Augmented reality 3D printed headset

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Augmented Reality 3D printed headset

Hi everyone today I want to talk about one of my biggest old project. It's about augmented reality 3D printed headset.

So I discovered virtual reality few years ago and I am always facinated by this technology, but when I saw that it could be possible to put 3D model on a reality background, I directly wanted to try to make a special headset. At the beginning of the project no AR headset was available. So I tried to build one by myself.

Step one : Find the information on internet

First of all I searched on internet for finding some blueprint for making my headset and I find out some hackers and makers which have the same idea as me. I was looking the work of them and it's inspired mine.

Finaly I found the "Polylens" project. it's was really interesting project and the creator was selling his blueprint for testing and editing. You can find it at this adresse :

Thanks to Sabba Keynejad

Step Two : Editing Blueprint

I worked a lot around the base of the "Polylens" blueprint with Adobe Illustrator :

Step three : Started making the 3D model

Step four : 3D print !

After a really long time for 3D print the model I obtained this result. Then I added to the 3d model lens and transparent plastic foil on the front.

Step five : Testing

So the last step I added my phone and thus made some tests (sorry it's pretty hard to take picture of it)

Bonus images

I also made the variations of the project :

Sadly now you can buy this, type of Ar headset in China really cheap :

Thanks to read my post and don't hesitate to make any comments or feedback !



Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Wow nice work! Looking forward for the continues!)

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