I noticed there were "two" of you in your post about the library! I wasn't sure if the other one was your sister or twin, and I couldn't work out which was the real you, as in the other photos you were wearing a different top. That is fascinating about one twin having an accident and the bruise appearing on the other twin.
I am also spending a lot of time exploring my own country, though I have travelled widely overseas in the past. I did so much foreign travel, and then I realised I had neglected my home country! And there is so much of it that I still want to discover.
I'm terrified of wolves! They give me a kind of primeval fear. Yet I love dogs. I love your description of wolves - it makes me realise I need to look at them again in a new light :)
Great post! I feel I know you a bit better now.

Hahaha, I was the one with the black top or with the cream-coloured jacket :D
Oh, and about that thing that you've travelled in so many other countries, is really cool but yeah, I would suggest you to also discover your own country because we all tend to fall in love with foreign countries but we forget about how beautiful our own country is and how many people from all over the world come to see different places from it that we haven't even visited! which is kind of sad.
And about that wolves thing, they are also dogs but a little bit different in some ways, such as being even more protective and good pets than some dogs are! I truly love them and everything is connected with them. Like a little part of me is a real wolf. :)
Thanks for taking time to read the post (I know it wasn't a short one so you've spent a few good minutes to check it out) and also for commenting and all the kind words. You should try the challenge too, I would love to meet you more :)

Aw thanks, I might do that! I really enjoyed reading your post!

You are beautiful! You remind me of my daughter in a few ways.. She NEVER wears dresses and the one picture I have of her in a dress is a brown polka-dot cut similar to your photo! LOL!! And she's a closet gamer.. Great getting to know you a little better.

Wow! So many in common?! So cool!! Thank you 😊♥️

Ten random things I could have gone my entire life without knowing. But how much poorer my life would have been.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


haha, that's so sweet of you! thank you so much :D

Hey, this is was an awesome post - beautifully written, the whole nine yards. I just found you via a Discord channel, and this was such a nice intro to you - followed and looking forward to seeing more. :)

hey, thank you so much for the kind words and thanks for following and wanting to see more <3

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hey! 😃 so nice to get to know new things about you! thank you for nominating me as well, I’ll try do a post as soon as I can.

Yay! I'm looking forward for it :D

A fellow gamer! I've not played ETS2, I'm really heavily into Rimworld at the moment!

Just out of curiosity as you are a twin... do you take part in all the twin studies for research?

Hello there fellow gamer! :D
And nope, I don't take part in those studies. I don't want to be an experiment, lol :)

Haha! I"m sure they don't "experiment" on you, just gather information for when they want to create twin clones everywhere!

Oh yeah I know, but still nope :D

yay, you did it! great to get to know you a bit better!
And I kindof love the fact that you are such a traveller and don't have a passport! I've been in so many countries, but there are tons of places I haven't been in my own!

Haha, thanks! I thought I will look like a weirdo xD
But yeah, I'm pushing the limits of my country very much just to promote it as much as I can..until I will can visit other countries too and my travel blog will be way more diversified :)

Random? Those were 10 pretty interesting things. Kind of you to share!

hehe, thank you! :D

I do play a lot usually, with a long pause during the last too months. I am into Overwatch, Wildstar (game dying soon, unfortunately, but it had such a cool universe), D&D and Magic The Gathering - the first trading card game.

OK, what have you signed me up for @gabrielatravels? Are you sure you want to enter this mad world of mine and be responsible for what happens hehe 😀

It was great to read a few random things about you. So cool about the eyes and you're a gamer as well. May need to come to you for help with artwork too seeing as you have got some great skills!

I'll try to compose something over the weekend but in answer to your question:

Most likely a cat represents me best because they like sleeping next to sources of heat. I like sleeping next radiators 😀 but also they tend to keep out of the way, independent, are so cute, we had one growing up and I am always drawn to cats vs any other animal.

Posted using Partiko Android

We're all mad here, haha. Can't wait to find out more things about you! :D

Sure, whenever you need some help, I would be more than happy to help you as long as my free time lets me do it :) and thanks for the other kind words :D

Also, it's very interesting what your vision is about cats. I've never thought that way :D

Haha, well, we will see how it turns out 😀

Where's the best place to message you about that project? Would discord be ok as I can add you via the travelfeed group 😊

Oh yes I have a different way of looking at things, even cats Haha. Keep me away from dogs and I am very happy 🙂

Posted using Partiko Android

Hahaha, but I love dogs! lol
And yeah sure, you can contact me via discord channel :D

Such an interesting post great to learn more about you

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs, that's epic, so epic that I don't know where to start.

You play games, but you don't only play games, you also have a sim wheel! What the heck, if I had discovered you a few years back we'd race together - and yes, I would win of course. sniff

It's so cool to see all your passions right there, you know, I'd just wear a dress with muddy boots, I totally would.

You better prepare yourself, because if I pass through Romania we'll get some tattoos, yes, yes, don't escape!

And now this part:

And it's sad to realize that I'm probably having a double personality because when I'm back at home, hiding behind a book or a monitor I may look like the most depressed person on the world, which is the opposite of how I was when we were spending time together.

I'm exactly like you and I'd say that no you are not hiding behind a book, you are actually enjoying yourself behind a book - it's different. I don't know why people have this tendency to see as depressed, people who like to spend time alone .

Sniff, you won't ever beat me on racing games, lol. You can try, but no way! hahaha

I agree with you about wearing a dress, every time I will need to wear one, I will pass it for you so you can wear it instead of me, deal? lol

Also, I love that we have some more things in common and that you understand me. I've really been curious about your thoughts for this post and I'm happy that you nominated me into this challenge! hugs

If you lived closer I'd donate to you the set of pedals I made for professional sim racing.


Send me the dresses, I wear it no problem!! AHhaha
it was really cool reading the post indeed, I had no clue of all the cool things you like that I also like.

Wow, are those made by you? You are a genius. ♥️
Also yeah, that's what I love about challenges. That we get to find so many new things about the others. :)

Yeaaaaaah those were made for my mechanical engineering thesis. Not a genius btw, just curious \o\o\

Sounds like you and I are alike in several ways. :)
Im also an introvert also who likes making people laugh, playing video games, and despises wearing dresses!
Haha! Great post :D

wow! really?! love it! nice to meet you fellow introvert :)

Nice to meet you too! ♥

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