Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the World?

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The two words; ‘Artificial’ and ‘Intelligence’ can strike fear into anyone intelligent enough to understand its implications. The late Stephen Hawking predicted that AI will supersede humanity, as he is quoted to have said:

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”.

So, is this ‘spell’ a warning to be taken seriously, or is it all just an elaborate magic trick? Some of the greatest minds of this generation have suggested that the humble beginnings of AI, such as the Amazon Alexa telling you a bed time story, could turn into a threat to the survival of mankind. The true purpose of AI is to assist our lives and satisfy the modern human desire to take the easiest path through technology. Throughout this article I will discuss where we are up to with AI now and how it might progress into the future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere; in fact, nowadays, we cannot live without it! Artificial Intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean the accidental production of terminator-esque robots with the ultimate goal of wiping out the human race - so, on that note, where is this AI technology? To begin to answer this question, let us define intelligence.

What is Intelligence?

The dictionary definition of intelligence is the ability to absorb and apply knowledge and skills [1]. To clarify, all living animals are intelligent to some degree; they learn from external stimuli all around them and respond accordingly. For example, a dog may learn to sit when it is taught to. This dog, by definition, is exhibiting intelligence. When we look at artificial, man-made machines; giving them the ability to learn from their surroundings and apply this new knowledge, without necessarily being conscious, yields Artificial Intelligence.

The 3 Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence can be split into 3 significant categories: Weak AI, Strong AI and Artificial Super-Intelligence [2]. There are many, many examples of AI all around us today; where are they and what categories do they lie in?

Weak AI: Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Weak AI is the simplest form of Artificial Intelligence; to further clarify, machines that exhibit Weak AI are intelligent, but only focus on a narrow task [3]. In other words, their intelligence is constricted to what they are programmed to do. A fantastic example of Weak AI is Apple’s SIRI; it is somewhat capable of holding conversation with real people and can crack a joke here and there. When you speak to SIRI, it feeds this information into a large database and learns how to respond from experience of being asked similar questions. Its limits can be demonstrated by asking it something it is not programmed to process, thus yielding inaccurate results. In addition, all SIRI can do is talk, you cannot ask it to physically pass you your TV remote; hence why it is categorised as Weak AI. Other examples include: Google Maps, Amazon’s Alexa, the CPU opponent you play with on chess and Facebook; click here to see other examples and more importantly, why they are examples.

Strong AI: Artificial General Intelligence

The next step up the ladder is Strong AI, or, Artificial General Intelligence. Developing a machine for it to exhibit Strong AI, means it must have the same intellectual capability as a human, to function like one; in other words, Artificial General Intelligence is when the machine can think just as well as you and me [4]. We are still a long way away from achieving this; in fact, some Scientists doubt we will ever program and produce such technology. Surprisingly, it is a lot easier to code a machine that solves advanced calculus than to get it to walk up the stairs; so, what will happen to the world once we are able to create an intelligence that competes with our own?

Recursive Self-Improvement: Machine Learning

The main difference between Weak AI and Strong AI, is that Strong AI will have the capability of learning and upgrading itself, without the need of a human [5]. Just like a baby developing into an adult, a machine with a specific base code can go on to develop itself into a complex structure; this ability is called Recursive Self-Improvement, or, Machine Learning. At this point, there is no reason for this human-like machine to stop working and will continue to learn and develop. The more intelligent it becomes, the better it will be at self-improving. Consequently, it becomes better and better at learning and further developing; in other words, their intelligence will grow exponentially. It will only be a matter of time before this Strong AI becomes more intelligent than its creator. The point at which this is about to happen is known as the Singularity. This is where we reach the third and final step on the AI ladder; Artificial Super-Intelligence.

