I wonder what the effect on the market will be when this whole tether thing plays itself out?

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I wonder what the effect on the market will be when this whole tether thing plays itself out?

Here is an interesting article laying down an overview:


But what I find to be really concerning is this:


Number typically do not lie, nor do patterns of human behavior, based on the math the creation of tethers to prop the market seems totally plausible and if it turns out to be true could face a considerably more severe corrective phase? another post Mt. Gox apocalyptic landscape in prices?



Still hoping for the best. Thanks for sharing this.

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The crypto sphere is interconnected and if Tether fails, it's going to have negative repercussions. It would have been a good time for us to have a stable and reliable pegged SBD, but I think an overpriced SBD is still better for us right now as an overhauled engine for growth.

Still, any dips in the market will be bought by the people who are clear on the long-term future of all the assets and some crypto enthusiasts and investors and currently welcoming the lower values which are allowing them to enter more markets and to expand and pad their crytpo portfolios.

I agree, probably on of the best pegged 1 for 1 coins is NBT.. I use it quite often in times of BTC distress on Bittrex.

I have never heard of it, I'll have to check it out. I don't have a Bittrex account yet as they are still not accepting new private signups but since Binance listed Steem, I've been using them. I will check if NBT is listed there too. Thanks for the interesting nugget of info! :)

No problem, I use it quite often..

what is your problem

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20% decline I believe. Tether market cap is not HUGE in my opinion and it’s a crypto-coin. So either they have the money or they don’t. We shall see.

Ongoing crash/healthy correction showed that bitfinex has a serious amount of cash that is backing up tether. Did they have that money to begin with as they were printing tether or did they simply cashed out the bitcoins they bought with non-backed Tether and acquired a massive fortune from thin air is another question. I have no doubt that they are pulling of some serious questionable tricks. Yet as long as tether is not fast crashing to zero I am not worried at all. and if it has not crashed as the people were panic selling tether just a week ago or so I do not think it will ever. Unless they go crazy reckless.

Just hang on for a ride😁😎😊

I know right..


Awesome photo.....thanks for shareing this post...:)

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