Tether being in government spotlight could collapse the crypto market.

in tether •  2 years ago 

I knew it was bad when Tether didn't follow through with the audit. Claiming to have over $2 billion in reserves to justify being a synthetic USD will put a target on your back. Especially if you don't do anything to prove it. I have been saying for days that their is a real possibility we will see a major pullback and according to the Cindicator bot we will see a $400 billion market cap before we see new all time highs.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think.

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Well it makes you think of which coins to get a string hold in. Meaning which ones will devalue the least forthis dip. I've took your advice and personally have a big stake in CND. I have 5,005 for stage 1 so if you use the cnd bot you pay with those tokens? Or have access to the bot having that many coins? Also where do you store them to get them off binance? I know your busy but if you could respond I'd appreciate it. Thanks Salty

Either myether wallet for desktop or enjin wallet for android. If u have a ledger u can do that too

The best place I have found is Metamask. I will do a video tutorial of how to move your CND into Metamask.

Just to help out, then CND AI Bot has been live and I have been using... I had the same struggle in how to get it set up..
You will need 2 things:

Telegram (which is where the AI bot will communicate) - install it on your computer or mobile phone
Wallet that will show you CND tokens for to validate your ownership of the token
How to gain access: https://cindicator.gitbooks.io/cindicatorbot/content/sds.html

You will need to move the tokens into MetaMask, Mist, MyEtherWallet, Parity
I use Metamask Wallet (make sure after fees that you have 5000 minimum for Beginner)
You need to send a message to Bot (afterward)
Follow the instructions with Cindicator Bot

If you need step by step:

This would go from all from buying (through coin exchange like Binance) to moving it to wallet

I wrote on another comment on @cryptokristof's post... hope this helps

Hey brother… Found you from YouTube and jumped over to give you a follow. Look forward to networking here! All the best.

Great post
But I can't help but wonder, why worry too much about the USDT not being back by faith currency, while we at the same time express very little faith in fiat currency because they are backed by nothing?

Got it fixed!! Anyways, I don't think tether will crash the market, but it sure will make it bullish for a little while....wait a bit...buy some stuff cheap.

Got my steem and dtube fixed! anyways...great video. I ever trusted USDT to put money in it, it will all work out...those with patience will make the money...those that freak out will lose.

I love distractions/disasters like Tether because it will help legitimize the real companies and extinguish the crappy companies. When these bad cryptos are squeezed out it leaves more $$ to go into the legit cryptos! Love cryptos and making a killing! Don't be weak and run scared of the correction, do the opposite and look for things on sale!

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