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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 30 - One Percent For Everyone & Country Representatives Update

I am surprised and so glad to read my name in this post .. Thanks @steemitblog for the invitating me for country representative ..i Accept the invitation becouse its great owner for me to be a country representative from pakistan
Once again 🌹 Thanks @steemitblog


Congratulations @rashid001, best wishes for you.

Thanks @abdt . 🌹We are steem Pakistan.....

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

I have question ? Is there any curation account which i use for pakistani team and users, Who are participating in the diary game, for their appreciation ..
For example steemcurator 02 to 08.

Yes - you should join with the @steemcurator07 account now that will cover the whole Indian sub-continent - India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and now Pakistan.

@toufiq777 / @tarpan / @rishabh99946 / @randulakoralage - please would you connect with @rashid001 and bring in to your curation system for @steemcurator07.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Hi @rashid001 please give me your discord details or whatsapp number I'll add you.

Ps - @steemcurator01 please see if you can increase delegations in @steemcurator07 account. Thank you. Any amount would be much appreciated!

Thanks @rishabh99946 , this is my whatsapp number +923122800081

Thank you so much

sure. He is with us now☺️

Thank you so much . 🌹

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