Free Or Super Cheap Computers, Laptops And Parts!!

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I have a good supply of computers and parts.. around 400 computers per month, i get literally truckloads of stuff every month.. in fact its annoying i got shit all over the place lol..

I live in Australia, and currently work from Sydney, Lewisham 2049. If you buy or win anything.. you can come pick it up here or i can ship worldwide.

I was thinking of some interesting ways to to promote my Steemit account.. so how is this for an idea ;)

Once a week or month i will sell ridiculously cheap computers, laptops, projectors, TVs, hard drives, ram, or even give them away for free.

I am talking stupid insane price.. how about $100 for an i7 with a solid state and 2GB graphics card? I can ship a HD projector for $50 bucks world wide no problem.. i got a draw full of solid state drives.. would you buy them for $20 each?

Ram for 20% of the price, monitors, hard drives, servers.. i can sell stuff super cheap a few times a week no problem at all.

So my question to everyone.. would you guys be interested in cheap second hand computers, accessories and parts?

I would love to sell stuff on steem, promote steem, sell products in steem and create an awesome following.

Do you guys think this would help boost steem, and boost my profile?

If you think i have a good idea, please leave me a reply with hardware you would like to buy, or any other ideas and suggestions you may have.

Only people who follow me will be eligible for these super cheap deals.

I will pay to promote this post.. and in a couple of days if i get a good enough response i will post some crazy insane deals.. i got so much stuff laying around its not funny and i am more than happy to part with it.

I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks :)


So a few people mentioned trust issues when buying stuff from me.

So i had a think about it.. and i thought the best way to build trust would be to give something away for free first.

No risk as no money is involved :)

Check it out here..

I'm looking for an Intel Nuc with a fat SSD.

lol u got alot of upvotes for that very quickly!!

I don't have that model.. it seems very new and mostly i get second hand computers from offices and schools.

Although what it seems is you want a mini PC.. and that i do have a few of ;)

I have one octo core android mini PC sitting around.. 2GB ram.Has inbuilt WIFI.. retails for about $50 from China.

I can sell this one unit for $20 including shipping worldwide if you want it. It's second hand.. but i only used it to test mining monero.

Does 16h/s FYI :P

I have a few other small form PCs.. let me know if something else may interest you.. or what you need this for perhaps i could suggest something else :)

That sounds like something that would be great for running KODI... I'd take it for that price!

What's the best way for us to communicate about this?

I will setup an email this afternoon and perhaps some other systems.. i have a load of stuff coming in today ill try to pull out some good things to sell her on steem, will let you know asap.

I will get the unit ready for you and post specs here :)

This is the unit i have for you.. Google X92.

Octocore 2GB ram.. Android. Its out of box but basically brand new.

As a promo for this thread i am happy to sell it for $20 in steem, including free shipping. It sells for about $100 ;)

If anyone wants to buy anything or has any questions you can email me here - jimbojones1409 at gmail dot com.

Perhaps offer a 10% discount, or free shipping if paid with Steem.


I sell mostly wholesale.. and my prices are already the cheapest in Australia.

No we need crazy insane stupid discounts to make this work :)

But i do appreciate the restraint.. you sound much more sensible than me.

Crazy insane prices it is!!!

As long as you can make a profit....and you just might consider the extra followers that profit rather than money...then all will be good.

Certainly good advice :)

Although i like to think long term with my investments.

I could give away 10k in hardware.. and earn 100k in steem.

In fact i think it may be possible to give away computers for $1.. if enough people upvote the sales page i could earn enough in steem to ship the computer for free.

But time will tell.. let's see how many people are interested in my idea :)

This is really nice! I ll follow you for your offers.
resteemed and upvote worth it!

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Cool tip bot, thanks for the vote :)

Have you done anything with Also I'm in dire need of a laptop screen or just a basic cheap no frills laptop. Mine was broken within 48 hours of being gifted it because of a friends girlfriend pooping down on the couch while it was in my back pack and crushing the LCD. I use my laptop to hold my crypto, work documents and everything else in life. I'd gladly send the one I have in partial trade for fiat and crypto. I'm following resteeming and promoting this post. I hope your having a great day so far. Please email me at [email protected] when you get a chance. Thank you and God bless.

