Shaman knowledge -Symmetrization Video / Schamanenwissen -Symmetrierung Video

in technique •  11 months ago

This post will introduce the video for yesterday's post about Left-right independence

In diesem Beitrag wird das Video zum gestrigen Beitrag über die rechts-links Unabhängigkeit vorgestellt


Video 5 minutes:


Das Video ist auf englisch, es sollte aber mit dem Artikel von gestern völlig klar sein, letztendlich geht es darum zu zeigen wie dieses Übungen aussehen.

(image is CC0)

Bis nächstes Mal! / See you next time!

Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit! / Thank you for your attention!

Original content by @schamangerbert

Schaman GerbertIMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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I am used to do these kind of exercises every day, and unconsciously I do it when I'm stressed, doing that really helps me to release stress.
i always follow you and
you give me sprite by your post...
Thank you sir..

Finde ich klasse.
Bei niedrigem Tempo ist der 6-Beat keine Hürde für mich.
Bei höheren Tempi und den ausgefallenen Figuren steige ich aus. ;-)

trying this out was really a cool experience for me thanks for sharing the videos :)

This is much better for me to see the words in action!
But your voice is too faint!
This requires practise! This means I have to get a small drum!!
Then, my neighbours will think I have become a red-Indian!

Wonderful video my dear friend.Very good technique sharing my friend.You doing very good job. Keep it up and i waiting your next video.


@ schamangerbert...........a big thanks for your supportive video......actually,,,that was quite difficult to understand your yesterday post,,,,,,,but now its fully are the best master.....carry on......all the best,,,,,

The great Healer , thanks for this video it helps alot

Thanks for the great exercise once again!

Trommeln hat schon was tolles. Ist bestimmt nicht so leicht wie es aussieht.

Great Video @schamangerbert. Thanks For Sharing.Have a Nice Day.

Excellent technique you just shared very nice it was thanks for sharing

continuing the earlier post it was great to learn @schamangerbert thanks for showing how it is done

the style and the rhythm was something i need to work upon

thank you for sharing these its very useful for me :)

Great video you made on this thanks for sharing it :)

Hoping it'll be helpful...... thanks for sharing this vedio.....!

#sir.. your very well post..
& excellent video..
i love this post..
thanks for sharing..
sir i just #resteem & #upvote

Demasiado bueno amigo saludos desde Venezuela 😊

Weiter so mein Lieber!

great one. your voice is too faint!............thanks for this

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