Piper: The Perfect Gift for a 7-Year Old?

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Seven months ago, I had the opportunity to explore a new kind of gift by posing the question in writing: Are Cryptocurrencies Great Gifts? I still remain with my conclusions in that post. But this time around, I found myself hunting for something rather different for someone special. My dear nephew. Finally he's old enough for me to give something other than Play-doh and Lego. Check this out!


Meet Piper - A Computer Kit

Definitely one of the coolest stuff I've seen in a while. Even I want to play around with it. Piper is a fun and well-engineered product for kids to learn all about building their own computer, preparing them for a lifetime of building technology. It also comes with Minecraft and the PiperNet software which encourages circuit-building, music-making, coding, and most importantly, developing an understanding of basic computing while having fun being creative in a game-like setting.

I really like the fact that Piper Inc is focused on bridging software and hardware in a way that's a sure-hit with the kids. It comes complete with a 7" LCD screen, Raspberry Pi, Mini-stereo speaker, and all those electronic circuit stuff. Software-wise, included are game missions with varying levels of complexity so I hope this "toy" will have a long enough shelf-life for my nephew. There are also downloadable content, so I'm pretty sure Piper will stay interesting.


In all seriousness, this really looks like a super comprehensive product so I've just got it ordered on https://www.buildpiper.com/ for a discounted price of $229.99. Personally, I've never given anyone a Christmas gift before as I never celebrate it, but I guess it's a good occasion as any to give him something different to play around with. Kids of today will adapt so well with technology and they'll use it in ways that we can't even begin to imagine at this point in time. Perhaps I'll expose him to cryptocurrencies in a year or two. But for now, this will do wonders!

Maybe I'll get one for myself as well..

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Just reading some of your posts and I found this. Day. Made. I have a smart 7 year old nephew who is going to love this. Bloody useful post! Cheers buddy!

I think that Piper will be a cool Xmas gift for your nephew. He will learn a lot while having fun at the same time.

Im new to steemit and am very happy content like this is being posted. Im actually replying to you using a raspberry pi 3. The whole concept of single board computers is awesome and the next generation of kids have access to technology we never did. I think everyone should have a minimum of three Pi's or other types such as Odroid.

Hey welcome to Steemit! I personally don't have any Pis, but why a minimum of 3?

Once you use a pi you will be hooked. A screen and mouse and keyboard is all you need and the computer is up. Operating system is much like windows and its pretty fast for internet browsing and streaming. Having a tv in a room that can access internet content without a bulky computer or box next to it is invaluable. Plus it can handle 720 HD streaming which is impressive for such a small box. every room with a tv should have a pi nearby.

I wish I had one as a kid.
The 100 in 1 electronics projects from Radio Shack was great but this.........................too cool.......

I know right, I've always wanted to get my hands on those lego electronics, but never got to until now lol. Tempting to muck around with this toy..

This is awesome if only I had the spare funds my eight-year-old would love this thing I got him a solar-powered robot kit though so that should be cool

What? That sounds awesome, any links to that solar powered bot?!

I got it from hobby lobby Ill take a picture of it when Im home.

That is awesome! I manage Computing for the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at a major University, and We use RPi's a lot. Great little platform. In fact we have a cluster of 45 of them for our decentralized linux computing environments as well!

I really need to get one as I've never tinkered around with it before. Any good starter guide to recommend?

This is an awesome gift! I wish this kind of stuff was around when I was a kid. I just picked up a couple of pi zero's a few weeks ago to hack around with, but so far all I've really done is play snes on it, I feel like I may be wasting its potential.

SNES you say? If the emulation is good on that I'm gonna get it right away. Couldn't find a proper SNES console anymore. I've seen some guys making music with those before.. have you tried?

The emulation is fine, but I would suggest getting a pi3, sometimes the zero can hang / overheat. As far as music goes, I haven't really messed with it yet, still just getting comfortable with linux. Its probably simple to solder on a midi-out port.

Circuitbending is an art, proabbly too experimental though. Thanks man, gonna check out the pi3 :)

Oh my this is so great I'm gonna get one for myself (hope they deliver to Europe)! :) My nephew is only 3.. so he will need to wait for it :) And I see your point, because he is quite young the only thing I could get him for Xmasswas a plastic car.. I need to send this post to my father, my nephew's grandfather - he will love it.

Lol exactly, too difficult get something different when they’re babies. Why get it now? bet there will be something more awesome in 4 years..

Why? For me to play :D

When I was a kid I used to disintegrate phones and calculators just to reassemble. Should have had these back then.

Haha that sounds way more adventurous :)

This looks like one of my first computers from the 1980's without the mouse lol
You had to build your own if you wanted a computer. Even to the casing.
This is a great present. He will be mining his own coins in days.

Ah I totally missed that stage, which is why I'm kinda happy seeing such a thing and want the nephew to experience the joy of dealing with both hardware and soft.

that's beautiful, thank you :)

if i was a kid i would love it! When i was young i opened electric cars to see what was inside haha :)

That's awesome. Personally, I'm not much of a DIY hands-on person and have always felt like i'm lacking this drive. Much more of the kind that reads and writes. So i'm kinda happy whenever seeing these things and want to cultivate this DIY thing for the nephew :)

Money well spent over those overpriced Apple stuffs.

A great gift, this new Startup Piper - will teach a child to "code" using Minecraft. The company is focused on the production of various designs based on Raspberry Pi 3 minicomputers, which will help adolescents begin to learn in electronics, programming and technology. Each of the devices should help understand the basics of building computers, various building gadgets having direct interaction with the game Minecraft. Thank you @kevinwong and keep us informed.

