1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 18 - STEEM POD - Community Curators for August and September

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As announced earlier in the month we are now looking to use the Community Curator accounts on a more geographically targeted basis.

The enthusiasm for forming country based teams for Season 2 of The Diary Game has reinforced for us that focusing the growth of Steem at the regional and country level has a great deal of potential.

We therefore want to add to that effort with a new deployment of the Community Curator accounts.

The Community Curators for August and September

Two of the Community Curator accounts are being redeployed temporarily to assist with the curation of Season 2 of The Diary Game.

They will be operated by additional members of the Steemit Team...

  • @steemcurator02 (500K SP) will be focusing on Diary Game entries from Latin America

  • @steemcurator05 (200K SP) will be focusing on Diary Game entries from China and Korea.

They will be working in tandem with the main curation account @steemcurator01.

As mentioned yesterday @steemcurator03 (500K SP) will continue to be operated by the Steem Greeters team to support newcomers to Steem.

The existing Steem Greeters - @cryptokannon, @mariita52, @kiwiscanfly, along with @oppongk, @yohan2on and @rishabh99946 - are now being joined by a number of new Country Representatives who joined the STEEM POD yesterday.

@steemcurator06 (200K SP) will remain with @vipnata who has been doing a very good job supporting the growing Russian speaking community.

The remaining three Community Curator accounts will be deployed on a regional basis and will be operated by the relevant Country Representatives...

These accounts should be used to vote only on Steemians in their respective geographic regions.

The new curators should refer to the July Community Curators post for general guidelines about using the accounts.

It is hoped that we are able to appoint additional Country Representatives to assist with these regional Curator accounts imminently.

We especially would like to find more Country Representatives to assist @anroja with the South East Asia account as soon as possible. Any suggestions in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore are welcome.

It is hoped all accounts will give particular attention to newcomers to Steem, and also to entries to Season 2 of The Diary Game while that is running.

It will be especially helpful if the community curators leave appropriate comments on any Diary Game posts they spot that are not following the rules such as not including the date in the title.

For each Community Curator account, one full vote per day may, if desired, be used to reward the STEEM POD members operating the account.

Where there is more than one person running an account we hope the members will work out a suitably fair rotation between themselves.

We will be monitoring the use of the accounts regularly. They will initially run for a period of two months and then be reviewed.

We are very interested to see how the new direction for the Community Curator accounts works out.

It is hoped the new geographical focus of some of the accounts will support the continued growth of Steem in those areas.

The current operators of the Curator accounts who are losing them we know will be disappointed but we have to respond to the shifting dynamics of the Steem blockchain.

We are keen to deploy the available resources to optimal effect for the continued growth of the Steem community.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

SPUD4STEEM coming up on August 1st

SPUD4STEEM organizer @kiwiscanfly has posted a reminder about the next Steem Power Up Day event on August 1st.

The prize pot for the top SPUD'ers includes over 10,000 SP in delegations, and big upvotes from the 4 million SP @steemcurator01 account...

Anyone Interested in a STEEM Payment Card?

Long time Steem promoter @stephenkendal has posted to gauge community support for some form of Smart Card, Contactless Payment System or Mobile Application for using STEEM for direct payments...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.



@oppongk, @yohan2on, @toufiq777, @tarpan, @rishabh99946, @randulakoralage, @anroja - please would you leave a comment here to confirm you are happy to take on the Community Curator roles as described in the post, and also provide details of the best way to contact you (Discord, Email, Telegram) to transfer the keys.

@cryptokannon, @mariita52, @kiwiscanfly, @vipnata - please would you leave comment here to confirm you are happy to continue in your current Community Curator roles.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Yes, i am happy to be the curator of Russian Community.
Thank you so much for your trust, @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

With joy, I forgot to congratulate all the curators on such great news. I am very happy to be among you, my friends! And we all must work very well in season two to take Steem to the next level!

Hi team I'm more than happy to take the role to be community curator for next month here is my discord tag - Rishabh99946#7746, TELEGRAM - @rishabh99946

Thank you - we will be in touch shortly.

Hi @steemitblog The Steemit Team I'm happy to continue for the Community Curator roles. Thank you for the trust given.

Thank you for all your with the Steem Greeters.

