1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Steem Entrepreneurs Program

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The last few days we have been talking about curation and communities.

These are both critical to the strong future growth of Steem.

What is also most important is innovation, and initiative, and inspiration.

We want people with new ideas to build on Steem.

The Steem Entrepreneurs Program

This is another new experimental program to help us find and support people with great ideas for new projects and services on Steem.

Initially at least this program will only be operating at the micro scale.

The resources available at this stage are limited to upvotes from @steemcurator01 (10M SP) and @steemcurator02 (4M SP) and publicity through @steemitblog posts.

So this program will not be for funding any large scale coding or development work.

Rather this program will be looking to support people with ideas for developing projects and services using the facilities already available on the Steem blockchain, or that only require modest amounts of coding work.

Examples might include the development of loan services, or job finding services, or ways of using STEEM for buying and selling, or even, when travel is more open, perhaps a SteemBnB service...

We are looking for people to come forward with ideas that could benefit from a little help from us to get off the ground.

This program is quite experimental so we are not sure how it will evolve.

As always we are open to ideas and suggestions - but remember we only have the limited resources of upvotes and publicity available at this stage.

How To Apply

If anyone has an idea they would like to put forward for support we invite them to make a 'pitch post' and drop the link in a comment below.

The post at a minimum should include...

  • a succinct outline of the idea

  • details of who would be involved in the project

  • who the intended audience is

  • how the project is to be set up and developed

  • what resources are needed to get the project up and running

  • how the project will be marketed

  • how progress and success will be monitored and measured

  • what the plan is to make the project/service sustainable

If a project looks viable, and it gets a good reaction from the community, then we will look at how we can support it through progressive upvotes on progress posts, and through our promotion.

Pitch posts can be in any language, although they will likely get wider community support if an English translation is included as well.

The program will initially be open for submissions until October 7th.

This Steem Entrepreneurs Program is quite experimental.

We hope it can help us build great things on Steem.

We offer it to the community and await your feedback.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are blossoming on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...

Contest Collector Contest

If you enjoy entering contests on Steem, check out this new contest from @njaywan.

There is a 15 STEEM prize pool for the best 'super contestant'...

SPUD Prize Increase for October 1st

Are you ready for the next Steem Power Up Day on October 1st?

Organizer @kiwiscanfly has just announced the latest expansion of the prize pool. There is now over 14K SP of delegations and over $100 in upvotes...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


Very exciting and great news for steemian!
All the programs introduced supporting every layer of the community members and I think Steem Community is the luckiest community living on the blockchain world right now if not the world. 💓🚀🤩

I am very happy to hear about The Steem Entrepreneurs Program. Steem needs more developers to develop interesting things on it.

in all the posts i see you on the top :p Looks like you are ultra active @cryptoKannon ❤️ 💖

Indeed Steem Community is the luckiest community because of these creative minds and hard-working steemit team

The Steem Entrepreneurs Program is a great initiative. The support from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will really help us to develop and manage projects & services using the Steem blockchain. I have just started working on #SCM as a small initiative, I already have prepared a high-level project plan document on which I was thinking to work one by one.

I will submit my 'pitch post' on or before 07th October with complete details in a post and will add the link here.

Thank you for providing this opportunity.

would love to see your plan dont forget to mention me there aswell. I have made One aswell but I was confused that is it On or we need to publish on 7th .
Also i saw you are working Good as a Country Representative of India :) Keep it up.

Hmmmmmm this is a great idea. I would love to set up an Online prepaid credits program wherein I will sell Telecommunications Network prepaid top-ups in 50 Php - 100 Php denominations ($1-$2.00). Payment would be in SBD or Steem. Though this is already happening to us our country already but not yet as proliferated as this. I will create a business model for this and will be submitted on or before October 7, 2020.

such a great idea as you said its already happening Is it steem based ? looks like steemit could make International Telecommunication topup Mobile balance through steem and sbd.

Yes, steem-based. We actually do it all the time. It is indicated in the memo that it is for the payment of prepaid credits. But it is not just a regular basis. But at this point, I will proliferate it as a business that is going on here in the Steem blockchain.

That sounds very interesting. Look forward to reading your plan.

The Steemit Team

I am very happy to hear about The Steem Entrepreneurs Program. Steem needs more developers to develop interesting things on it.

