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With excellent news received despite the scenario we are experiencing worldwide, there is always a light of hope that invites us to continue working for the common good. Considering the call to participate in the 100 DAYS OF STEEM: Day 3 - Community Curators Project, I formally make my request.


I am currently part of the Administration of HeartcHurch , together with another team of people we have been working on building a community based on solidarity, love, education, focusing on individual empowerment and under the premise that the use of our skills is the best testimony of the existence of God.

The Team has been at Steemit for three years, and has covered different countries without distinction or exclusion, HeartChurch has worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for those in politically poorly managed countries. We have helped individuals from these lands grow both in Steem and in their local communities, for example Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana.

The community or thematic areas that I would like to select

Although we have been selecting specific content of faith, love, solidarity, execution of social projects etc, I would also like to be able to expand to other topics such as philosophy, projects, blockchain, education.


In 2017 I joined Steemit since then I have worked on the inclusion of people in the community, conducting meetups, I am the founder of the Bread From Heaven project, comprehensive children's dining rooms that helped many children and families in Venezuela.

Our allied accounts are.




My native language is Spanish, I also have command of English.

Why you think you would make a good curator?

Systems Engineering, Fashion Design and Social Work.

From an early age I had to leave the family land to go in search of my dreams, I really did not know the world that I had to face but my spirit of overcoming and reaching goals has always been my greatest strength.
I obtained my university degree at the age of 21 as a Systems Engineer, specialist in computer networks and administration of computer systems, I obtained a specialization with the Cisco Network Academy in 2007.
Venezuelan and with a lot of love for my country since that age I have held strategic positions in important organizations in my country such as the Oil Industry, the National Identification System and the Ministry of Education through which I was able to obtain gratifying knowledge and experiences.

My great challenge was to realize that everything I am passionate about was directly related to the nature of being, in my early days as a systems analyst I began to explore communities, carry out preliminary research for the construction of systems, over time I realized that the most complex and difficult system to analyze is the human system, my passion for children was imminent, those rural areas that were the object of samples of studies led me to create community social work with active participation in my environment.

My affinity for social work began with the proposal of a reigenieria of the technological platform to free software in the national educational system.



From a very young age I had the privilege of visiting rural communities, searching in those areas for children to be identified, in the same way I had activities that for others perhaps would be frustrating, however it helped me to investigate the shortcomings and the interior of the human being, I had Identify (identification) on many occasions prisoners in prisons, care for people with drug and alcohol addictions, children at social risk and children with cancer.


In this sense, I believe that any technological tool should be used with a purpose and that purpose is to impact lives, strengthen societies to leave the world in a better place.

In a previous opportunity we made a more detailed blog for the request of a delegation, you can read it in full here:

Thanks to the @steemitblog team, I hope to be able to place my grain of sand to enrich the steem ecosystem.


Steemchurch has excelled in community works here in Venezuela, which deserve to be supported.

excelente trabajo .

Sure that you would do an excellent job for the communities.

Good alternative to promote the creativity, commitment and growth of our church and the HeartChurch brand. God bless you abundantly.

While accommodating content from technology, philosophy and Education to mention but a few, caution should be taken and advice given to curators least they should turn forfeit the real essence of the @heartchurch community which it is known for.

Beautiful, God Bless you for your kind heart

Excellent @darlenys01, God bless you and continue accompanying you in such a beautiful mission.

Excellent Darlenys hopefully good results for the communities and that they are empowered.

I know you will do a great job as you have done so far, teaching people and treating them with love and equality.

God continue helping you and using you in your gifts @darlenys01, DTB

Great move for a church that has been dedicated to touching lives, sharing love and giving financial freedom to families of the world.

We hope that you are among the healers of the communities, surely you will have benefits for steemit and for HeartChurch.

Excellent Darlenys, thank you for watching the benefits for the communities.

Wonderful initiative and great idea of ​​the steemit community, we know that your work is of excellence Darlenys, we hope to see good results.

Beautiful work @darlenys01, God provide according to your dreams and dedication in what you do. DTB.