Also I promoted this post with what SBD I had.

Thanks for the upvote much appreciated.

What model is your laptop? Usually i just suggest getting a new laptop but you never know i may have one laying around.

Usually i can do dual core / core 2 duo laptops for around $80AUD.

First or second gen i5 laptops for about $200AUD.

Where are you located?

I will check into and also send you an email when i have a laptop or two listed for sale :)

Thanks for getting back to me. I didn't get a notice that I had replies... I will have to check model number tomorrow. I just got in from work (5am-9pm). I'm located in Dallas, Texas. I know I could prob buy one new for cheap but I'd rather help out the "common man" since being one myself I know how much a little extra $ here and there can do. Let me know what you think about peerhub... I have a few local friends that make things and do well selling on there. It's just another Avenue to bring in income. I will be sure to check my email / steemit tomorrow morning and around lunch time here. Thanks again and hope you're having a great morning/day/ night.

Yeah ill def trying out it looks like a good site.. and i am keen to sell some of these computers in crypto :)

What happened to peerhub :)

How much for a decent working laptop? I'm just looking for a laptop that I can work on, no gaming or other shit.

Usually i do cheap core 2 duo laptops for about $80AUD.

I have a few of those lenovo mini 10 laptops.. they are tiny i might put up one of those for sale cheap soon.. what model are you after do you know?

I'm not looking for a specific model, just an all round good web browsing and word processing laptop. I would be interested in a core 2 duo but maybe one on the cheap side. Where can I talk to you in more detail?

I have some acer travelmate 6592 - they are core 2 duo.. nice sized screen.

Google them, they are nice units for how old they are.

I will setup an email or something soon so everyone can ask questions or purchase.

If you have some newer and cheaper laptops I'm all in. I think under 110 Aud is a good price for me.

Well thats just my average price.. here on steemit i will sell them very cheap to promote my account.

Maybe if you live in Africa you can get lucky :)

lol no I'm in the uk. We share the same queen though! :D

I could probably do a first generation i5 for about $100 including the shipping, as a special offer for this thread.

Email me here - jimbojones1409 at gmail dot com.

Ill see what i can find for you :)

Hello @jimbojones pls have a look to @charityproject - we like to buy computers / or tablets / or phones for kids in Tirol-Brasil only using money we got via amp/steem/litecoin and without changing it to FIAT before purchase. So if you like to cooperate with us we are happy :). At the moment we have 2 LTC and around 110 Dollar in steem .... and like to purchase the first nice tablet pc or computer for the kids

Damn i wish you had of asked me 2 weeks ago i had about 30 of these XO tablets that were made for kids.. given out by the UN.

I would be more than happy to participate.. sent you a PM with my email :)

Omg I Don t know how to see PM on steem :). My email is [email protected] - pls write me directly :). Thx alex

What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Applicable to any situation :P

I am always looking for a good deal on components. Mostly looking for storage, but a functional system to run my wallet nodes on would be nice too. Either way gonna keep an eye on your posts. Lol

If you have a listing of stuff you have regularly may let people get a better idea.

I have a bunch of NAS drives sitting around ;)

Got a 4 X 3TB system.. and a bunch of 500GB portable HDDS..

Also got lots of server hard drives.. boxes and boxes. Around 200 units.

What are you looking for :)

Sure! I'm keen on seeing what you have for sale, I'm from Melbourne

Good second hand market in Melbourne.. lots of stuff won't sell in Sydney but the Melbourne markets eats it up :)

Followed, liked and resteemed :)
I would be interested in an i7 quadcore 1080p Notebook bigger than 14" preferable with a SSD shipped to Austria across the globe what could you do for me?
Thanks @napkin

Usually i do nice i7 laptops for about $300 - $400 AUD

That's standard price, no crazy steemit discounts.

Go to and convert that to your native dollars.. is that a good deal?