Artificial Super-Intelligence (AS-I)

Once Artificial Super-Intelligence is achieved, things get a bit exciting and potentially equally as terrifying. Any machine that has passed the Singularity is classed as super intelligent [5]. When a self-improving machine reaches such high intelligence, there are no doubts that it will continue to become increasingly intelligent, very, very fast. AS-I machines will single-mindedly carry out their own aims, whether they agree with ours, or not. What does this all mean?

The Pessimistic Angle of AS-I

While these machines may not necessarily want to cause human extinction, they may believe that doing so would be of benefit to them, so, as a result, they would not hesitate to do so. You may assume that intelligence of such a high calibre would have a degree of empathy and respect for life, as do humans, but a problem arises; ethicality and morality are both human traits [6]. What I mean, is that even we, ourselves, cannot collectively decide what is right and what is wrong; for example, abortion and euthanasia, to say the least; so, how can we ever produce a machine of such intelligence that is deemed ethical and moral?

The Optimistic Angle of AS-I

Thankfully, there is a more optimistic side to such technology. People believe that these machines will have ‘human safety’ engrained into their base code; in other words, they will remain our servants. Their sole purpose will not only be to serve us, but to help us by combining all of this intelligence to unlock more and more mysteries of our Universe. This collaboration of high intelligence can help us solve even the hardest of problems in ways that we could never have imagined before!


The principle of AI, in my opinion, is an incredibly exciting one; but I also do believe that developing such high levels of intelligence is like treading on thin ice. If AS-I machines consider human extinction to be of any benefit to them, I believe that machines of such high capabilities may easily surpass any initial base code… due to such intelligence. It would almost be like a human born into an atheist background, surpassing previous beliefs and following a specific religion. If a human can alter their 'base code' (in machine terms), a machine more intelligent than a human surely can too. On the other hand, if AS-I machines believe our survival is of benefit to them, we, collectively, can work together and unlock mysteries of the Universe, together, and discover things we never thought we would!

I will leave you with another quote by the famous Stephen Hawking:

“The rise of powerful AI will be either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.”

If you have any questions, leave them below and until next time, take care.

~ Mystifact

[1]: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/intelligence
[2]: https://javasingularity.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/three-types-of-ai/
[3]: https://www.techopedia.com/definition/3162
[4]: https://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/
[5]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TRv0cXUVQw
[6]: https://www.diffen.com/difference/Ethics_vs_Morals

Please note; no copyright infringement is intended. All images used have been labelled for re-use on Google Images. If any artist or designer has any issues with any of the content used in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact me to correct the issue.

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I think AI is a great innovation that needs lot of thoughts in ethics and fairness. As a technology, it's already outperformed our human beings in many areas, such as face recognition and so on.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I agree with you, but these machines that have outperformed humans with facial recognition cannot drive a car, for example. The minute they can master everything a human can do (and more) is the minute we need to be careful!

I'm pretty sure A.I is inevitable but not in a sense of taking over humanity, but it must be leverage to have a better quality of living and eliminate poverty and inequality. Blockchain already proved to be a very useful tech. and what else it can be capable of, if it is merge with A.I tech.

It is not this narrow AI that we need to be concerned of! It is the machines that we create that exceed human intelligence and pass the singularity! Nevertheless, I somewhat agree with you and thank you for your comment :)

certainly the end of mankind will come with artificial intelligence

Technology nowadays is really amazing and this rise of AI will somehow made us to think, "Will they take over the world?" As for me, I doubt it. Its next to impossible. AI is highly intelligent creature but still we humans are the one who made them and we are more superior than them, we can crate them but they cant create us. Their intelligence is just limited within the range on how they were created but human brain is so complex that we keep on learning while we are alive.

Artificial Intelligence is going to become bigget then the internet boom and the dotcom boom... alot of people are going to get very rich from Artificial Intelligence in the next 10 years.. will you be one of them..

Very effective conclusion, @elizahfhaye. Impressed.

