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Now SteemFest official program is coming to an end, maybe some dancing is in order?

Have Fun in Lisbon

A few months ago I posted about Minilogue sharing with you their second album "Blomma" (post here).

I wrote:

Minilogue is a collaboration of Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert, both from Mälmo Sweden. They made name in the Trance scene under the names: Son Kite and Trimatic. With Minilogue they seek their new niche, more close to emotional and minimal techno. It is clear that they used some of their trance background in their productions, and that makes their music so beautiful and outstanding. Since some time Sebastian and Markus are not performing together anymore, but both still perform under the name of Minilogue from time to time. Fortunately when Sebastian performs under his own name, his music is still closely related to the Minilogue vibe. I also love the fact Sebastian is playing the super cool festivals and clubs, like Fusion Germany, Garbicz Poland and Eclispe in Oregon USA; Thuishaven & Shelter The Netherlands, Berghain / Panorama Bar Berlin, Farbic London and more.

Since I'm in love with Minilogue's production and it is time again for @uwelang #danceweekend, I share with you their first album they produced; One that I think is as good as their other album "Blomma".

Artist: Minilogue
Album: Animals
Year: 2008
Country: Sweden

NJOY your Weekend

Just Hit the Play Button

Part 1


Yesterday Bells
Cow, Crickets And Clay
Hitchhiker’s Choice
We All
33 000 Honeybees
View Of A Juggling Ball
Giant Hairy Super Monster
In A Distance

Part 2
Play full album here


Old Water
City Lights
Six Arms And One Leg
Swamp Op
In The Shade Of The Sun
Stations I
Stations II
Stations III
Even The Wind Seemed In Deep Sleep
Feeling In Spring Beside The Dressing Table
Seconds (Colour & Sound)






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Yes yes - Dancing a bit, hope they do that too on #steemfest

Probably not; Yesterday they had evening program in a snooker place with beer.

Nice to see people here appreciating the legendary Minilogue. We will be showcasing a video interview with Marcus Henriksson soon.

@qsounds and all interested in techno music and culture, keep an eye on our blog and magazine—you will find us at the domain mentioned below and all other social media with more exclusive materials.

www.orbmag.com will be officially launched in around two weeks.

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Thanks, Minilogue brought is some great music! Looking forward to your blog.

Had a browse thru Animals CD1, some truly amazing and captivating music.

Thanks; I really LOVE that album, most tracks are super good for me :)

Good music always inspires me to make some music, thats when I know its darn good ;)

Sounds Cool! :)

Excellent music - So cool to be introduced to MINILOGUE!

BIG thanks! - upvoted and resteemed and following you now for more cool stuff!

You're welcome and thank your for your support. Check ou theri other album as well, the one I linked in the post "Blomma", very good as well.

Great sound :-)

A shame they broke up; How Sebastian has his solo career now, and still from time to time perform under Minilogue name. I like him beter as Minilogue than his own stuff.

nice channel. keep steeming

Thank you! And for sure will do :)

Groovy! -------|> Resteemed! :-)

Thanks for your support!

Hey! good music, I had never heard them before, but I liked them. In fact I got into your YouTube channel! Thank you for sharing this ;)

Thank you. It is not my YouTube channel, I just shared a upload by somebody else.

I got into the channel Minilogue

Ok cool!

Have Fun in Lisbon good activities

I'm not in Lisbon, but I hope those who are getting some good music... Reason for this post and Minilogue, so they can get to good music when those local to Lisbon fail to bring some :)

Sorry my bad, i thought so ... any way keep in touch & from my site give you a big

No worries :)