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Check out your dashboard - it's a big new update.
I removed some unneccessary fields in order to make your dashboard more clean. Also you can now buy & sell your upvote credits.
I really hope the site runs stable now (the update caused some problems today, but it might now work).

Please note the buy/sell function is in BETA. Don't expect everything to work on point. Sometimes there might be small delays in the beginning, especially for selling your credits.

Hope you enjoy the new features, and as always for questions, problems, ideas etc, feel free to comment below.


Down-voted for libelous wallet spam.

Marketing must be done in some way ;)
But at least I try to avoid sending the same memo twice to the same person.

Hello, I Withdraw my Upvote Credits but not getting upvote to my post. It is still in Pending UC

Yes, it is late but I got. thanks

Seems like your login page has an error.
When I try to login with my posting key, I get redirected to /dashboard/ and immediately get redirected back to the /login/ page.
I don't get the message with "Wrong username or key".
If you need help to locate the error, it maybe easier via discord, mail or the like. [email protected]

Hi @arv1, thanks for reporting this issue. I'm kind of busy at the moment, but I'll try to have a look at this in the next few days.

same issue here

I'm aware of this issue and will keep an eye on it, but I wasn't able to reproduce it yet. I'm guessing it has to do with some misconfigurations in your browser?
Maybe both of you could check weather cookies are enabled in your browser, as we use them to identify every user session.

With one account I can login, with another I can't.
You can try with the test account @social.
(You can find the private private posting key in the account's "about" field)
I just tried and I can't login.

Cookies are enabled, same negative result using different computers and different browsers.... Thanks for looking into it.

Hello @georgontech

Why do I have to enter the private key on the page and cannot register directly via steemconnect like with other offers?

Hi @barmbo,
like discussed here, I decided to not use steemconnect, as it's sort of centralizing all the power in one spot and that's really not the goal of steem.
Steem has all these security mechanisms (like different keys with different permissions) built in, so why shouldn't we use them?
Plus you can change your private keys at any time, revoking all rights from Thus I really don't see the advantage of using steemconnect :)

I'm very used to using Steem Connect. I probably would have used that if I were you but I'm not you. lol

Thank you! :-)

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