Yes agreed. We hope this will encourage more people to start developing projects.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity @steemitblog. Am really looking forward to seeing this new project idea.
Here is my entry to the project;


Greetings friend @steemitblog , I think this initiative is great, I have been moving to make flannels with the Steemit logo in my area of Venezuela, as presented by my friend @sultan-aceh in Indonesia, in order to generate publicity at first sight.

I am glad to know that they are busy looking for ideas and methods to make our community grow, especially those who show interest in the growth of the platform.


That will be good. What price would they be to have them printed in Venezuela?

Greetings friend @steemcurator01, this week I finish the budget, at first I plan to buy cold paint and 5 t-shirts to start dressing the team @criollitos

The white flannels are at 3 dollars "each", the simplest ones, the paintings are the ones that I have not been able to get because the businesses are closed, however, a friend is checking with one of her suppliers.

This week I will be finalizing the budget, even the first printing model, since it is a week of flexibility.

I have been waiting for such an update for a long time and I hope we can reach a better stage.

There are people who want to work with a video sharing platform ? Please someone take this initiative

Of course video sharing can be a great initiative through which communication between all of us will be better. In the meantime we can see that the new steemians is not commenting. New steemians will also be able to comment on them once video sharing is introduced.

That would be good.

What would be the features of your ideal video platform?

There are many talents around us that cannot be expressed through blog posts, there are many that can only be expressed through videos. If someone captures a video of a beautiful moment and just wants to show it to everyone, then a video sharing platform is definitely needed and we can easily find the many talented ones here.

  • It will have complete freedom of expression.

  • Any amount of video can be uploaded every day.

  • There will be many categories, such as: art, cooking, travel,music, tutorials, sports, funny, educational, etc. In all these categories, the user will express his talent.

  • And one more feature should be that the policy allows an entrepreneur to show his product reviews and buy it if someone likes. It should be based on different countries.

  • There should be a private option, where a person can save a video of his memorable moment here.

  • There will be a point system according to the quality of the video and the amount of video. Rewards should be given to those whose points are highest at the end of each month. This will encourage content creators.

  • It should be made free worldwide so that everyone can express their talent through video

Thanks @steemcurator01, for your attention. There are many more rules and regulations that can be attached here, of course you know, but if there is such a platform, everyone here will be good at their talent.

It's an good idea but to established a video platform, it will take lot of server space and maintenance cost would be high .

That's true

This is just great from @steemitblog, I have a few ideas in how this project could lead to a more qualitative and better steemit. I will upload my entry soon and I hope it gets supported.

Looking forward to reading more about your project.

Although this is an excellent idea, and can help bring to light some interesting projects, I don't think it will be very fruitful for the Steemit Team, particularly because of what you have already stated; no funds, resources or developers. One of the main obstacles that Entrepreneurs often face is this very issue of needing funds, resources or talent for the projects they wish to realize. I would take a different approach, which I have previously talked about on my podcast - The Tino Take - Take 39- under the title Steemitblog and the Self-Promotion Game, which I would now change to Self Promotion Day.

The Steemit Team is in the phase of what I call Proof-of-Power, which means you don't have to concern yourself with attracting upvotes, or fussing over the quality of your posts. You will gain Steem Power no matter what you do! So I see that you are striving to do something constructive with that "Power", other than gain more rewards. Because you are not in a position to fund projects or employ developers, you should shift your focus towards highlighting talent.

At least once or twice a month, maybe more if you like, you should host a Self Promotion Day with the @steemitblog which would allow your followers to showcase their skills, talents and passions, in the comments below the post. I would not recommend separate posts because you would want to encourage everyone to stay in the same place to get to know one another better, and to filter out the Reward Chasers.

On Self Promotion Day, your followers would be invited to write quality comments about themselves and what talents they possess, what skills they have learned and what passions they pursue in life. This is not about a CV style comment, but rather a "Hey, this is me! I'm a poet, engineer, skilled in public relations, amateur photoshop user, crypto day trader, translator, etc.!" This way, the Steemit Team can discover what kind of talent they have in their followers, and others can also explore that talent pool and make connections, build teams and evolve projects. Comments would be curated by the Team, and other members, based on what grabs your attention the most, trending that comment higher up the "charts" thus giving that person more exposure.