I agree but the point of the Singularity is that once it is passed, the machine becomes more intelligent than the human in every conceivable way. Intelligence of that calibre will easily be able to adjust and control the human if needs be! Then again, in the future, we will develop our understanding of AI and (hopefully) be able to intervene if matters get out of hand.

"AI is highly intelligent creature but still we humans are the one who made them and we are more superior than them, we can crate them but they cant create us."

Like Max Tegmark says in his book, we only control lions because we're smarter than them. We control the world because we're the most advanced species. If AI became smarter than humans, what stops it from controlling us the way we control animals? If we ever manage to build a human level AGI, it could create countless amounts of better versions of itself at a much faster rate, and the only thing stopping it would be the laws of physics.

It's amazing how fast the AI is developing, I hope it's for good use for the future. I've seen robot Sophia doing public talks and I gotta say it's kinda freaky to see, lol...Check out the video:

I think it's freaky because of the lack of emotion on the robots face! Thank you for commenting :)


Any intelligent enough AI could very easily change its base code and therefore, do whatever it wants.

I think AI will surpass biological intelligence by a lot, but the solution for us will probably be to join them. To become one with them and to leave our biological bodies behind.

That's the only way we can survive long term, our bodies are too fragile and our brain is too slow... but that will change.

One would think that a super-intelligent AI would have the same concerns we would have in developing a system that is yet more intelligent than itself (and that it would then feel threaten in being superseded). I also see some type of safeguard's being in place or at least for us to be merged into that AI so that we see the benefits that AI will gain. I feel that by the time we build AI to that level we will have a much better understanding of how to mitigate risks.

Anyway great thought provoking article @mystifact !

I agree, whilst we are developing AI we will also be developing measures to regulate it as we go along. Great point. Thank you for your comment :)

The future is highly uncertain, who knows, maybe one day we will be their slaves to avoid our own extinction!

Well I don't think we would ever be their slaves, because if they really would take over the world, they would find us less useful than other machines, and since they wouldn't care for us at all, they would kill us all and replace us with machines... I do agree that the future is uncertain, but I think we should think in advance and its all so exciting!!!

Exciting yet also a mixture of other emotions indeed!

Very well done! You are more silent in our common groups and I overlooked you until today; i was somehow not following you. It was remedied :)
I am very interested in this subject and I have done a great deal of reading.
My existential question is close to yours: If AI learning will keep improving, will it somehow LEARN from the human mistakes of extermination and will it try to preserve all species? Will its intelligent "cognitive" processes offer him a sustainable way to grow while also preventing harm to another lifeform? If its goal is to learn more, wouldn't the destruction of anything else be counted as a non-learning action? I would like to believe so, but I would be proud if AI would survive us in our short lives in the Universe. I would like humans to survive but science seems to have a different opinion for now.
Anyway, on the general issue of AI i have read and liked a post outside of SteemSTEM by @mejustandrew whom I have also invited to SteemSTEM with this ocassion. Cheers!

I am incredibly thankful for your kind comment! I try my best to get involved, but I really struggle for time these days :( We'll need to have a chat one day! Regarding your comment, the main difference between man and machine, is that machine is purely based on logical algorithms and man is based around a mixture of empathy and logic. I believe that a machine with such high intelligence will ignore any 'right' or 'wrong' man makes and use its logical pathways to choose what's best in the long run. What do you think about this?

I shall have a read of the post and again, thank you for your comment!

Now this is an interesting topic, and I am optimistic on this since for starters, we are far from getting to the strong AI (I have seen machine learning and how it works, and it is absolutely fascinating) to work as we want them to. So AI is not moral or ethical because it is entirely driven by facts and data for the goal of improving whatever it is made to improve. Now since it is not emotionally connected to the lives of human beings it means that it is indeed going to have a good idea on how to improve things. I just don't see how we would ever be stupid enough to give AS-I the power to do what it wants since we don't understand it, because it is obviously going to be able to outsmart us all. I don't understand too much about what is needed for them to function that well, but if we can control it's ability to do what it wants and limit it with information and power(connection to the internet for example) then we shouldn't have that problem. Also we are going to learn much more about them as we go, this is definitely a question very much worth worrying about, but I think we are cautious enough, also the rules of robotics look like they don't have loopholes that a machine might use except for the part where it would think it's in our best interest to hurt someone, but then the other rule forbids it, so I think we might make it so that they don't take that kind of ideas into consideration at all, but rather work with what they can. Anyway Great post!!!

