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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 30 - One Percent For Everyone & Country Representatives Update

Congratulations to the newly appointed Country Representatives

I would like to invite all of you into steemingcurators discord here
then I will add all of you into steem greeters/STEEM POD private channel for discussion. See you soon 😊


Thank you very much!!!

Thank you a lot. Heading to the server instantly.

Thanks you so much @cryptokannon. Already joined

Thank you very much, I already joined =)

I just noticed @vipnata not with us yet in the discord realms. Come join us there when you have a chance 😊 CRs gathering get together thingy

@cryptokannon, thanks for invitation, but i'm vacation for 10 days now.

@vipnata no problem you can join us later when you're back from your vacation. I'm on holiday trip too, tomorrow I'll be back home.

Thanks @cryptokannon. Where do you spend your vacation?

Hi @vipnata we went to the next city around 2 hours drive Tochigi.

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