AI Exchange platform beta testing “Early Access” opens to developers and bitcoin community

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Davic,

You may already know me, We have successfully written an AI (C, C++) and is capable of developing its own programs, using a genetic algorithm implementation with self-modifying and self-improving code.

Our project / AI Timeline

Q1–2015 — AI successful developed the First Core include test-net.
Q2–2015 — AI resolved 762 bugs and developed new features including unique protocols.
Q3–2015 — AI analyst several coins, Verge, Titcoin, Ripple.
Q4–2015 — AI successful developed 7 private coins, using SHA-256 HASH and Scrypt.
Q1–2016 — AI using TOR Nodes for creating the private anonymous coin.
Q2–2016 — AI using Twofish and Blowfish algorithm to upgrade security.
Q3–2016 — AI using 4 exchanges API for analysis data human behavior and machine behavior.
Q4–2016 — AI creates a unique way for calculating miners fee.
Q1–2017 — AI runs in beta stage created his secondary storage data backup.
Q2–2017 — AI storage size 18 TB.
Q3–2017 — AI runs on 7 internal servers including a Network communication matrix.
Q4–2017 — AI successful developed a prediction algorithm on few coins.
Q1–2018 — Publishing our ICO.
Q2–2018 — Launch of our Artificial Intelligence Blockchain test-net and our coins.
Q3–2018 — Launch of our Artificial Intelligence exchange test-net.
Q4–2018–100% Live running of our Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Exchange, and the seven coins.

If you have an linux or windows device and want to test experimental features of the AI Exchange platform before we starting an live environment, you can join the beta tester program. Sign up for beta testing To be part of.

Send us an email! [email protected]

Thank you for your time!

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