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RE: Piper: The Perfect Gift for a 7-Year Old?

in #technology4 years ago

This is an awesome gift! I wish this kind of stuff was around when I was a kid. I just picked up a couple of pi zero's a few weeks ago to hack around with, but so far all I've really done is play snes on it, I feel like I may be wasting its potential.


SNES you say? If the emulation is good on that I'm gonna get it right away. Couldn't find a proper SNES console anymore. I've seen some guys making music with those before.. have you tried?

The emulation is fine, but I would suggest getting a pi3, sometimes the zero can hang / overheat. As far as music goes, I haven't really messed with it yet, still just getting comfortable with linux. Its probably simple to solder on a midi-out port.

Circuitbending is an art, proabbly too experimental though. Thanks man, gonna check out the pi3 :)