Tell A Story To Me, And Win 5 SBD! Writing Contest #11 - The Scariest Story Ever Told & Winners of #10

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Tell A Story To Me,
Oh The Endless Possibility,
Let Your Imagination Run Free
And Win Some 5 SBD!

Welcome to Tell A Story To Me. We are back with another prompt, and the results of the last round! It was a real tough one, but my word did you guys deliver, answering the prompt in so many imaginative ways I never would have thought of! Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful tales!

It was really fun round, we had a lot of good entries, in the end, we have a few extra prizes!

The Winners #9

First Place

Getting 5SBD (and a massive thank you to @girlbeforemirror for sponsoring first place <3)

@cyemela with When You Die

Second Place

Getting 1SBD and 1 @steembasicincome

@manoldonchev with My Script

We had some really beautiful entries, winning 2sbi for his ethereal poem with fantastic reading @raj808 and winning 1sbi @agmoore for an amazingly experiential story

Another round of really amazing entries, from the energy of @theironfelix to the fantasy of @gaby-crb, and I loved them all, so thank you very much.

Author's Choice

Thank you to everyone who came back to vote for the authors choice award, the very wide spread of votes really reflected the amount of fantastic stories here, getting a 1 @steembasicincome share and 1SBD


Winning Voter

Normally we only have one winning voter, but this time, we could have had ten. We didn't reach the max number of voters so everyone won!! - 1 @steembasicincome share for voting goes to:


@erh.germany wins an additional 1SBI for their very well thought out vote

And finally

@theironfelix and @stevescoins

Who also got an additional steem basic income share each, not only cos their votes were great, but their stories were highly amusing!

Anyone can win 1 @steembasicincome just by voting so even if you don't have chance to enter, you can head back for another chance to win!

The Prizes

First Place - win 5SBD in every round - Thank you so so much to @girlbeforemirror for sponsoring this prize <3

Second Place - this is triggered once we hit ten entries, and 1SBD and 1 @steembasicincome share

Third Place - this is triggered once we hit twenty entries and is either 1SBD or 1 @steembasicincome share

Author's Choice & Voters Prize - I have a prize for Authors Choice so I am asking everyone who enters to vote for their favourite from the other entries - I will release a list of entries when the contest closes and will be asking for the votes there. Lucky voters will also win!

Round Eleven


1. One Entry Per Person
2. Prose, poetry, any form of fiction is accepted, as long as you tell me a story based on the prompt
3. Your entry must be written for this contest, and inspired by the prompt
4. Entries must be submitted by Midnight (BST) on Monday October 29th (That gives you just over two weeks to enter)
5. Use #tellastorytome, you don't have to, but your stories are so good I feel like they deserve their own tag
6. One picture only please, additional images of text are fine, but I want you to tell me a story with words, so only one actual picture
7. First Place wins 5 SBD more prizes up for grabs if we get enough entries
8. Link back to this contest somewhere in your post. I would be really grateful if you also resteemed this contest (not doing so won't get your entry disqualified, but it is very much appreciated to help get the word out there, and more entries means more prizes)
9.I don’t really want to specify how long it should be, so no min length, and aim for under 4,000 but if it goes a little over, don't worry, I normally find myself wishing your entries never ended
10. Post a link to your tale in the comments below

The Prompt

Your entry must be inspired by this prompt, this is a little different this round, but I am going to trust you all the play by the rules and write an entry specially for me, you have two options. I am looking to hear the story of....

The scariest story ever... or... tell me the scariest story you can

That's right folks, you have a choice. I am looking for a science fiction/horror/fantasy (fiction of some sort) that either is, or is about, a super scary story!

I want to hear a story that either, features the scariest story ever, or is written especially to try and scare me. I have no problems with gore, violence, bloodshed, heart break, freaky horror, creepy things, in fact, I generally just enjoy all horror, so it's open game. That said, your story doesn't have to fit any of these the genres mentioned, it can be anything you want, as long as it either features the scariest story ever as something characters encounter/hear about/etc, or, is a scary story written especially for me.

If you are looking for more ideas for the story about a story, some of the questions you could think about, but by no means have to answer, include:

  • Has anyone actually read the story?
  • Why is it so scary?
  • Does everyone think it is scary?
  • What are the effects of reading/hearing it on people?

There is a lot of room for imagination here, so I hope it isn't too broad and you will all find ways (and time) to be creative and see what you can come up with, and I can't wait to see your entries.

Don't forget to include a link in the comments!

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Congrats to the winners, here here to more entrants!
Dancin' to victory.gif

Well done to all the winners. :)

Oooh the next prompt... scariest story... everyone is eager for horror this month. I will have a think.

Its been a pleasure being your momma this week! Keep sharing your poems and stories with us. You're a talented woman and a great writer, never doubt that!

I have finally finished my scary story--the last line defied completion! I have accepted @stevescoins invitation to submit this story also to his Halloween 2018 Open Medium contest.
My story was inspired by Washington Irving. Thanks for running the contest.
A Very Scary Halloween Story

My entry for the new one:

That's one Scary Story!

Congrats to all the winners from last time!

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Calluna, here is the Halloween contest I mentioned

20 shares of SBI as the prize
Open til the 29th
Prize is judged by me ;>

Anyone that enters @calluna's contest is also welcome to submit to my contest with the same entry!

Also, I should have my entry for this contest in by the end of business today ;> I was already working on one that didn't need much of a tweak to fit.


well alright then. I'll try to send one for you as well @stevescoins


Thank you so much! I think your prompt was the post that introduced me to the freewrite community and I had so much fun since. The best reward I had is you made me see I can be at least... productive. Which is something!

I will be happy to try again. Although this scary topic... I don't know if scary is in me. Maybe I could elaborate on my Scarecrow Project...

Oh, good that one can stay on track and look up the "mentions" on - I am losing orientation as there is so much going on with the writers here.

You put much devotion into your spreading the word and providing the community with prompts and the choosing process for the entries. I like how the people respond to this.

Thank you for the gift. Very much appreciated by me.


have you encountered @ginabot - it's a notification service through discord, you can select what it tells you about :)

Thank you! <3


really enjoyed this one!

Thank you @calluna! You have created a congenial environment here, one that is conducive to creativity. Authors need an edge, but they also need to feel comfortable in order to express themselves freely. This is a place all of that happens.
I like your prompt this week. An obvious story comes to mind (for me), but then it might be obvious to others, so I'll have to think again.
I appreciate your generosity.


i just might

And here we go!

Thanks @calluna ;>

[edit...and there is an easter egg (or more like Halloween egg ;> ) you may like as well]

Hi, @calluna, I just ran into the other post with the extended deadline so I decided to join the party (sorry it's too late to upvote this post, though.
Here's the story I wrote today. Hope you' ll enjoy: Holiday Pass.

Hi. @calluna. This isn't a 'jump scare' story. But I aimed for a deeper kind of horror.

Please accept my submission for your contest.



I feel like "scary" is so very subjective it's very hard to write "the most scary" anything.
In the end I chose the "scary" everyone could easily be subject to, as opposed to something over the top.
Thank you for hosting the contest, and good luck to all participants!

maybe I'm too late for this, but I sure don't pay propper attention to timezones...