Who are your Silent Heros of Steem?

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I sit quietly deep in thought about the world I find myself in. So much good can be done yet so many people look for the bad. It amazes me how people twist words for their own sake to get ahead. Do they giggle and laugh while waiting for replies or sleep like babies while the sun is shining?

It is an interesting world we find ourselves in. One where so many could be helped.


If you look around, its always the same quiet ones that help those in need. Taking no recognition for all they do. They are the real heroes that work behind the lines, making sure others shine. They never ask anything for themselves. Every day they give where they can with barely a 'Thank You' heard.

I have been very lucky in my time here to see and meet many such people as described above. To them, I would like to say 'Thank You!' for all you do, for so many, without any thought of getting a 'Thank You'.

Do you know any of these Silent Heroes? Is there someone that has crossed your path on Steem and made your life easier? I think it's time we fill Steem with all the good people's names.

The Silent Heroes that I know are as follows:
















To all of you listed above, I give you my heartfelt thanks for all you do for so many, I included. You all, in some way, have helped me on Steem. I am honored to know you all.

Now comes the part you will hate me for. 😇 I am also tagging all of you above to write a post about who on Steem you feel is a 'Silent Hero'. Let's fill Steem with the names of all the good people we come in contact with on this Valentine's day.

Make someone smile today. It can not hurt you and it might save their life.



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Hmm... okay .. repeat above list... remove @shadowspub and add @snook

Challenge done .. moving on with my day.


Don't remove @shadowspub. Just add @snook. (There. I fixed it for you!!)

<3 <3 <3 you both!!!


You guys are Cheetahs! I was going to use that!

Love you too sis🤗🤗🤗

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Awww... I love YOU TOO so much 🤗😘❤️🌹 and I'm lucky to have you in my life... Made it so much richer 🤗 thank you!
You are a true hero yourself you know.. For so many reasons!
And yes I will be happy to make a post to. 🤗❤️🤗

I so adore you, Snookie love. <3 Happy heart day, my dear.


I consider myself lucky to call you a friend, and we keep it real, which is totally awesome! And it is almost time for you to be heading home... finally... yay!

Gotta get you back into the rhythm of being in snook time, so I guess I will be hearing from you in a few days, after you take care of that business that needs tending too.. just sayin! :-D


(can that be the end of my comment??? LOL )

just .... you.

deep sigh

Laughter. encouragement. hugs. maple syrup! hehe staying up calming me. hearing me and understanding me and loving me. supporting and cheering me. AND NOT JUST ME BUT A MILLION OTHERS! more laughter. everything you do - you are for sure - one of my tribe. I have so many friends - but only a few that I pull deep into my tribe hehehehe

thanks for being you and always being you.

I love you :)

@lyndsaybowes needs a mention for her tireless work helping those being flagged.

Love each and everyone you have mentioned.. That's a great idea.. Well, i will try to write one.. Dear @snook Happy Valentine's day to you... Wishing you a very happy life with your family.. Love you..

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This is a great idea :)
Happy Valentine's @Snook <33


Thanks :D I hope people have fun with it!! I can not wait to read yours <3

Happy Valentines to you also!!

I wouldn't actually call them silent, specially if you've been in the discord channel (I am there in my other incarnation as @darrenfj). I mean that in the best possible way..

But they're a great support: All the people who make up the @welcomewagon crew..

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hehehehe noisy crowd, that ;)

we love you too! LOL


Side note: kidlets are coming in a week (the nephews) so will get them into steem so they're ready for the next round...


Awesome!!! Will love that!

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My hero is my Daddy...


hes doin a lot of stuff for diffrent communities, as he self is often saying… hes a ninja in steemit. Hope he get more seen when i do this! He deserve it

Sending love to all ya'll!!!

@kawaiicrush is also a silent hero too! She goes above and beyond
Thanks for sharing the ones you know!

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Thank you for sharing <3!!


Thank you Vincy! Currently charging my VP to 100% to give some special Valentines votes for you guys <333 Happy Valentines day to you and your family Vincy :)



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YOU are good! 💖

@snook if I ever had a TRUE hero of the Steem Blockchain it would be you, I still remember those days long ago our paths crossed in the @thealliance admittance server - you were a shining light of inspiration and yet you worried that you did not fit in! You were perfect as a compassionate -creative, amazing individual that gives more then you ever expect. It's always been a true honour to know you, converse with you and enjoy your company - @snook you are an amazing individual and you make my world so much more special being in it.

Thank you for tagging me in this awesome idea, I have so many Silent Hero's on Steemit this could be a big post - and also a few days late - but I am more then happy to rise to the challenge!

#thealliance #witness

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Since we cleared up the process with 'add Snook', I like your list. It's different than mine would be, but I certainly have no arguments there at all.

Thanks Snook. For the whole bit. What you do and what you bring. It IS appreciated.