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Many people across the world know Amsterdam by its Red Light District, the area in the city centre where the oldest profession in the world is executed. Lots and lots of tourists find their ways to this milestone of the city: most of them just interested to get a glimp of what it is all about. Window after window with - mostly - gorgeous women offering their services. In peak time, curtains blocking the view to gazillion rooms.

In between all these windows, adult clubs of all sorts, sex museum, coffee shops (those not offering coffee but smoke-ware), and more...

...a radio station...

Red Light Radio (website)

© Red Light Radio & Vice (source)

This radio station is situated right between the earlier mentioned red lighted windows. In fact: the room Red Light Radio is using was one of those rooms before. I'm not sure how well know this radio station is outside Amsterdam and the Netherlands, but many famous DJs spun the wheels in this little studio.

One of those is one half of the former two headed Minilogue combination: Sebastian Mullaert. Those who follow me, or saw my music catalogue, understand Minilogue is high on my list of the good stuff. With that, also Sebastian is ranking pretty high in that list; Not at the level of Minilogue, but still decently high. Reason enough to bring this guys work to your attention :)

Below you'll find the recording of Sebastian's actions for Red Light Radio. Maybe not the best set I've heard him play, but certainly good enough I can enjoy it! Last weekend, I've listened to it a couple of times while hanging out with family on a big terrace, somewhere in Germany, enjoying the sun, the wine, the company and the conversations; I didn't see any sad or bored faces :)


Artist: Sebastian Mullaert
Set: Red Light Radio
Year: 2016
Country: Sweden

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So sad that they stopped working on the minilogue project 😔

Thanks for your article! 😎

I added it to the #worldoftechno map !

You can find the map here

And the related article here

Agree, but at least we have some good albums from them :)

Thats true! And genious live-sets like this:

I'm kind of on the opposite end of this: I enjoyed Minilogue for the most part but absolutely love what Sebastian Mullaert is doing. He doesn't always quite fit the music I'm playing now in my DJ sets, but hearing Windmaker for the first time blew me away and I've been hooked to his output since. Thanks for the share. I'll be checking out the mix while driving tomorrow.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ah cool! :) Don't get me wrong, when I have artist somewhere in the top or even close to the top, I really like them, that counts also for Sebastian. How you like this set?

  ·  last year (edited)

I was once in Amsterdam. But I was on Red Light District during the daytime and all the cabins were closed. (sorry my English)

That was bad timing I guess :) At night most windows should be covered in red light, some or more with open curtains and women behind them. Otherwise I'm not sure why the tourist are all coming to this area hahaha

I just walked and looked at the city :)

That's the way to go :)

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How nice; Thanks!

  ·  last year (edited)

This is weird. Yesterday when I reviewed your USB charger hub your nickname gave away you may be Dutch.

Now strolling through your feed I have this weird feeling that Amsterdam has been following, teasing me in recent months.

I will have to check its sound out again. While I preferred my year in Utrecht, I have fond memories of my almost two years in Amsterdam end last Millenium (I left shortly after having co-promoted the Millenium techno party at the modern museum and on two ships).

Then Mazzo (and the then Channel4 sponsored Mazzo in Heaven monthly party) still ranks among my top venues all times. And, of course, it were still glorious IT parties, even then. I was even lucky enough to be there when Roxy went up in fireworks.

Ah... I miss Diep. (and Abraxas lol). Breakfast (brunch) with wine at 2PM outside at DIEP., listening to decks spun by staff - much to the disdain of elder ladies strolling by on their way to AH - was always enjoyable.

That followed on more Friday’s than I wish to admit by a hop over and many hours at the then still original and new SupperClub. ;)

Ahahaha :) Yep, Dutch and living in Amsterdam :)

Wow, cool to read about Mazzo, Roxy, IT here at Steemit; Not so many know these places or appreciate them. Mazzo for sure was my temple back in the days. Roxy, yep, that one is legendary; Made an entrance a couple of times mid 90s timeframe.

.WAS is a great place in Utrecht; Pop-up club; You may know it :) As you may know De School in Amsterdam; Crowd is quite young, but the best crowd for a club one can get today + the programming is pretty cool.

Are you still organising/promoting (dance) events?

  ·  last year (edited)

No, I moved to Germany shortly after my time in Utrecht. I have still organized some events (Cologne, Stadtgarten) but eventually said goodbye to the scene and switched to initially cocktail bar life. Later I turned digital nomad and now I live in the Philippines.

But am planning to return to Europe, my home base probably becoming Cyprus (again).

Mazzo beat it all in those years, the mix of that “Soho alike dry techno” - often spun by true world stars - and standing at the bar, chatting (and smoking) totally relaxed as could happen only in Amsterdam that close to the speakers. That was what truly made Mazzo, we may at some point have chatted over a beer. And the legendary (infamous?) bouncers lol.

While in Utrecht I helped with some events at the Winkel but it wasn’t really my crowd. You may know Journal there though, the bistro. Worked there for while I lived in Utrecht.

Ah you are a true nomad :) Winkel, yeh, not my crowd either, sometimes some techno promoter tried a party, but never really created the right atmosphere. I also changed over time; Still the true undreground techno O like, but would be great if this is played in a bit more luxurious setting than the industrial style underground spots. Maybe we indeed chatted, but I was not so much hanging at the bar drinking beer. I was more like dancing in the room and found myself all the time to need to move to the front again, so quickly we were pushed to the back by people cutting in at the front again. Mostly I was at Mazzo when Steve Rachmad had his night; He brought so many of the international artists to this club.