Cool, when I was a kid my dad bought me Matel’s Visible V8 Engine. I never did get it put together. I had more luck with a short wave radio kit, not as many parts as I recall.

Sensational post! I have to get my hands on one! Also such a very cool gift idea! Thank you for sharing this very cool computer kit. Please KIT with me ET! Two thumbs up! :)

Thank you VERY MUCH for the upvote! It means the world to me! You're such a GREAT person! I'm telling everyone I know on this planet about steemit! It is a very kind and helpful community! I'm very blessed and honored to be a part of the steemit community! Much respect to you and positive energy! I look forward to your posts my Friend! :)

No problem ET @extraterrestrial I thought you wouldn't need earthly toys lol. And welcome to Steemit :) seems like you haven't posted anything yet..

Thank you my Friend! I'm working on a new image and my first post my Friend! Please stay tuned! :)

Oh god ! This looks so awesome honestly ! I don't know if its for a 7 year old but I would buy one for myself. I remember back in the days when I was young they rolled out them plastic laptops and that looked amazing in my eyes.

Now if only there was a build your own cardboard crypto miner kit for kids :D haha.

Thanks for the share, I'l honestly buy one of these if I find one available in my country.

You can buy it online! :)

I remember those days I had a little thing like as this when I was kid. But no massive technology those days. Meet Piper computer kit is totally awesome.
@kevinwong, Did you join Piper like as a promotional officer in Piper? :P
Your marketing tricks so awesome. Lol... Give this gift to your kid.

No lol i don't work for anyone :) just thought its a cool product

Wow! Fabulous post, very well represented. Really awesome. Circuitbending is an amazing art. You are so talented. I just loved your post. 😊

Thanks @kevinwong for sharing this post.💙💚

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nothing is better than this gift....it is greatly help in building his future..

Sounds like a fun idea but i don´t think this is the kind of stimulation that this generation of 7 year old children is lacking, not in my part of the world!

I would rather opt for lego(technical maby) and something that would bring your child outside and play or engage in social activites, since intelligence seems to be suffering with less out door activities and less social activities.
The digital products "helping" children evolve intelligence seems to be poor idea in general!

This might in fact be the worst gift :)


Ah I've thought about that. He's in a less urban-ey area so the trees and all are already out there anyway, so this will be something rather different for an activity..

sounds well balanced and like a nice addition!
I was picturing a home with computers, a playstation, ipads,smartphones yeah u know.

Thanks for the post as well :)

Lol that's my crib instead, have never been much of a nature person although I do get to the beach whenever I get the chance to :)

hehe nice i would have guessed u had taht coverd :) i love the beach and forests ofc but i have a german shepherd so i take a few strolls everyday, feels god while working and sitting @ screen all day!

I think it is the perfect gift for him. I have not aware about it before and looks like good choice for a kid. There are so many things to learn and it seems to keep the kid busy.
Thanks @kevinwong

Oh wow just saw it in the video damm mind blowing stuff this is truly great for kids at such a age interesting thing

Shit that's so cool! I am definitely getting one.. for myself

Your nephew is very lucky as he the first person ever to receive a Christmas gift.

Personally, I've never given anyone a Christmas gift before as I never celebrate it

So my question is,have started celebrating it now??

Nope, isn't xmas on 25th?

@kevinwong WoW..this is perfect... forget the kid, I'll get one for myself lol Happy Holidays Kevin :) Steem on!

Great gift Idea for my kids- tnks

Wow, it's awesome to be a kid these days. I would definitely enjoy that toy :)

I remember the time that the most sophisticated toy we had around was one of those phones with wheels under it, kids today have the forefront technology at their fingertips

It's really awesome to see these kind of toys and developments aimed towards children. Clever usage of Minecraft as well, who would've thought that a video game would inspire so many to learn coding. Awesome article Kevin, had no idea Piper existed.

woww a complex and different toy
your nephew will be computer engineer ;)

Pasti salah satu hal paling keren yang pernah saya lihat dalam beberapa saat.

friend @kevinwong...This content is more informative and educative about technology.I hope that you will share this types of video all the time and now i am learning more valuable things from your post .Thanks for sharing this significance post .I am waiting for your next content .Again thanks
happy upcoming merry christmas day.
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its a fabulous thing i too think now to gifting this to my nephew learn while having fun

while reading your article through, i had almost decided to give my niece one of this - but then i stumbled upon" discounted price of $229.99". I'm a little short on money right now, hope it will be available 6 months from now. :(

That’s such a neat gift find! Technology is always improving by leaps and bounds.. I can’t believe

true kids learn while playing

Wow...I think that is good for my little son..
@kevingwong sir I think that is wonderful technology...parents hope always see their kids smike face...like me...
Good luck...

Yea its a perfect gift @kevinwong

this is great, your posts are very interesting especially for me who is
still a beginner and I have to learn more .

Nice present your nephew is allot of luck to have a uncle like you :)

hope he likes gifts from you.. :D

I don't think my 2 year old can do this ..... yet.... But definitely something when he's older :) Thanks for the share.

That's awesome gift for give to the kids. But this time forget all kids and think am kid. So I'll check it out for buy those com.

you're right!
useful and developing toys are the best grownups can propose
no gadget can replace hand toys!
the one you show is a surprise for me, have never seen it before. it's like a new version of a busyboard for a toddler

small kids adore them!


Now that's what I call education. Probably worth a year of public schooling ;-)

wow! how neat ! I never seen anything like this ! Pretty cool gift to give !

nicely gifts friend @kevinwong.
thanks for sharing your valuable content..especially thanks for discuss about technology..cause i gain knowledge to your post in technology..well done.
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