Founder of Wired Magazine: "Google Isn't Intended to Create Profit - Their Aim Has Been To Create The Most Advanced AI" from "Google And The World Brain" (Free To Watch Documentary)

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If you have ever had dealings with Google as a customer, you may have found that their 'customer service' is somewhat lacking. In fact, that is an understatement - I have found them to be one of the all time worst in terms of transparency and integrity when it comes to them doing what they say they will do. There's probably a good reason for this - Google isn't intended to create profit.

The documentary 'Google and the world brain' has generally not been available for free online, but I just discovered that it has been added to - within this video you can hear testimony from people who knew the founders of Google before they had success. One of the claims made by Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired Magazine (at 57.32 in the documentary) is that:

"Google was never about creating a search engine, it was about creating an AI"

So while the world might assume that Google is just a regular example of creative capitalism that seeks to help them improve their daily lives - there is quite clearly an ulterior agenda behind the scenes. How many people realise that when they use Google to search, to arrange their lives and even to document their business plans and highly private activity - their data is most likely finding it's way into Artificial Intelligence systems behind closed doors? Isn't it amazing that so many science fiction movies have been made on the subject of humanity being taken over by rogue AI systems and yet we have one of the largest power centers on the planet doing literally everything it can to facilitate a kind of social/technological equation that could actually make that a reality? Isn't it even more amazing that almost no-one realises this yet?

I posted recently on how Facebook's founder has invested $5 Billion into a program of inserting mind control implants into the brains of monkeys! I know this sounds insane and it is! However, the insanity is not in me for reporting this fact to you; the insanity is that it is actually real news.

Let's never forget that when power empires are created, the people at the top of the hierarchy are placed ever more to make terrible, psychopathic and heartless decisions that harm many. This is a key reason why humanity must evolve beyond subordination and hierarchy.

Full Version of 'Google and the world brain'

You can watch the full version of 'Google and the world brain' here.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Wishing you well,
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Sketchy sketchy sketchy sketch sketch ske... yeah I have been done with google for a while as far as anything important. Still have my gmail account that all my bills and such have, but all my personal stuff has moved. I use Duck Duck Go on the Brave browser.

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Nice post, very interesting topic !tipuvote 0.3

Thanks for sharing the video. I will definitely watch it.
One thing though, I don't think that Google was ever started out as an evil company. Their original motto used to be "Don't be evil" and their founders are burners which is a peaceful counter culture community to belong to.

Their founders are burners?! Really? They don't look like any burner I have ever met.. lol
What can be gained from this video is the understanding that at the very least, Google's aims are not what is being portrayed to the world.

Yup, they even had their Google doodle as a Burning Man logo once because all they closed their office and all went to Burning Man.

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Interesting bro :) And yes of course, I mean it's a no brainer, if they can do it why wouldn't they!
You remember than Facebook AI that went rogue last year?

I don't know too much about it. This piece played it down. I'm not comforted by Marc Zuckerberg being 'upbeat' about AI... He seems like either a psychopath, an MK Ultra victim or both:

Somebody seems just a bit overexcited about their brisket & ribs - "they taste doubly better when you hunted the animal yourself." Right, and who hunts cows, lambs or pigs anyway? Is he eating wild boar ribs or something?!? Maybe he meant to say, "when you slaughter the animal yourself."

Yep, that dead animal just "needs to be eaten." Somebody seems to be lovin' that bloodshed just a bit much. I'd go with both - psychopath & MK Ultra victim :) "As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will always be battlefields." Pythagoras I think said that, or was it Tolstoy.. Regardless, I wouldn't trust my baby around this guy in a million years, if I had one that is... I hope the baby in the video above turns out okay...

"Who doesn't like [dead animal flesh]"? idk, maybe people who care about animals and still have a heart... What a creep, no surprise he thinks spying on the entire human race on behalf of the gov. is his moral duty as Facebook owner.

If there's any comfort to be had here, I can't think of anyone other than mainstream media lackys who would describe him as someone to look up to!

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