Officially Shut Down

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No More Sold Votes

72 hours has passed since writing the last post and I hope everyone was paying attention. Again, there are no refunds on bids sent after now. They will be considered gifts and tips for our service. It is what it is, thank you everyone who contributed to and used our service!

Moving Forward

We have decided to turn this bot into a curation account usable by current #fambalam members to assist others in their growth. Throughout the week, we will be gathering a list of people that would like to be curators for #thealliance and giving them authorities to do so. We like spreading the love and hope some of it comes to you!!

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because I can - So Can WE
Vote Witty

Is Voting WITNESSES difficult?
Let me do it for you!
Set me as your PROXY VOTER!

Manual curator for @innerblocks, @tipu and @helpie
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Curation is the name of the game now, I just hope people share the votes around and don’t just keep voting the same accounts they always know will get big rewards - because that will just keep the same people highly rewarded and the trending page no better then it was pre HF21

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