Should you #DeleteFacebook?

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Twitter has traditionally been an enemy of Facebook, because of being a social network and trying to live at the expense of the data of its users. So it is natural that people annoyed after the leak of Cambridge Analytica has come to Twitter to protest and announce that they get off the car.

Under the hashtag #DeleteFacebook , a large number of US users announced that they were leaving the social network shortly after The New York Times told the story at first. During Monday and Tuesday, the phenomenon spread to the rest of the world and at the moment it is also a trend in Spain.

For many, this has been the straw that has filled the glass, it is clear that Facebook is a dangerous instrument in the hands of figures of dubious morality and whose power exerted from the shadow.

In addition to this small user revolution, Facebook has been under the spotlight for months for its role in the past elections in the US. Around this revolves the new controversy: using an academic study, and through a company of Robert Mercer, a Republican politician, has discovered a little ethical social engineering system for which confidential information of more than 50 million was obtained.

These data were used later during the Donald Trump campaign, so all the alarms have been blown up and public opinion has once again linked the Zuckerberg company with the victory of the entrepreneur.

Although none of this would be illegal, the controversial thing is that they were obtained after a payment of 15 million dollars, which would violate the rights to use the social network. According to Facebook, Aleksandr Kogan, the head of the academic study for Cambridge Analytica, had lied to them .

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It's unbelievable that they can just give out our information like that. I feel like changing all my details to fake ones, starting with my name on Facebook

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Facebook killed itself the moment it started changing its algorithms to show you less of the people you actually want to talk to and started posting ads every 20 seconds.

What's so wrong with chronological order?


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