Telekinesis/Psychokinesis & How to do it! (Simple Guide)

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Greetings Everyone!

Today we will be talking about telekinesis, everyone should be familiar by now about telekinesis and I am not here to prove or confirm for you if it is real or not, it is a known phenomena by now so lets get to the core of the topic.
How does one do it?

People claim to be special and be mentalists having abilities beyond what is considered normal or having some sort of incredible focus special skill that helps them direct their mind waves onto an object resulting in moving it. Well not exactly...

Real telekinesis is not about having simply focus or just thinking and imagining of an object moving, no. It is about getting in the Flow or Zone, for more Info Please check Here.


Thats right, people who get into that state achieve "super" human tasks oftentimes. Thats how honestly we have come thus far as a species, people who utilize their full capabilities have assisted us into coming this far.

Seriously though how does one do it? It is rather far more simple than some might have you think.
There are certain things that need to be met in order for it to work.

  1. Clear Mind (No Thoughts)

  2. Focus (Just Attention, bring your full attention into the Target/Object)

  3. Observe & Be In the Moment (Just Observe)

  4. Believe it is Possible (You will be therefore raising the possibility of it happening faster)

  5. Have No Doubts (It is proven time and time again that it is a true phenomena but of course experience welcome).

  6. Throw Away your Personal Beliefs and Personality at least Temporarily

  7. Immerse yourself more and more into the activity.

  8. KEY: Intent, it is your intent that makes telekinesis work not your thoughts.

  9. Understand and Realize that you are part of reality as much as the target is, you and the target realistically are the same, this is also a key. Your Consciousness also exists on everything, you just have a separate experience at the time. (Looking at the Old You photos is a great example, the person in the photo was you at some other instance in time)/

  10. Be Open! Accept whatever happens and keep on Intending. Do not force anything, forcing something to happen is the wrong way to approach this. For example if you have the commonly known PSI-Wheel target, if the wheel goes right while you want it to go left then let it do so, while you get feedback from looking at the object another important thing to consider is to pay attention on how you are inside your mind, what is going on while the object does not listen to you? You have to be aware of those things to improve.

  11. Accept Failure also, you learn more from failures, it will feel like you are learning the buttons on a new video game at some point, embrace that new experience. As said above consider how your state of mind, fears and intent affects the target. Your state of mine should be "Everything and Anything is Possible" to welcome the results! For more control Try not to be afraid of failures, fear is a big obstacle on this but also a great teacher.

You can use telekinesis as a means to Meditate or to "Connect", Connect means associate yourself with everything rather than only with your individuality, we need to detach from our mortal attachments if we expect to be more than we already are, besides... everything is made up off of the same particles in the very core.

12 ) Practice, Practice and ... Practice! Do not Be hard to yourself though, be patient.

To get you started, you can use the all popular PSI-Wheel prop which you can craft pretty easily.


I guess thats it, you can do it if you believe you can and are open to it and want to do it. From personal experience I write all these steps and for Free.
I provide you with the most basic steps above as well as some notes to make sure you are armed.

Some Great Guys Online on Youtube to take inspiration from are as follows:
Ken Chorley
Michael Grubb
Telekinesis: Mind Possible
Avatar Energy Mastery Institute


I hope this Humble article helps you out to achieve Telekinesis!

There are many Individuals who have already achieved Telekinesis...
Now its Your Turn to prove to yourself you can do it!!

Image of Yaktocat

Image of Yaktocat

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This is absolutely fantastic ❤ I love every part of this.
Nicely done!


Hey that's nicely, clearly and graciously laid out....I like it and 'intend' to make the paper spinner as you suggested.
Personally, I've no doubt of the existence of dimensions beyond our 3D realisty perception. For me, universal one-ness is also at the very core. Tapping in to this, and discovering that what I was 'told' was impossible, is not only possible, but a reality that is mine exciting and such a relief to move away from the separation and mechanical confusion of the old paradigm :)


Additionally, If you use a psi-wheel you can use the wheel as a feedback or a reflection of your inner world, meaning that for example if you want it to move right but you are afraid it will not... then it will either stand still or move left... or it will just go back and forth small distances again depending on your state.
You need to find a fine balance of intent/will and belief/faith while eliminating any doubts that may arise.
This is the true point of practicing telekinesis.
It is not all about moving objects with your mind but rather... it is meant to help you in many ways self-improve.
This can be applied to anything and not just objects, it can be applied to your situations as well.
The belief that absolutely anything is possible is the key state in this and the benefits are well worth it.
Oh and do not try to do this just to show off... thats the Ego expressing and telekinesis does not work from the Earthly Ego but from the higher aspects of your self.