State of Mind: Key for Happiness and Success

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Through Human History People have been able to achieve wonders and miracles, things that the rest of the Animal Kingdom never has done before, nature itself is capable of such wonders though to what extend? Humans are one of Nature's Extensions. We are creatures of limited capabilities yet we always seem to surpass those limits, always bringing new records and always able to bring about new patents . Why some people are able to achieve such things though while others struggle to go about their day? Now that is a very long topic I will try to keep it as simple as possible.
I will try not to take this discussion neither on extremely psychological nor Spiritual lengths although both and many more categories apply to the whole subject.
There is a certain state that all individuals are capable of being in that allows for new inspirations and new patents to arise as well as breaking through the limits and always making possible what otherwise seems Impossible.
In all actuality the beginning and the end of our limits are just in our mind in a sense. That is what the most successful people through History always have said. It is very possible for someone to achieve anything they imagine just by accepting it as possible and working towards their goal, the strongest their will and belief of success the more rapidly they are brought to their goals.

So what are we talking about in this article? Some call it Flow others in sports call it "being in the ZONE" some call it full Focus mode, others even call it contacting the higher wisdom, it doesn't matter what we call it, it is essentially the same state, we can call the same thing with different names it will still be the same thing we point out. It is true that with focus one can "break the barrier" and achieve what they want while in the moment, for instance you might be in a meeting while having to take a very important decision. Lets take a very good example of some people working with that State, recently we have the Trend of Video Game E-Sports which is a very big modern culture these last years, people in those games depend their entire career on a single match risking a great deal of their life just for being the very best! Failure for such careers is not an option, they simply must be successful in what they do and in top shape.
The Flow State or Game Sense as the Pro Players of these competitive games call it is simply happening when they play Unconsciously or rather when they Immerse themselves in the moment, taking critical decisions in split seconds without the luxury of processing any information or thinking it any further.
Basically they are required to take action in less time than the time they can recognize any visual or Audio input, they simply cannot overthink, they must act and they do so in a very impressive manner. Following their instinct is the key for any Professional Player.
Here is a Video uploaded recently informing players about it

Of course this is Just an example of that State, this state can be used very effectively in the creative side too. As we mentioned before the most successful people and creative minds all used this Mental State, I will explain how to trigger this "Flow State" Below to keep it short. Before the explanation on how to trigger it though I want to emphasize that it can be used both consciously and unconsciously, sometimes you might have gotten a random but effective idea out of nowhere or doing operations such as driving or writing without being conscious, you are indeed using this every day or rather you are more unconscious sometimes in your life than conscious, specifically more than 90% of your every day activities is unconscious. While in that state it seems like the individual draws information from their Subconscious and sometimes they learn while they are acting without any practice (Beginner's Luck).

Here is another video discussing the same state associating it with the popular Movie "LIMITLESS":

Okay so how can we induce such a phenomena? well it is pretty simple yet some people might struggle but have some patience, the rewards will amaze you.

First thing you need is to relax and find your own way of clearing your mind from any thoughts (Meditation is Proven to be an Effective way on relaxing and clearing your mind, of course each individual have different ways of being relaxed).
I would advice the individual to be focusing on "Being in the Moment" Which means having all of their awareness in the current moment, if any tomorrow's related thought pops up,
they should accept it and let it go even if it is an important matter, it is not for right now to resolve, the same applies for yesterday's problems or past problems and thoughts.
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This first part is the most important step on achieving anything.
If Possible try setting aside your entire personality and character all together, become the ultimate observer in a sense.
It is also VERY important to keep always in mind and maintain a mindset of "everything is possible" to calm your logical mind just think of all the amazing inventions and achievements humanity has achieved as a species with what they are given by nature... Indeed Anything and Everything is Possible, there is no word impossible in my book... because Im'Possble.
Yes, keep this as your signature for the rest of your life, great not only motivation but inspiration comes from this mindset.
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After you Cleared your mind and being aware in the moment you will need to set a goal on something to do or a very clear mental question. Take important note of whatever comes in mind, either it can be a mental image, audio or some sensation. Any information you receive is important, do not discard it just accept it and do not confuse it with your concerns or irrelevant (for that moment) thoughts. The key here is to always observe the moment and be in the moment completely immersed. With time one becomes very involved in the moment (in the now) and has the ability to come up with high quality solutions faster.
Practice and you will master the art of living in the moment.
From my personal experience our worst enemy is fear of failures and or any negative thoughts that discourage you.
Try working with that and accepting but not attaching mentally to those kinds of thoughts. Integrity is a keyword here as well.
Everyone I have talked to complains of having problems, some people try to transfer their problems to other people and their close friends.
Everyone has concerns it is true but they can always "control" the amount of thoughts they are affected each moment.
Just the best way from my personal experience is any form of Meditation. It is obvious by now that a negative mindset and a problem-filled mind results in one taking the wrong decisions and actions all together.
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Living and enjoying the moment also gives a better view of reality and how you should proceed with today's plans will eventually be a piece of cake. Just remember that everything takes time, having patience is another key as well as having a clear goal as we discussed above.
Lastly one of the most important things you have to have to achieve this is "Wanting" or "Willing" truly. Basically being honest with yourself. One good example is me in my late Teenage Years, I was told to find a job that pays well so I went for Law School then I always would struggle with the lessons and tests of course I reached eventually a certain Decree but it took me 500% times more time than one who really wanted to be a Law Student and eventually a Lawyer. I also struggled finding a job on the field so I dropped the whole idea all together and decided to involve in things that I didn't need any study or decree to obtain and after a while I found success as an Artist. So in the end it doesn't matter what others want from you, it maters what YOU want for yourself and what YOU are passionate about. It is proven that this +500% efficiency can be achieved, now imagine working in a job you dont like, your performance would be that much less and in general people would either have you work overtime hours or would not want you for work altogether.
Science has explored this up to a certain point but not enough to understand what makes it tick exactly, taking this from a spiritual perspective as well or from an artist's point of view It almost looks like your "Soul" wants something and makes it more easily possible.
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It is actually easy to tell when you are out of sync with that, sometimes it appears as psychological issues or habits, when for example I wasn't in alignment with what I wanted I would have a habit of moving my fingers or some part of my body 2 times indicating I was either being absorbed by my thoughts or being troubled by something in general that is outside of the moment.
Basically this appears in many forms, some might smoke some might have psychological issues as a result some might have even depression.
It is a clear indication someone is not living in the moment and do not do what they truly want. That is what oftentimes people call "Acting from the Heart".
So in the end it is very important if not the most important thing to consider how we feel about things and what we truly wish to do for ourselves instead of being forced into situations, parents should always embrace and encourage the dreams of any child and provide for those dreams to come true.
Inspire the world!

Have a Good One!

With Regards T.D.

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Live in the moment as much as possible, do not be distracted by other's opinions, do not be distracted by thoughts that are not relevant to the Present moment(the Now), do what you honestly want that you feel will make you happy (Follow your Heart). Have a Clear Goal, be engaged as much as possible, have a Quiet Mind all together and accept anything that comes during the engagement moment as much as you can.

Image of Yaktocat

Image of Yaktocat

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