Terracore - My claim logs review from last two upgrades and my latest stat upgrades are here

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Hi everyone,
It's me again with another blog after last few days of break for everyone. In here I am going to share the stat upgrade from terracore.

I will also share about my claim log, I will review it after last two upgrades performed. But first we will have a look at the upgrades I did to my base.

My stats which are now my old stats can be seen below.

I upgraded the damage with one level today and that was sufficient for me to eliminate the penalty from the base which was double penalty.

Double penalty means that there were two numbers less for my total attacks which was 6. originally that is 8 for a player without penalty.

I also upgraded stash size and favor and my new stats can be seen in the below screenshot below.

So with that I shared my new stats with all of you, now let us take a look at the claim log for myself.

Last time my 24 hours claim was 150-200 for most of the time and for rare cases there the winning amount was 200+.

Now this time the numbers are improved quite well as you can see in the screenshot below. I am winning 250+ scraps everyday.

Today the winning is 178 scraps but I still have few hours left and I can probably make it to 250 scraps or more but anyways.

I was also there with penalties so that can be the reason as well and today I also lost some scraps as I didn't claimed them on time.

So that was all about the stats I upgraded in terracore and also the claim log review which has definitely improved compared to the last time.

I want to improve my gameplay with each day I play this game so feel free to share your suggestions that I can follow to further improve my overall gameplay. looking forward to the suggestions from pro players in the game.

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That's all for this blog, Thank you everyone for reading this blog and staying with me till the end.


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