I am happy to take the roll. 😊Thank you for the opportunity.
discord - randula#3630
telegram - ranu82

Thank you - we will be in touch shortly.

Hi steemit team, I'm so happy to take the role to be community curator for next month. Here is my discord tag - Toufiq777#6636, @toufiq777

Thank you - we will be in touch shortly.

Hello @steemitblog, I am very happy to accept the role as Community Curator. You can contact me through any of the links provided here: Gmail - [email protected], Discord - oppongk#0087. Thanks for this offer!

Thank you - we will be in touch shortly.

Yeah sure, I am happy to continue in your current Community Curator roles.

Thank you for all your with the Steem Greeters.

Hai tim Steemit, saya dengan senang hati mengambil peran sebagai kurator komunitas untuk Asia Tenggara.
Discord: anroja#8443
Telegram: @anroja

Sangat cocok @anroja menjadi kurator komunitas untuk Asia Tenggara.

Terima kasih @amryksr atas dukungan anda, saya sangat senang mengambil peran ini, semoga saya dapat bekerja secara profesional dalam mendukung semua Steemian di seluruh Asia Tenggara khususnya Indonesia.

Thank you - we will be in touch shortly.

Thank you very much.

Hello team, I am happy to take on the community curator role and the best ways to contact me is through my email address: [email protected]

Discord account: yohan2on#8119

Thank you - we will be in touch shortly.

Hi, Team Steemit, I am happy to take the role to be community curator from next month.
My discord ID - tarpan#2384

Thank you - we will be in touch shortly.

no curator for nigeria?

Thanks for this important information @steemitblog. Greetings and success to the entire community that works in favor of strengthening the platform. Happy and long life.

Gracias por esta importante información @steemitblog. Saludos y éxito a toda la comunidad que trabaja a favor del fortalecimiento de la plataforma. Feliz y larga vida.

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready:- 1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 18 - STEEM POD - Community Curators for August and September

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters

Thanks very much @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and the entire Steemit Team for this great honour offered to the Steem African Communities. I see this as incredible idea empowering Steem at the regional, country and Continental levels. This will really go a long way to motivate New comers who join Steem. In those days I saw little attention that were given to some of these New comers, which mostly discourage them to post to the block chain. I see this to be workable, if these New recruits and motivated and are coached or guided to do the right thing here in Steem they will not hesitate to do it. Again, I our quest to support them, they will tend to invite their friends and families to Steem. Lately I have been experiencing such good responds when some of my new recruits are telling their friends to join through the little upvote he receives. Our responsibility to reinforce the "Recruitment, Retention and Rewards" are in our hands if we do it and do it well at our regional or country levels. Each one of us here is attach to a country who Steem in his/her country. Please let's all support and build the solid grounds by inviting more people. Many people out there are eager to get on board but since they have not heard about this great opportunity, they can not come, it's only through invitation: one-on-one, group meetings, media/social media. Let's through the challenge on our shoulder, not just paying lip services and forge ahead get more and more Newcomers into Steem, so that more tokens would be generated. Steem needs to be expanded and grow to the higher levels.

My pleasure for this perfect nomination: I and my friend @yohan2on. We have been striving very hard to bring Newcomers daily into Steem and they need to remain and post here in Steem. We have accepted this offer and we would work very hard as @steemcurator04 for Africa Continent, curating all valuable Diary Game season 2. We will commit to the rules attach to the curation work as stipulated. We will for refer to the July Community curators post and know more of what we are needed to do. I will contact @yohan2on and quickly plan what to do. Thanks to all the Steemit Team for your support for the Steemit Community. My pleasure having you all around.

Thanks dear friend and fellow #Steem work mate for these well expressed thoughts. I agree with all of them. We shall have to schedule a meeting preferably on discord in the Steem Africa community discord channel.

Congratulations brother. I'm excited at your commitment to building Steem which has resulted in this higher responsibility. I will gladly be mobilizing more supports from Nigeria as we begin the Diary game in 2 days.

Thanks very much @uyobong, I would be happy to see more recruits from Nigeria in the Diary game. I would be welcoming them with the Community curator04 upvotes.