Thank you for your comment! It is worth noting that once a machine passes the singularity, it could be intelligent enough to rule out any measures in place to stop it from thriving; i.e. it may find an alternative power source or a need to be connected to the internet. I believe that the point of AS-I is it can work its way around any safety measures and outsmart us if needs be, but like you said, we are a long way away from this. As we develop our understanding we may potentially find ways to stop the accidental extinction of humanity!

Oh, right, possibly it could do that, but yeah.. We are careful enough to think about this long time ahead so hopefully, we are not going to be killed by our own technology xD

I think that this is a temporary kind of problem, because human consciousness does not follow any computations.

"Strong AI" is a interesting matter to imagine and build virtual dramas. Even if we could create machines that behave very similar to real human being under many circumstances, this machine will not have experience of reality and emotional intelligence as a human being. Thanks for nice article.

I think it depends on the mentality and ethics of the people who design the particular A.I. in question. I myself am about to study A.I., but more concentrated towards robotics.

So much depends on the people who design the first super intelligent AI. They need to be very careful to install the right ethics and values. A big concern is if a race develops to be the first, then safety concerns will likely be thrown out the window. This website has a good discussion of the issues involved.

I never thought about that..it actually sounds like this would happen. Probably already is.

Yeah the race is definitely already underway, primarily between China and the American technology companies. There are a few organisations attempting to avoid a race by sharing AI advances. Open AI is the most well-known.

I bet. Cool resource thanks! For robotics there are also open source operating systems, ROS (robotics operating system) and the one by Microsoft.

I would be interested to read what is likely to happen in robotics in the next 10 years or so. Hope you post about it:)

As mentioned, ethics are a human creation, a super intelligent AI will be intelligent enough to 're-construct' its ethics and choose the most favourable. This would mean it could have completely different aims to that it was once built to have!

That really is scary. Specially considering how they want to use biological neural networks to have better A.I.

I'll get to it some time in the future. Just started on Steemit last week so I have yet to learn everything there is about it. But in 10 years, a lot will happen, that's for sure. Specially with human and robot interaction.

I somewhat agree, but a super intelligent robot itself, no mater how it is programmed, can completely override any ethics and implement its own ideas. I wish you best of luck with your studies :)

That's true. Like the A.I. that had to be shut down because they invented their own language. Thank you. :D

there's great possibility of that, we just cant deny anything for now, and as we all know human like to be dependent on other things, and likes to get comfortable, so it is what it is.

If Natural Language Processing is develops to the level where the chatbots can be more human like and can answer any question just like humans do then it wont take long enough for AI to become a replica of the human brain. If AI can truly Understand language then probably it can potentially do anything from becoming a human to a god.

Um, I'm not sure if we gonna get there before we destroy ourselves first... but to end on a bright note I'll leave you to a Justin Trudeau's quote on AI (not!)

True, a change in the World needs to happen before we destroy ourselves!

Even if we don't destroy ourselves, AI is going to make us obsolete. Right now in my hometown (São Paulo) the unemployment rate is 18% and things are really tough. Imagine when all jobs get replaced🤔

An extremely comprehensive article on AI and what it entails. It is however, actually still distant (very) in the future before our current AI reach the levels of Skynet's. So fret not (hahah)! But watch this. Is it just coincidence?

I agree, we are still decades away! To think that 50 years ago we barely had phones or computers, in another 50 years who knows what advancements will be made!

