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RE: Thailand Tourism Minister puts foot in mouth about Coronavirus

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You know the thing that is confusing me about all of this is that so many people are running around wearing surgical masks like they are somehow going to prevent them from getting a virus.

Those masks are designed to protect the user against large slashes of blood and fluids, such that you'd be exposed to while operating on a patient... They do nothing to help against airborne pathogens.

I guess it gives people a false sense of security, but the downside is that they are saying there might be a shortage of masks at some point for actual surgeons. I hope that is an exaggeration, but who knows!


I hear many people say exactly what you are talking about and these are exactly the sort of masks that the government are handing out for free that got another one of the ministers so worked up that the foreigners didn't want them.

Lately people have been buying the 3m masks that actually would protect you although I can't say to what degree since I see people taking them off all the time in public to do things like eat and drink.

I mean, maybe the heavy duty masks help. But they will have to wear goggles as well because the virus can land on their eyes just as easily as entering through the nose.

Maybe I am being too insensitive because there is an element of feeling safe which can contribute to reduction in public anxiety.