Congratulations @oppongk I must say you have really made Ghana proud on the blockchain, kudos and let’s soar higher

Congratulations @oppongk I must say you have really made Ghana proud on the blockchain, kudos and let’s soar higher

Congratulations brother, I am very happy with your commitment and support to build a great steemit community. I will be willing to support you and help build a great community.

@oppongk and @yohan2on i'm very happy for this role that was given to you guys, i pray that God should take me to the level that you are here on steem.

please i would love to know you guys the more more. Maybe on social media.... i am really happy for you guys.

Thank you for all your work so far.

Great job @steemitblog @steemcurator01 would like to support both old users and newcomers from India through community curation account @steemcurator07
Thank you so much for your support. I'll speak with @tarpan, @toufiq777 and @randulakoralage

Hi Rishabh,

I want to learn a few things for better preparation of the diary game, I already created a team from India. Could you please share your discord Id so that I can contact you?


Great thank you

Congratulations to all the Steemians who received an important role of being Community Curators for next two months. There are a lot of changes, that require a lot of team work and support each other in each Curator teams.

Wishing you all great curation and to make as many people happy as possible!

Congratulations and best wishes to all ❤ Especially @toufiq777 & @tarpan from Bangladesh.

They have been working day and night to take Steemit forward through the Steem Bangladesh community. The Steem Bangladesh community will soon bring about the revolution of Steemit in Bangladesh.

Thanks Steemit team.
Love from 🇧🇩

Thanks a lot.

Welcome bro...... ❤

Great Work @steemitblog & @steemcurator01 would like to support both old users & newcomers from India, Bangladesh & Srilanka through community curation account @steemcurator07

I am support with @tarpan, @rishabh99946 and @randulakoralage

Thanks @steemitblog @steemcurator01.
We would try our best to support both old and newcomers from our Subcontinent through community curation account @steemcurator07
Thank you so much for your support. I'll connect with @rishabh99946, @toufiq777 and @randulakoralage

I am a Bangladeshi and I saw that you have selected two representatives from Bangladesh. They are @tarpan (Bangladesh), @ toufiq777 (Bangladesh). I also want to be a representative of Bangladesh and give more support to newcomers.

We starting with a maximum of two representatives for each country at the moment.

I am very sorry to mention money in my past comments and now I am off the list. Off the list.

This is a serious event for me, from which I will draw life conclusions for myself.

You are not off the list! You are still a Country Representative for Ukraine with the delegation.

You made me happy and I stopped worrying. My joy is great! Thank you so much :)

Steemit create a Grate opportunity for us to build up career

It seems intersting , this will be a amazing way but what these are few country what will happen to the other teams from other country..?!

Will be adding more Country Representatives from more countries as the right people appear.

Nice to see your responce

Gracias por pensar en la comunidad latina, esto ayuda al crecimiento de Steemit. ♥️♥️♥️

Can an individual like me without being a representative or without having formed a team continue participating in the season 2 of #thediarygame as we did in season 1. Just little confused. So asking.

Yes individuals can compete in Season 2 of The Diary Game exactly as before.

The main prize pot of 5000 STEEM is for individuals.

Ok, Thank you so much for the clarification.

I'm glad that @oppongk and yohan2on merits the community curation for Africa. Congratulations guys. I wish you all the best, and thanks to @steemcurator01, and @steemitblog for the consideration.

Congratulations to the colleagues who will fulfill new roles on the platform, I hope this strategy will serve to achieve a successful second round of #TheDiaryGame

Is there is a curator for Philippines? @steemitblog @steemcurator01?

Not yet. When the right person appears there will be.

I think it's quite an interesting approach to have the curators designated by area! Will try my best to get my family and friends to join!
Thank you all curators for their huge efforts in making Steemit great!

We are looking forward to seeing the Steem community grow in Argentina.

Are you the only active Steemian in Argentina at the moment?

I have only met two other argentinians by now and they don’t seem to be that active...
Will try my best to get my family, friends and other argentinians to join as well! ☺️

Dear @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

I was disappointed when I saw there is no opportunity for Pakistan users,
You are literally missing Pakistan. We created our team for phase 2 #tuseefandteam from Pakistan. It is the first and only one team in Pakistan. We can bring more and more people. We did too.
Here Question What is the problem with Pakistani new users? They just earned couple of dollar on introduction post, then they just ran away, here majority of people don't know the English so they can't make a content in English, Huh they can create post in Urdu, their native language.