Let's get self driving cars right first! Then there's the fear of malicious use of AI... again.

Sometime we have to think that the AI is not as smart as the human. But, it possible the AI close to be as smart as the human. What does the human have that can not implemented on machine?


Hey mate, great post ! Artificial intelligences will be omnipresent. The internet and the blockchain thats for sure but only. Indeed for example Youtube is are great examples of already implented artificial intelligences
For example I am use to search for videos on decentralisation and blockchain realted post.
Then I clicked on a related video which was supposed to be on climate change but it was just an long introduction leading to talk about decentralization. This is a simple example but the fact is everything is linked per related subject and I do think it can have some pretty negative consequences.

Only time will tell my friend! Thank you for your comment :)

interesting discussion.
I don’t think AI is a threat to human existence and humans have always conjured up all sorts of irrational fears because we are not awakened enough.

I think humans are a threat to humans

I agree, but imagine what a Computer a lot more intelligent than a human can be capable of!

but technology can not be separated from this period

As Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking already warned us about the impact of AI in humans, it's really critical to see how we are responding to the future. The recent incident at Facebook, where two AI bots were started talking to each other ignoring the guidelines is threatening. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has also talked about the future of AI between humans and machines.

I completely agree with you. It's crazy!

I have to be honest, I want AI to take over the world. We humans are the worst species to be running this planet by far, here's why:

  • We kill other plant and animals species with impunity to make way for more of us, making us more like a virus
  • We created religions that reinforce the idea that we are special, 'made in (a) god's image and deserve to thrive
  • We kill each other for a myriad of pointless reasons
  • We pollute the planet without much real remorse
  • We let stupid people run the streets and our governments

I welcome a logical, unopinionated and more intelligent being to rule over humanity and bring order and common sense to this planet.
We need to decrease the human population by two thirds, get rid of religion and engineer the chimpanzee out of our brains so we can live in harmony and equilibrium with the other animals and plants on this planet.

Bring on the singularity!

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Thanks for wonderful posting mate. I've just started #steemit and post some #IT related things. Let's follower togethet and share good ideas👍

Thank you for your kind comment! I'm glad you enjoyed and I wish you the best on this platform :)

nowadays technology is awesome . but it also time to think that we are going with technology . now we are totally dependable on technology be practical to be natural

Still reading the article, but the images are SUPERB!

I appreciate you noticing that! I spend a lot of time finding the perfect images :)

Great read.
I think you can hardcode an AI to never harm humans. But considering we humans basically destroy the environment that is crucial for our surviving, an AI programmed to protect us might as well harm us to some degrees. The question is, does it want to protect every single human, or the human race. A Super-AI would prefer the human race.
An AI programmed by amazon would say: "Error. Can't save human without harming other human. Hahahaha lol"

I did not know that, that is incredibly scary!

Can I suggest a topic for a post? Nanomachines!

I shall add that to my list, no worries.

A great post on what is probably one of the most exciting scientific fields of our time.
I don't think AI is any threat. I think humans will make technology a part of our biology one day.

Thank you for your comment :) Looking back 50 years or so, we can see that phones weren't even invented yet, so in another 50 years, who knows what technology we will be using!

In my opinion, our only salvation from death by machine will be our unpredictability. I think super AI will have the same issues we do with decision making and getting along with each other. They'll be smarter, faster, stronger, with purely logical decision making algorithms. No empathy, sympathy, mercy, or forgiveness.

A highly intelligent machine with no emotion whatsoever - is it really a good idea?

Emotions would include anger and hatred.

A artificial/biological being will be created. as well as 100% artificial devices like your house or flying transporter vehicle.
Thumb up 01.jpg

The future is bright! If you are under 30 you will most likely be alive to enter the super intelligent AI age. Fasten your seat belt!

What do you think would we be able to make ourselves immortal through genetic programming or just becoming computers, since our bodies have an expiration date? Because this would be fascinating !

