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Welcome again in my favorite series #technofriday where you can always find the finest sounds, the newest releases, reviews from the hottest parties and announcements for upcoming events, projects or albums. Tag originally formed by recently inactive @neutronenkind, through all those months on the Steemit Blockchain gained a lot of participants and build a quite strong community around it. Proudly to be a part of it, today I would like to extend my last post from the RAVING FOXES series, about one of my favorite and distinctive techno artists named Ancient Methods. I really cannot wait until Saturday in Rotterdam, where I will have an opportunity to listen him live. Also the same night you can listen him in Utrecht ! To rise up the temperature and curiosity, as I said, I would like to extend his bio by representing esoteric alias called

Room 506



Michael Wollenhaupt, a veteran of Berlin techno with many aliases and a broad influences in the electronic music as well as post-punk, industrial, psychedelic and dark ambient. He is also known from involving a lot of symbolism into his productions, so providing the whole picture of the shadowy side project launched in 2015 was a duty of the Digging Foxes.

Here's Room 506, It's enough to make you sick.

Room 506 - Drop Out [Room 506]

Quoted words describes perfectly the mood of the side project's debut presented in the Ancient Methods Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set 19.05.2015. The first line of the lyrics from the Nico - Chelsea Girl, sampled by Michael Wollenhaupt in Drop Out, one of the most beautiful unreleased tracks of the artist, which in November 2015, after few months of exhausting waiting received vinyl release due to public demand. Quickly sold out, a magnificent orange marbled vinyl, also very quickly became a dominant release at the year’s end and strong contender in the race for the very best of 2015 and receive a repress in January 2016. Pounding metallic kicks and synthetic convulsions of the A-side’s Drop Out are taking a listener on a strong industrial techno ride which towards to the real catharsis created with a strong female vocals overwhelmed by the filters and synths. In this song we can hear Pepper she's having fun , Dropout, she's in a fix, White powder in the air also sampled from the Nico - Chelsea Girl.

Room 506 - Red Embers [Room 506]

On the flipside, twelve minutes of Red Embers, also represented in RAVING FOXES 013, made of extremely intensive sonical structure of tangled basses, industrial bonecrushers, Latin guitar strings, brutal tension, classical piano passage and hypnotic vocals from no one else like Nico sampled from her emotional Sagen Die Gelehrten which is also worth to listen. Both of tunes are build with intentions to drive a listener into some kind of ancient and dark story which led into the unknown brutal forces.

Kirlian Camera - News (Room 506 Edit) [a+w X]

Half year later, 15th of June 2016 Michael Wollenhaupt had a honor and pleasure to release this tune on the A-Side on the vinyl catalogued as [a+w X], the special series of the respectful German label aufnahme und wiedergabe. V.A. - Wiedergaben Vol. 1 was an EP limited to the 500 copies which disappeared quickly, as every new production from the Ancient Methods. It is a pounding industrial interpretation of dark italo electro synthwave originally released in 1981.

Seen Links Schlösser Rechts - Die Nacht (Room 506 Edit) [a+w XX]

Two years later, in June 2018, also on the same label history has come full circle taking once again Room 205, this time with two intensively pounding tracks represented on the Various ‎- Wiedergaben Vol. 2 [a+w XX]. For those who attend on the parties with the more intensive, emotional and dark side of techno, those tunes shouldn't be unknown. For the rest, it is worth to know. The power of both tracks is just incredible and placed them very high in the yearly charts. Military style of pounding Die Nacht or esotheric industrial EBM smasher Ich Steh' im Regen was and will be very distinctive sounds of the upcoming months.

Deutsch Nepal - Ich Steh' im Regen (Room 506 Edit) [a+w XX]

I hope that I will hear at least one of those songs tomorrow. Maybe something completely new and unknown. Who knows. You can expect the review of the party around late Sunday or Monday. On the same party, beside Ancient Methods I will have a great opportunity to listen Talismann described by @edje this week ! #technofriday always up to date !

Monday Trance by @andyjaypowell
Disco Tuesday by @musicgeek
Wednesday House by @andyjaypowell
Rap Thursday by @flipstar
Techno Friday by @neutronenkind
Dance Weekends by @uwelang



I really like to read your posts :)

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the most memorable moment of the party :
I came up to the DJ and asked "Michael, do you have something from ROOM 506?"
answer was "hmm... maybe maybe"
and few minutes later he played

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