I have a solution for this:

If we have delegation, we will make a community for Pakistan users with the name of #tuseefandteam, that uses #Urdu language only and Pakistani would be able to generate content that will be supported in our community and by doing this the work for Urdu user will become easier and more and more people will join the #steemit, after this we will able to bring very great users and also some investors too, even we can invest.

We are hoping to see more active Steemians and more recruitment in Pakistan.

Then we will look at appointing a Country Representative.

The Diary Game Season 2 will be an ideal time to recruit more people.

Yes, we are working on it. Yesterday I recruit a new steemian @mobeen-ahmed. He is new so he is taking time to make introduction post. Support him too.

thank to mention

@steemitblog, The Ukrainian account is ready to participate in the competition. A team of five members called "Ukrainian Style" https://steemit.com/@ukrainianstyle

Thank you and good luck!

I live in Honduras and I know of no other active users in this country, but I do believe we have some people from El Salvador and Costa Rica, could not one of these guys become regional curators? Just for Central America, if this is possible please let me know and I will try to get hold of someone in those two countries to see if they are interested.
You know I just did a quick search of people from Central America and I found no active members, I will have to go deeper to find people.

We will keep all options open.

It will be great if more active Steemians appear in Central America.

Congratulations to selected curators from each country.
especially for @anroja who has become our representative from Indonesia. I would be happy to help, and I have also registered a team from Indonesian representatives by inviting new players to enliven # thediarygameseason2

I Am Proud of Supporting:

Curating by @qurator, @steemcurators, @steemcurator01, @steemitbloggers, @wherein, @xpilar, @trafalgar and - and steemians who are eager to support great content and make the blockchain happier, as a decentralized social media.

Thanks @wira8788

greeting from @tarpan

Its so good to see that some our own from Nigeria were selected as curators, the game is getting more interesting, thanks for all the announcements, surely we will do great.

What great news, dear team @steemitblog, the truth is there are very good and nice expectations in all the growth activities you are running. I am with you and happy that tomorrow begins the new season of the Diary Game. I wish you the greatest of success, I think it is very appropriate to divide the healing accounts by regions, this for sure as well as compliance with the rules, will facilitate the work and make everything run successfully. A hug and the best vibes from Venezuela . Ready for tomorrow


Congratulations to all the Curators.

I wanted to ask if there is to process by which one can apply for support to grow a community on Steem ?


We are currently focusing on Country and Regional curation initiatives.

What sort of community do you want to develop?

We were looking to create a communities that focuses on two of the biggest content sectors. As of now we are focused on Food.

I have almost no voting power. I will be powering up today in the steem4spud contest but that wont be enough.

We manage to get some support once in a while if we are lucky. We have managed to grow to 52 subscribers. However active posts from other members are limited as result of no voting support.


  1. Some of the biggest communities from before are dead with no support like OCD etc but continue to attract significant users because of past reputation, they keep posting there with no traction. Support will help us re-direct those users into Genuine and Active Steem communities going forward.

  2. Reach out to wider crypto world and social platforms to drive people interested in food, reviews, recipes, Cuisines, naturopathy, diets, Weight Loss Challenge contests etc to our community.

My individual ability to support is limited . Any support would be welcome :)

You can see the community here. We also have a discord with no members.


We are also trying to promote #India on steemit.

Community Link



I want to be a representative of Vietnam. I am an experienced crypto community manager. What do I need to do to participate? What rights will I have?

Good effort , I like it

Felicito a todo el equipo de Steemit INC. y les deseo éxitos para la temporada del mes de agosto, le estoy muy agradecido por todo el apoyo prestado a la Comunidad Latina .

Thank you for all the curation work you have done over the past month.

Very important

My original id name is @ospro. I've use this account more then 2.3 years. But My favorite account was banned yesterday. I have a lot of memories with this account. From my college life, so far I have shared many beautiful moments on steemit. I don't want to lose them. I have a lot of old pictures in steemit . I am requesting to fix my account again.Some of my friends and brothers are doing a lot of good activities at steemit and they have formed a community in Bangladesh. I want to work very well with them. I have already helped them a lot. I don't want to leave this platform like this
@steemcurator01 @steemitblog

What did you post that got your account banned?

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