Good ideas. We are looking to encourage and enable emerging talent on the blockchain.

People are beginning to come forward with ideas and projects. This is part of that.

We are very much looking to kickstart and seed fund.

It will take time but as more people realize that support is available, hopefully more good ideas, and the right people to progress them, will appear.

While the vote based funding may not be enough for North American / European developers, in other parts of the world it may be more than adequate.

Maybe in The Tino Take you put out a call for project ideas and project talent, and then you could do a segment looking at the best ideas and seeing how they could be moulded into fully viable projects.

Thank you for your input, it always interesting to hear your Take...

The Steemit Team

While the vote based funding may not be enough for North American / European developers, in other parts of the world it may be more than adequate.

Very good point! I had not thought about that! Yes, I'll see how I can incorporate your idea into the podcast, as I am always on the look out for what's new or up-and-coming on Steem!

Things are looking up!

This is an excellent idea. Been waiting for this for almost 4 years to try to brainstorm with entrepreneurs to see if there's a way to make this right with minimal coding.

However the only concern is the volatility of STEEM itself. Although it is generally seen a little more stable on an average price now, though not the best price we all wished, but stability is much more important in terms of usability in business sector.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Volatility will always be an issue with most cryptocurrencies. SBD presents a more stable option, pegged around $1, for business use.

Have you got a particular project in mind?

In some ways I might have, but due to not enough time to really do coding and planning to make things easy for non-blockchain users I am shelving it aside to scout and see if there's any likeminded projects

Dear @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

Our crpyomission team applied the Steem Entrepreneurs Program. It is our link. https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@cryptomission/steem-entrepreneurs-program-cryptomission#@reinaldoverdu/re-cryptomission-qhsfwv

Thank you for giving steem dapp teams great opportunity. (To make it easier for you to see, I made a vote.)

Interesting, personally do have a project ongoing but not in Steem blockchain. Would love to see how to bring it on board.

Do tell us more...

Hi @steemcurator01 Please check out my diary game posts.It is a great pity that I have not received your valuable vote so far.So I am seeking your vote in my posts.
My user name @curatorlover

Don't hijack other people's comments please.

This is a creative opportunity for entrepreneurs, I think it's great, welcome new ideas and initiatives ..!

I just wanted to help give people some ideas.

Here are a few for anyone who has some coding experience. We need a better exchange. STEEM used to have an on platform STEEM to SBD exchange, and you would get like 1000 STEEM a day if you had to highest trade volume or something like that. It was their way of encouraging people to keep the trade volume moving at all times. Now Poloniex is split in 2 with the US branch, STEEM is not on Coinbase, Bittrex has similar issues to Poloniex, and Binance works, but we could really use a STEEM exchange. Like how Ether has Etherdelta, we could really use an exchange. And maybe eventually it could be upgraded into a shop where users can make an account, upload products, and sell them for STEEM inside an exchange like app.

Then on the point of that, I want to remind everyone of Steemd which is the Steemit version of Bitshares Cryptofresh. Looking at Steemd and using Steemd can give programers ideas.

There was also early on a Steemit phone app someone made, that could be advanced or copied.

We could also use service bots, who answer questions for newcomers, and greet people. Gentlebot and Thing2 were good too, curating comments.

Then, STEEM could use a Satoshi Dice type game. When new people come to a crptocurrency, they don't think of it quite like money. They think of it kind of like a game gold, and ask things like "can someone give me some?". This is because they view it like points in an arcade game almost. So new people could use a game to keep them interested, so they can earn 10 cents on Steemit actually try to use it for something. And maybe they turn 20 cents into 20 dollars, if not then they raise the jackpot pool.

Then Gold and Silver, Silver is only 50 cents a gram. If someone made a website where you could buy Silver for STEEM, it basically pegs STEEM to Silver by making it possible for anyone posting to think "I can trade my earnings for Silver" when they post so:

  1. More people come

  2. They don't take their earnings and dump them on crypto exchanges lowering the price

  3. The seller starts with STEEM at 17 cents and gets tond of STEEM for each OZ. As it goes up he gets less STEEM but he already earned STEEM at 17 cents is raising value.