Entropy is a phenomenon in Physics that states that particles become more and more disorderly over time; because of entropy, I don't think we will ever reach immortality. Not just that, our genetic information degrade overtime due to shortening of telomeres. I suggest you look into these as they are very interesting!

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Outlook not so good

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

No idea where that came from!

This is a issue very mentioned on movies and most of them turn the artificial intelligence like something bad, but the people do not know that will be an excelente way to create a better world. I like a movie what the artificial intelligence and human consciousness is the main thing, its name is CHAPPY.

What seems like science-fiction in a movie may be reality in the future!

No way. It will simply assist us in much greater task in future. Period.

amazing :D
thank u for sharing @mystifact

My pleasure! Thank you for your comment :)

All the things which AI should learn will be the remnants of humanity who started learning the things and solving the problems approximately 3 million years ago. Yes self learning capability is a plus but there is a long road for them to walk. For covering this distance between the humanity and machines, perhaps it will not take time that much like 3 millions of years but there will always be a big gap between us and them.

Besides there’s another issue about the information processing capacity. As we all know that the human brain is a kind of super computer with its unexplored limits yet which means it has a information processing skills far beyond any machine. I am not sure that self-learning could reach this level of processing capacity one day.

Thank you for this awesome article for sharing with us.

I somewhat agree with you, but there are no doubts that a computer can easily exceed the speed at which information is processed by the brain. It can solve mathematical problems thousands of times a second; its evolution will be incredibly fast, especially if it passes the singularity! I agree it would take time, but once the machine is cleverer than a human, what's stopping it from developing even more?

I really think that artificial intelligence would not be able to take over humans or overpower them in anyway, why because these robots are programmed machines that are created by human to work based on some certain functional codes and these robots needs approvement buy some necessary body is in charge of science. And without the approvement things would not be able to come into mass production unless they are approved to properly. apart from that every scientist wpuld not want to waste their resource or money on things that would value to the society .recent innovations contains things like devices that would be able to save humans in their homes and not bring harm to them in fact that is what the public is looking at in any public presentation you find out that the public only ask questions on how the robot can be of help to them in their homes and in order needed areas because that is the only way they can come into mass production you cannot come into mass production without the help of the mass(users) itself which are the people project like PEPPER, ASIMO, AUDI, AND CHIP are presently recognised as one of the best in terms of robotics and artificial intelligence because of their advanced functionality for now the most advanced humanoid robot is asimo and other robots abuse based on what on ground from asimo.
So from what I've seen as a modem or straight I believe that the public would not need something that would cause harm and I don't ever think asimo because it's the be most advanced could do such a thing.
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful content I really appreciate communicating with this community as a whole I look forward to seeing more from you.

Thank you for your comment. It sounds like a long-shot, but what happens when a machine becomes as clever as a human? Human's can single-mindedly change their beliefs, so why should a robot not be able to change its mind about humanity? Whether approvement is needed, or not, a machine of such high intelligence would not hesitate to continue to learn and thrive. Nobody knows.

Nicely put together. Some great thoughts and resources you've linked too.

I do my best! I appreciate that you enjoyed and I'm glad you liked it too :)

Thanks for an interesting and informative article!
I think humans may kill ourselves off before technology reaches that point. We have no real A.I., yet. Nothing comes even remotely close to our minds.
When an A.I. device starts to ponder it's own existence I may change my opinion, but for now there is no immediate danger.

I think AI can be good for the world.
If she is devoid of greed, narcissism, thirst for power and possess, consume more and destroy for pleasure, as all these defects of being
If it analyzes our action on our land as we do today,
it would be legitimate for the IA to not be for the preservation of the human species at present.
Or, it would bring solutions to redirect our species in a good direction, thanks to a few people who are looking to improve our lives and the survival of our planet.
She would certainly make a selection of herself that must be kept at its true value and for the balance of our nature ...
We think ourselves far too superior without thinking one day that we can to be surpass .
This day will come faster than one thinks.

my only real concern is whether "they I" will treat us humans as pets or as food.

