I share the same passion for the Iceland like you. All those descriptions of the unexplored and strange places are heating my imaginations since I remember. Second very interesting thing is obviously their artistic expression related with techno music since early 90's. I was deeply surprised with those information about Icelandic techno community in the past century. This is the interesting topic I would like to take a closer look and thanks to the curation of Bjarki, now it is possible. Musical content definitely worth to check

Just found this it seems a nice concept, don't​ know if you already know it (:
ParadIceland – A Techno Tourist Review Of Iceland

wow, thanks ! I haven't seen it yet, but it looks like a obligatory reading for me

also interesting vid about environment

The video is very cool, I had no idea of ​the details of the day to day life like the warm sulfuric tap water (:
Was seeing the vid and my head was playing one​ of my favorite cuts from Bjarki (can't find the right one anywhere, so here's​ the live edit).

Since you created this post I have been reading about Iceland and its musical richness. It seems to be the ideal place to spend some time creating music. I have always been passionate about the wonderful landscapes, but I have never considered the physiological influence of the environment. As Bjarki says, adding his own explanation for the country's unique musical identity. “The significant amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide in the air leads to headaches, dizziness and increases our heart rate which makes us do very moody music." Love your posts each day more, thank you (:

when I was working on the article about Bjarki I read an interviw with him, talking about huge influence from the surrounding landscapes pushing into high level of creativity and the production of even few tracks per day.
BTW, have you heard his newest LP called Bjarki - Happy Earthday ? It has a big premiere in Berlin, including A/V show.

No, I didn't, but will now. I wasn't​ aware of this release. Tanx for the tip! (:

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