @thedamus - another OG ally, has brought many a smile and shiny day
  • @someguy123 - always there when I need him, very responsible witness
  • @donatello - old friend and ally that is very energetic
  • @oscarps - great guy that has always been helping people
  • @byn - just being herself and love her stories
  • @nikolina - quiet inspiration when you need it
  • @angelveselinov - always eager to lend a hand
  • @armshippie - does what he can, when he can
  • @bmj - still strong in the chain's progression
  • @martyarts - an artist if I've ever known one
  • @simgirl - her personal life has drawn her away, but I still see her
  • @dabeckster - speaks well with a lens
  • @thealliance - every member that helps in one way or another

Keep In Mind

This is a list of the silent ones. There are ones I see on a regular basis and are much more visible in my spectrum of thanks like @saffisara, @katrina-ariel, @thekittygirl, @shadowspub, @inthenow, @snook herself, @c0ff33a, @princessmewmew, @priyanarc, @crescendoofpeace, @xcountytravelers, @iamjadeline, @redheadpei, @carrieallen, @brisby, @thehive, @enchantedspirit, @catweasel, @rhondak, @fiftysixnorth, @dreemsteem, @monchhichi23, @bluefinstudios, @latino.romano and the list could really go on and on and on and on and on and on so please don't hold it against me if I don't list every single one of you. That could be a thing - list EVERY PERSON you are thankful for on the chain. Not even sure I could fit all that data in one post HA! But, you all are appreciated, so thank you. I'm not tagging anyone to do the challenge, but if you choose to do this, be sure to let me know :) Oh and uh, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even if I'm just posting this mushy stuff on the chain.

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courtesy of witness @jackmiller


SEXY Pirate Lord of Darkness

@snook made this badass gif


Great group of people...for sure

See I knew I'd forget at least a dozen people and here you are, one of them. You are a very valued member of our 'society' and chain my man.

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Thank you Witty ❤️ always an honor to be listed among the names in those lists 🤗 family

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MVP gotta show up sometimes🤣😘🤗🤗

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Gracias, muchos héroes por allí... genial.

Anytime my man.

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Thank you for the mention, Engine. :-) And I do agree with you about Eturnerx. I don't know most of the others you named, but I know him. He's a rock, and very much loved and appreciated.

Helluva stand up steempeep there. And you're welcome Hugglesome🤗🤗🤗

Aw, thank you! Scott and I just adore you and love what you do for all of us. Thanks....

Please ignore the spam. Told ya, you're next😎

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Just love the community we are part of here. Thanks so much.

Most welcome sweets, glad you getting things situated over there😋

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Thanks, Witty - and right back at you.

So many here would be on my own list, though several I don't really know yet, and I'll make an effort to change that in upcoming weeks and months. ;-)

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You doin just dandy sweetness, no complaints and happy to know (and be lucky enough to hug) you🤗🤗

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This is an awesome idea by @snook, I really need to get my act together and do one. Thank you for including me as one of your noisy hero's lol - I don't seem to be getting much time to keep up at the moment but try my best.

A good bunch of people for sure, helping to keep the Steem blockchain ticking over.

#thealliance #witness

She always has cool ideas. You're here tho man, and I appreciate that😎

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This is a great list of people. I've been lucky enough to meet bothSimgirl and Jackmiller and now here's a handy list of even more awesome people that deserve some good vibes!

Thank you for the mention and for always helping people out in your own quiet way.

I try, and you're welcome sweets.

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Quite the shout out. Some pretty amazing people on this blockchain. Thanks for including me among them. ;)

Most def, you rock pretty mama! 🤗🤗😍

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list EVERY PERSON you are thankful for on the chain. Not even sure I could fit all that data in one post HA!

So agree with you. Haha.

I am consistently being blown away by the wonderful people here. You see, we don't even meet, but only via phones or computer, yet, slowly the relationship becomes more real each day.

Like you, when I wasn't in @thealliance yet, I had been reading here and there about @enginewitty and he is true to himself and family and will show up should anyone of us need back up.

Unsung heroes - - - - we have alot here too.

Indeed, we come for the crypto, we stay for the people.


Thank you for the mention, I felt so honored. 😊

Yes, it does become more real. No reason to hide anything and be a fake person because, they'll get found out and lose their audience. One thing I really love is the authenticity.

Also you're most welcome and I'm happy you came to the fam😍🤗🤗🤗

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Thank you for the mention dear... :)

Thank you Batman, always honored to be in such great company! :-D Have a great day.

And you're welcome - anytime🦇

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