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RE: Piper: The Perfect Gift for a 7-Year Old?

in #technology4 years ago

Im new to steemit and am very happy content like this is being posted. Im actually replying to you using a raspberry pi 3. The whole concept of single board computers is awesome and the next generation of kids have access to technology we never did. I think everyone should have a minimum of three Pi's or other types such as Odroid.


Hey welcome to Steemit! I personally don't have any Pis, but why a minimum of 3?

Once you use a pi you will be hooked. A screen and mouse and keyboard is all you need and the computer is up. Operating system is much like windows and its pretty fast for internet browsing and streaming. Having a tv in a room that can access internet content without a bulky computer or box next to it is invaluable. Plus it can handle 720 HD streaming which is impressive for such a small box. every room with a tv should have a pi nearby.