  4. STEEM has a precious metals community at that point who understand spot, numismatic value, etc.

We could also use some kind of Token on Ethereum tied to STEEM. It could be like a STEEM bot that finds you on Steemit for its designed purposes and asks you for an Ethereum Wallet address to claim your Tokens.

Also, a way for Steemit users to Navigate directly to a Bitshares Asset creation page, and a way to pay in STEEM, maybe even a whole separate STEEM Assets concept, would really get STEEM moving.

Interesting ideas - will you be taking any of them forward?

I am not really a developer per se, I only know how to generate Genesis Blocks, and now fork or clone Ethereum or make Tokens, which is all easier that the old Genesis Blocks which I learned from CryptoNotes and Litecoin clone Lerncoin.

So right now I am making Steemit groups, I plan on making like 50 on several subjects and will add content myself to all of them.

But we will have a Token group and a Bot group, and I do want to start the Tokens part. Which is not heavy on coding, and people can be taught by tutorial with no heavy knowledge needed. And like a guide to get started on Ubuntu and get the tools you need and everything. One group will be exchanges, like Announcements for new ones, and new Listings, etc. Encouraging people to make exchanges and list Steemit and Tokens.

Just getting everything where a Token/Asset trade platform could be oraclized maybe, because I can not develope a Token generator or Exchange.

And I am in the middle of making Wax based Incense, Soaps, and other uses that was serendipitously shown to me by the Gods through a lost Ancient Art called Punic Wax. But soon I want to implement a simple STEEM bot.

What is the STEEM bot going to be for?

If Gentlebot had Public Source code I would try that, but lots of them have Public Source code and are either gone or forgotten. So there are some good ones to be cloned.

So what are you planning to do with the bot?

I have seen upvote bots. I have seen greetings bots. Bid bots, etc. I want to make it an Autobot with no payment needed by the users, but something they can ask for an upvote or resteem and that will do it itself without asking.

I originally wrote this as a reply to the entreprenuer post, just to help others.

Inshallah, I will upload an idea tomorrow. I hope you will like it, and all who will read this comment.

I commented, this to share an idea. But now I am taking back my words, and sharing the idea of Stube, or STEEMTUBE as a video sharing platform, where the uploaders can earn STEEM for their viewers, and for Subscribers. Or something like that. Any other way it can be similar as Dtube, or Dlive. If the first is not possible. I can definitely share logos for Stube, and STEEMITTUBE, but I can't make or create any platform. Because I am not a developer, I am learning HTML, CSS, JAVA, and C++ in my course. (Which was not completed due to pandemic.) But I can't think still after learning these, I can create any official site, or platform. But my idea is for video sharing platform, it should must be:
1- Smooth as YouTube. (So it can get users faster.)
2- If it will be used in app + browser, it should get many users.
3- Valuable users will get support and earn only, as YouTube.
And I can share some more points after some thinking.
I hope you all read it!
Thank you @steemitblog, for such kind of authorities, contests and supporting.

Una oportunidad muy creativa. Siempre bienvenidas las nuevas ideas e iniciativas.
A very creative opportunity. New ideas and initiatives are always welcome. @steemitblog

Do we have requirements for words also ???
and anyone please tell me what is meant by pitch post ? :/

in the post its written but its confusing me

The program will initially be open for submissions until October 7th.

Until October 7th means is it started ? or will start at october 7th , Sorry i think my english is bad

This is a very interesting challenge, with a project that is very detailed about the world of Steem, the future market prospects are getting better and of course the world will be more global than the current situation.

Excelente iniciativa, para emprender nuevos retos y oportunidades para la comunidad..!!


Hello @steemcurator01,
Sir, I have been posting and commenting regularly since the beginning of the second season of Diary Game. Moreover I have been participating in other contests on the Steemit Platform. I haven't received any support from @steemcurator01 since the start of the second season. I have requested you many times to visit my ID. But it did not work. I am specially requesting you to please visit my ID. Your support will increase my willpower.
Thank you sir.

Parece fantástica la idea, espero surjan muchas iniciativa y salgan muchos proyectos que ayuden a realzar la plataforma de steemit... Esperemos pronto ver los proyectos presentados..gracias @steemitblog por este nuevo proyecto en puerta...!

