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I'd like to give a giant thank you @mattclarke. Over the last year (well, from sometime during the week after Christmas, up to Christmas this year), as part of the reward for participating in his Christmas give away last year, he had been supporting me to the tune of 500SP.

At the time of the delegation, it doubled my then current SP. During the following 12 months, despite a somewhat sparodic posting regime at time, I've increased that to over 1100SP. I'm sure I'd have done much less without the help and support he's given me (and others in the community).

Thanks a lot Matt


@mattclarke is legendary

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Thanks, Jeff :)
Happy new year, mate. Stay warm.

Happy New Year to you as well!

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He is one of the good guys. Often unsung too.

Thanks mate. Great to see your name in 2019.

So wholesome!

Your mum's wholesome.

Thanks mate, glad to have helped.
If you can make it to another couple of meetups, we can get you on @frogcake, which is proving quite lucrative in ROI terms.
3 meets & 100 SP delegation puts you in the draw for one of the 11 x 100% upvotes on your most recent comment, every day.
Some of the ballers are commenting strategically.
If there's a high profile post they want to weigh in on, they make it their last comment before bed.
They'll often wake up to find its been at the top all night and attracted a lot of other votes and follows.
The delegation requirement grows each year you're on it, encouraging long-termers to eventually make way for new punters, keeping the chance of getting picked fairly high.
A lot of people went quiet in 2018; glad you're still with us, mate.

@frogcake (yum!) sounds like a pretty awesome thing, and I'll certainly be looking for timing any visits with a meetup in the future. I would have made August and September but it really wasn't a good time visit. Hopefully next time is much happier. I'm sure we'll be back at some point though, as my brother and his family and sister and her family still live there.

He is one of the genuine good guys of Steem. To me, he’s one of the few who wants to improve the adoption of Steem, but promotes and encourages in a way that is gracious and I can actually read without thinking w*nker. Lol.

I think it also helps that he puts his time in supporting the platform via actual engagement, and not just an upvote as if everyone wants to be a charity case.

I like Matt. :)

I agree.

He is a great guy for sure.

Absolutely. His meetups in Adelaide are great, and he's really been a fabulous guy generating lots of interesting engagement, rather than just lots of posts.

Thanks, Linny :)
Early planning for the Christmas party.
Will we have 20 or 200?
Do I book a backyard bbq or the Hilton?
Knowing the price of STEEM in October would help me a lot right now :)

With my non-expert party-planner experience, plan for 20, hope for 50, be grateful for 10? Also, make sure everyone pays their own way in fiat via a ticket to contribute to the food and grog. And maybe something a bit better than a backyard bbq, unless you live in a mansion, have a giant pool and can meet any one of the following criterias:

  1. Have a water slide
  2. Plan to hire good looking people to walk around half-naked and serve food and drinks.
  3. Have space for a dance floor and laser lights
  4. Have a menagerie of exotic animals...maybe thinking too much PoE here.

Just a bit of glamour, but not too much. Lol

I rock up and he has at least 2 of the things on that list sorted.

Oh, you must be the good looking animal in the bestiary that needs to be fed.... I suppose that would kinda check off 2 & 4, maybe you’ll come with the water slide too...

oh absolutely. Wonder what that little guy is up to now (and who's beers he's stealing!)

I think he's still with @coruscate but he hasn't made an appearance of late, so who knows?

I love hearing these stories @ratticus I'm glad that the helping hand you received from Matt has made such a difference. Wonderful support! Steem on!

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