I sent you an email :)

I don't think you'll have any problem doing this. I'll be following your posts as I am looking for a laptop. Nothing too crazy as I will be getting a new laptop within the next year but I would like to have something for backup, surfing type stuff and use my new system for anything extra security is needed etc. Thanks for posting this tho, I've got my eyes peeled.


Thanks for the kind words.. it seems to be a popular idea :)

I do dual core laptops for around $80AUD.. and i5 first or second gen laptops for about $200AUD.

I will try to post a laptop for sale in the next 48 hours.. ill see what comes in today maybe i will have some good stuff for everyone :)

I am not techy person, in simpler words I need a pretty decent desktop computer.

And what about shipping? Worldwide shipping would be pain.

Yes worldwide shipping on desktops is going to be a problem.

I don't mind selling the PC very cheap.. but paying money out of my pocket for shipping won't be happening.

Might stick to small items for now, and can do larger items pick up only from my warehouse in Australia.

Okay, I buy parts from you then might assemble desktop myself.

Yeah i could sell you a nice CPU and motherboard that would be cheap to ship.

I will be listing some good stuff for sale in the next week, please check my posts soon :)

used internal hard drives man, the older types. this is a good proposition here, i for one needs this.

Are you talking about IDE hard drives.. or 160GB to 320GB SATA hard drives?

Let me know what you need.. i bet you i can do you a kick ass deal :)

the older the better, but should be the most 320GB. if it is a good deal it would be great.

Tell me what you want.. make me an offer. I got boxes and boxes of hard drives.. ill do a cheap deal to get this started ;)

Thanks man, even does not know what is the good offer for this haha. I just need these for my son's project, but if this is a good price I will certainly buy a bit more.

Just tell me what you need, IDE or Sata.. what size.. how many units.

I will make a very good deal for you.. so cheap in fact you will think im full of shit :)

OK man, I will get back to you after about 9 hours as I need to tell my son. But this early I prefer IDE for the older ones and SATA for the 320GB ones. Be back thanks.

I got lots of old IDE drives i want to get rid of.. plenty of small SATA drives too.. hit me up when ready.. check back in a day or two ill post some cool stuff for sale :)

I am very interested in what you have to offer, I am a IT tech and would love to have some parts, im also trying to build a ustom PC right now. Please let me know what i have to do?

I will try to post something for sale tonight or tomorrow.. need to work out a system of some sort.

What parts do you need anyhow?

i need a complete computer, so if you got some good MOBOs or graphic cards and SSDs and some god CPUs

I would like cheap computer parts. Sign me up

Follow me.. ill post some kick ass deals soon.

Anything you need in particular?

An am3+ socket motherboard and any high-end looking graphics cards

You and me both!

Ill check for am3 motherboard i might have some.. although high end graphics cards i do not get many of.. as we all know they have all been bought up by the miners.

I do sometimes get 2GB DDR5 graphics cards.. but only have some fairly low end cards at the moment.

Ill def try to sell some tho i bet graphics cards would be a best seller here.

Heck yeah... I'd get a solid state drive and a good desktop motherboard... Could you post pics of some of this merch you have?

What kind of motherboard do you want.. something to mine BTC.. something with lots of PCIE slots?

As for solid state drives.. i think my first sale will be a SSD.. for cheap. That way people can confirm i am the real deal before i sell more high end stuff.

A robust board that could also mine would be nice....

Looks like a pretty good idea to me. Would be great from a verifiable source too.
I guess people will like to know who they're dealing with in such instances or what do you think?

That's a very good point.. i had a feeling people may be reluctant to buy online through steem.. after all whats to stop me not sending products and dispearing?

Do you have any suggestions to stop this?

Are there any plugins or bots to allow me to sell on steem?

Anyone have any ideas?

I have been selling online for about 3 years.. can provide business details, ebay account.. phone number, warehouse address.. anything else anyone wants.

I believe in karma and doing good business.. only dumb people try to scam and earn short term.. ;)

Not aware of any utilities to allow you sell on steem and super cheap stuff where I come from raises a red flag in your head. Perhaps you should make a post about this and a wider audience might be able to provide solutions.