@steemitblog, this is very interesting. I am glad you have the interest of entrepreneurs on street in mind and you are open to ideas and suggestions from steemit users.
This programme is worth running.
Keep on the good work, I must commend you are doing great.

Una gran idea para apoyar y aportar a los microproyectos de la comunidad amplia de la blockchain Steemit, excelentes iniciativas @steemitblog, esto va por más...

#onepercent #venezuela

Sin duda un impulso para los emprendedores, gracias por está iniciativa hay muchas formas de incluir Steem en actividades de servicios, veremos muchas ideas por acá, seguimos avanzando y promocionando Steem.⭐

Like always you come with new hope for steemit. This step can be very food full for user. I am waiting for people whose are interested. I will read all idea so dear steemains step forward.

Well educated. Thanks for this knowlegde you shared, at least am able to grab one or two things that will guide here.

Thanks for that.

I like the idea, you can form a community of employment or service provision that is divided by countries, sectors, and more, when you require the services of someone with the conditions, you only publish it and someone can execute it anywhere, just applying to the conditions, series a kind of freelancer in steemit.

So here is my participation for steem entrepreneurs program

Link To post

Dear @steemcurator01 sir i am so sry for saying it here but can you please visit my diary post as i have to pay my college fees so it would be a great help if you could visit my post i am following all the rules and regulations now

What do you study?

And how much are your college fees?

Sir thankyou so much for replying i am a Coast and Management Accountant student and currently for exam registration i need 20 k which is equal to 267 USD . Sir my only source of income is Steemit it would be a great help if you visit my diary posts @steemcurator01

What college or university do you study at?

And how much of the 267 USD have you got already?

I study in Jamshedpur Chapter of The institute of Cost and management accountant which is a professional course and yes 100 USD i took from my relatives and now arranging for mor 167 USD and sir would please consider me if i am of any help to you . Thankyou for your kind consideration by looking at my comments quickly .

How many more years do you have to study?

1.5 years approx. I have to study

Dear @steemcurator01 sir none of my post are check please upvote my post. This is really heart breaking 😞😔.

I joined the steemit because of my older brother but I didn’t get any support from @steemcurator01 after posting a lot of diary games. Because of this I get frustrated.We are very poor financially. I post diary games till 21/08/2020 but I have no support from @steemcurator01. I get frustrated because I don't get any support and then I get sick so I can't post in diary games anymore. I request you to visit my post and vote on my diary game posts. I'm so sorry I couldn't post because I was sick for so long.

You made your last post 29 days ago. You haven't done any post so far. If you do not have a post then how will @steemcurator01 vote for you.

What was your problem? You will mention that in your post. Are you well now? If you are healthy then join diary game again And share all your problems in the first post.

Why was account @biggi blocked? Can you please explain this?

I have posted about 25+ according to all the rules. But did not receive an upvote of @steemcuretor01 . Maybe forgot to see my post. Please see my posts.

I've been posting since the beginning. My first post was a little bad. I am constantly trying to improve the quality of my post. I don't know how successful. I have been I have posted diary games every day from the beginning till now But @steemcurator01 never voted for my post. I can't even raise my MB cost by working on Steemit. I need an MB package of 300 tk per month I don't have any money to buy MB And 2 days. Please vote for me I will work with you for 1000 days Support me a little. @steemcurator01

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Your posts have now all been visited.

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Also you need to respond to people's comments on your posts?

I not only captioned two to three posts in the diary game but I also captioned all the posts and mentioned the name of the place where I took the picture. Thank you so much for visiting my post and for voting.I will make my post much more beautiful I will post following all the rules and I hope you will support my post.
Thank you

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Your posts have now all been visited.

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Your posts would earn a lot more if you took notice of the advice given in the comments by the Bangladesh Country Representatives @tarpan and @toufiq777.

Also why do you never respond to people's comments on your posts?

Downvoted for not being relevant to this post.

Downvoted for non-relevance to this post, and for comment self-voting for prominence.

You and @pinkfuzz seem to have a bit of a circular voting relationship going on...

To @steemcurator01 Yes I did upvote my comment for prominence in hopes someone could give an answer
As for your comment

You and @pinkfuzz seem to have a bit of a circular voting relationship going on...

I do not post but only upvote authors I like

My question to you is who does someone contact when they have a problem ?

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