Woven Materials are The Latest in Hemp Car Technology

in technology •  3 years ago

Woven hemp may be the ultimate material for auto chassis.

Hemp can be made into fabric stronger and softer than cotton, paper that can last hundreds of years, ethanol fuel, and thousands of other useful products. Former Dell exec, Bruce Dietzen took it a step further and created this beauty out of a Mazda chassis and 100 pounds of woven hemp. Lighter than fiberglass and running on biofuel, we are going to drive into the future in style!


Given that a car can be made of hemp, what do you think are the prospects for other hemp products? What types of products are the most promising?

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Every reply right now is historic.


Some ideas are just ahead of their time, now we have not only the means but the open mindedness to actually move towards it as a whole.

@motu great video. I am based out of VA & am tracking the progress nationwide. I believe hemp, & other natural fibers, are the future materials for space exploration, too!