It would take a bit of sending arround but you could always use the Marketplace on Cryptopia.

It offers outright buy/sell, auctions, and even a wanted section. All thru escrow on the site. Has buyer feedback and full ebay-ish fraud prevention features. Accepts any coin on the site as payment.

Problem is they dont have steem. Would have to withdraw from there to somewhere to convert to steem.

Otherwise would work well.

(I am in no way affiliated with cryptopia, just a happy user passing it along)


Now that's interesting.. i have always wondered how escrow would work.. how could to buyer confirm they received the product, without me the seller being defrauded when the customer received the product and lies.

Happens about 1/10 selling on ebay :(

What would you suggest?

I believe it works using tracking numbers. I have yet to purchase any physical item there so I am unsure, but I believe thats how it works.

Ahh that could work.. interesting :)

Currently have an item I added to see how the system worked. Will let you know what I find. 😁

I agree too... We'll need a way of verifying the legitimacy of the seller and the items being sold...

What about if i do one deal.. super cheap. Virtually no risk. User posts the results.. confirms shipment received.

I could post my ebay account.. ABN number.. phone number..

What would you suggest to verify security :)

I have seen on darknet markets.. users are ranked and reviewed.. if they send good products people upvote them.

Seems like a goood idea.. but how do you stop that scammer from signing up.. ripping people off then signing up again?

$10 in steem to whoever comes up with the best idea!!!

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Is there any chance that the Acer n50 premium PDA might appear?

It's possible.. how new are they?

I get nearly anything you can imagine.. but mostly older stuff. If its real new.. will be a year or two till i start getting them :)

I think this PDA has stopped producing sometime around 2010.

I do have a PDA laying around somewhere.. although i don't think its an acer.

I will write down the model number and if something comes in contact you direct.

@jimbojones If we wanted to purchase something when you are not doing the promotional events, would we be able to?

Of course.. i have been reselling computers for about 3 years. As mentioned above i sell mostly wholesale.. although more than willing to sell single units for users here on steemit.

What hardware do you need good sir :)

Are you in Australia btw? I can ship worldwide but it is much easier if people can come to my warehouse :)

I'm in the US. I'm looking for a specific series of laptops, the Lenovo T series (trying to run Qubes OS). I'm aware I can use eBay, just wanted to inquire on more options. Would I be able to get in contact with you via e-mail for future inquiries?


Yes i will setup an email for this project.. or some easy way of getting in contact soon.

I will list a product for sale soon and will have all the info ready by then.

I get quiet a few of the lenovo T400 series.. is that what your looking for?

Okay that would be awesome! Yes that is the correct series of laptop. What is an estimated average price on those?

If i remember correct the T400 comes in a few models ranging from core 2 duo up to core i5 / i7.

My average price for the core 2 duo would be $80AUD.. and around $200AUD for the i5 model :)

I don't have any in stock at the moment although i will probably get more units in the next week or two.

I like this wonder if the product will arrive here. What servers you have??

All kinds of XEON web servers.

I have a DELL t400 server.. retails for about $800 second hand here in Australia.

I might that one up soon for sale for half price.

What are you after? I have about 10 different servers here ATM :)

Am interested Jimbojones. Join us as we build STEEMIT AFRICA @

Just had a thought on a different option if you didnt want to do the cryptopia thing. If you have some people in each region (usa, europe, india, china) you trust, you could get them to be a "micro wallet".

Take all "claimed" items, ship to trustee in region of destination, you recieve payment, trustee forwards item.

It is a little convoluted but could work and help with shipping fees.

Just the late night ramblings of a taxed brain. Lol


Hmm sounds interesting..

Sounds like i have to manage a whole bunch of people who could rip me off either way, although perhaps i do not get the idea as well as i should :)

Late night ramblings can produce genius ideas :)

now following you for updates, as I am always building computers for special clients

Great, let me know if you every need anything. Are you in Australia by any chance :)

no, about as far as you can get, Florida, USA

That is a bit of a hike.. :P

I can ship small parts and laptops easily.. perhaps i could charge people for shipping and then a few bucks for the item or something along those lines.

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