Weekly Technology Curation & SDB Giveaway #006

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Here are five of my favorite technology posts from the past week. All upvotes from the @msp-curation account went out on Wednesday. Please take the time to visit the accounts listed. While they are not required to be minnows, my goal is to focus on such members when possible.

Let's share some nerdy love around to our fellow tech lovers!

  1. What are Web APIs by @bpedro
    Ever wonder what an API is but never found the time to look? @bpedro has got you covered in this well documented and educational post!

  2. Different Types of Solid State Drives (SSD) You Thought You Knew But Didn't (Part 2) by @ememovic
    Yes, there is more than one type of SSD, and they have different advantages. Read this post and learn what you may have missed this whole time.

  3. Which CMS Should I Choose for my Website? by @wiredelta
    Looking to set up a blog or website outside of Steem? Well, a self-hosted solution with a content management system is the best way to go for any site.

  4. Phase Shift Oscillator: A simple guide in designing a phase shift oscillator circuit using Maxwell Circuit Simulator by @rfece143
    Hope you are ready to get technical! @rfece143 gets deep to the phase shift oscillator to guide you through all the ins and outs.

  5. How to Create Your Own Backup Program to Backup Your Files by @afterglow
    We all know that it is good to back up our files on a regular basis but how many of us do that? With this tutorial, you can make your own automated backup system!

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If you find an undervalued tech post that needs the love and attention it deserves, feel free to send it my way. You can leave a comment on this post with a link and a short blurb about the work. Or you can send the information to jrswab#3134 on Discord, you can find me in the @minnowsupport Project's P.A.L. Discord group.

If I use your find in next weeks post, I'll send you an SBD and give you a shout out!

J. R.

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hi sir ,,, there is one member of my community named account @muadzis. he is a student who mengguluti network technology problems. many posts that have been shared about network technology. but have not received more attention from the curator. maybe you can see it there. he's still a small fish that desperately needs attention. and I will also tell you tomorrow about your community. good luck always for you. thanks for sharing sir.


Thanks for letting me know about them!


we are directing the comrades so that their work can be relevant sir. in order to maintain the ecosystem of this platform. thank you for returning.

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Another great recap of some of the best technology-based articles. Thanks for all you do!


Thanks for reading!


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It's really great recap of the best technology post.

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nice work buddy. i do post on electrical and safety post. my last post on electrical was on Electrical lighting check it out. i will do another soon.


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Awesome writing!! Just wonderful!!!!!

Nice I read the write up on different content management systems!

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