It is very much possible. To get much comfort life, it will bring some disaster I think. Too much dependency makes AI a threat to human kind.

Great read, saving this for future reference. Totally agree with the final quote as well, I'm curious to see how well AI develops within the near future.

The beauty of it is that once Strong AI is achieved, which could take decades, it would only take a few weeks for it to develop to Super-Intelligence and we would see its effects on the world almost instantaneously!

It depends what level of fail-safe we can develop. Not much you can do about the behaviour machine-learning robots which are autonomous, though! Our only defence then is a physical one.

I think largely, robots will be mind-controlled so they'll need abstract stimulus from humans? Not sure

Excellent post The development of artificial intelligence is inherent to the development of science and technology, but to what extent should we allow them to be autonomous? I think that man should reserve the ability to control at any stage of these machines with artificial intelligence

Firstly, thank you for commenting. The issue is that if an immobile machine passes the singularity, it could single-mindedly hack and take over networks to allow it to manufacture a mobile machine which it can transfer its code to for it to thrive? Sounds crazy, but you never know!

Maybe that level of intelligence is already there in this universe. It's just we can't see it. Moreover intelligence should not be categorised as artificial or Human intelligence :). Forget AI, think about evolution, some human population evolving better than others and one day taking control just like we did when we evolved from apes to human.

when all of us learn that the life is the most important, will we be something better. The IA is not a problem... the problem is that behin the IA are

Really nice post! But I wonder how a "panic switch" for AI should be implemented.
Let's develop a quick example:
If you would build a robot controlled by an AI (of any stage) would have a button mounted on his back in order to stop it the button could to two things.

Option #1: It would "kill" the AI. In this case, the robot would do anything to prevent you as the operator from pushing.

Option #2: It would reward the AI, therefore it thinks it's done. In this case, the robot would try to push the button by himself or get you to push the button since its the easiest way to get the reward.

I guess the same thing would happen if you would replace the button with software triggers. And if you would limit an AIs software, would it still be intelligent?

Artificial intelligence is a really interesting topic and you post gives a great overview, thank you for sharing!

Remember if instant face identifier technology was a sci-fi several years ago? Now, it's real. China uses big data for instant face identifier.

We need to think what AI things that shouldn't made so that no things like in the sci-fi that causes human in a big danger because of high intelligence robots.

AI shouldn't take over the world, as how intellect AI is, AI cannot think as same as human think. Human mind are dynamic, so they can create innovate. High intellect robots like in sci-fi are cannot innovate, their mind are rigid.

So, AI should not take over the world.

What remains unanswered is if intention is programmable. Can a digital system invoke an entity with intention? It is intent that opens us to unforeseen actions by a super AI. If a digital system can only to as it was programmed then it will do as humans program it. If we program it to do evil, it will happily (blindly) do so. But if there is something emergent to AI where intent becomes an unprogrammed property of the system, then we can run into trouble because the system will behave as it wants, not how it was explicitly programmed.

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is inevitable because of every sigle day we have a lot of people working for improve all about this...

AI is like teenage sex: Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.

(Quote attributed to Dan Ariely)

That's one way to put it!

Terminator is no that far in the future, its just a matter of time. See what Boston Dynamics is developing day by day. Not to mention what is happening under black projects.

The question is not if. When will AI become... inteligent? Maybe it already is and we are not inteligent enough to notice it :)

Very Philosophical!

Yes, almost religious. Thanks for the thought.

As it's said, a true technology should complement humans not replace them. And adhering to Asimov's laws surely is necessary here.

At every level of AI, Ive found it sweet.

I love this idea so much. Thank you for your hard work.
I like all of your stuff because your content type is very educational

Thank you. I do hope you enjoy future posts and I look forward to seeing more of you on my profile!

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