Paradigms & Potential - The Teardrops SMT (Part One)

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By means of the Teardrops SMT, we want to create "beautiful disruption" (not 'disruption'). We seek to abate half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism, by fixing the rarity in the 'great men' industry. 

Each enterprise under the Teardrops SMT ecosystem thus, is modeled to incite humans to 'mine the human' (proof of tears) but as importantly, is modeled to celebrate and reward the 'resulting breakthrough in human'

Yes, our entire enterprise-model is premised around returning 'value' to humans, in a world where humans are beginning to depreciate in value.

Note: "mine the human" carries a context that synonymous to things like 'mining cryptocurrency', 'mining crude oil', 'mining fine stone' etc. The 'proof of tears' model should create a curriculum that incites participants to 'mine their human', evolving it towards its awesomest version. 

This means that besides rewarding things like 'proof of brain', we will seek to reward other facets of human; things like 'display of human virtues', past deeds, un(dis)talentedness etc.

Speaking of the potential of TEARDROPS in terms of 'growth', we are taking cognizance of the 'entire human populace' in the evolution of our model. We are creating a digital currency capable of appealing to the soft of 'every human' and emanating 'down-to-earth innovations', each modeled to return 'value' to humans. 

We will seek to reshape the entire internet or create a new one, one filled with humans, where upon 'human' is the measure of relevance.

We are targeting each human. 

We aim to bring about "true celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all" and to this effect, our enterprise aims at becoming an 'ultimate true fan' to each human; 'the entire human populace!'

It is that simple.


Imagine an entire enterprise that innovates dynamically on your behalf in a bid to celebrate you, direct 'true fans' your way and actively support you in the process/journey of building your 'noble dreams'. Imagine an entire enterprise that innovates dynamically on your behalf, to bring you to further limelight. Imagine an entire enterprise that takes cognizance of 'each human' in the evolution of its model. Imagine an entire enterprise made up of a close-knit family that moves together. Imagine an entire ecosystem, that celebrates you for 'becoming human', one that rewards you for exercising and evolving your 'human virtues'; an enterprise that rewards you even for 'past deeds'. Finally, imagine an entire ecosystem that associates 'tears' with 'breakthrough' and looks to reward 'each tear' with some TEARDROPS. 

If you have imagined, your imagination isn't far-fetched or away from reality.

We feel that 'value' should be returned to 'humans'; that the smaller things like 'money' should have its place in society as 'the smaller things'; that technology such as 'blockchain', should be applied as a tool to 'evolve the human', as a tool to return 'value' to human. We feel that as the world evolves in technology, finance, industry etc, humans should shine, should garner more appeal, should be celebrated and not the reverse, 'where crypto-kittes, superman, millionaire-cats, outer-space etc appear to garner more relevance'. 

Now as humans shine, tunnels should begin to find light. Not any longer does anyone have to wait 'till end of the tunnel' to find light.

The world simply needs balance! There is room for down-to-earth innovations too, in the face of many outer-space innovations! Where there is an internet filled with bots, AI, money etc, there should be an internet filled with humans too, where upon each human is relevant. More importantly, each human should be 'full-blown human' and not a product of half-humanism.

There is room for curriculum(s) 'in education' that propagates the art of 'mining the human'; that understudies and celebrates or rewards concepts like legit-illiteracy, un(dis)talentedness, 'the display of human virtues' etc; that eliminates concepts like bum, average or smart

There can be room for 'many more good things' now than was once the case and we are helping to make that the case.

Now more than ever before, undertaking this feat is of pertinence. This is the time-ly time. Why so? 

Well, for one, this once very-huge feat is more accomplish-able, since the advent of blockchain technology. Blockchain can help bring about what we call, "decentralization, with a grand context", but not on its own! Blockchain has to be used as a tool to this very effect by the humans and enterprises that it hosts.

Note that where blockchain isn't used to this effect, blockchain will fade like 'techs' that have existed before it. Where blockchain only recycles already 'existing innovation or enterprises' in a bid to redistribute rewards, it will fade and never enter the ranks of 'great'.

Yes blockchain is a very powerful tool, depending on how much of it is put to testimonial use. Many more things can be decentralized now and this removes 'barriers' that once was e.g where money was an odd, 'you can create the money now'. Where there was 'barriers to entry' to information, blockchain offers you an 'open ledger'. Where your data could once be destroyed, blockchain offers immutable databases. Where you couldn't reach 'everyone' outside your IP location, blockchain offers decentralized servers. Where there was lack of a 'real community' on the web, the steem blockchain offers you a community of reputable great minds.

Dreams are equaller to reality now.

The likes of Google and Facebook etc have simply done one thing; they have 'mined our human'. Simply take ownership of that particular 'mine' and you take control of the resulting dividend. Money seeks you and money like it always was, becomes 'the smaller things'. Grander decentralization attained! This is the premise around which the Teardrops SMT enterprise model is built.

Going back to 'our potential in terms of growth', we are taking a route that is 'fresh'. While many innovations seek answers in outer-space, we are seeking Rare Intel in 'the down-to-earth' and using this to build our model, bringing about a much needed balance.

Yes, many answers are indeed very down-to-earth, many times, we just never look there. 'Our enterprise is looking there!'

Looking more intently at the current state of the world, it is noticeable that "the paradigms in the world are shifting away from outer-space and returning down-to-earth". 

Even when it comes to innovation, the world is attaining a CAP! What's comes next after the internet or right after 'blockchain technology'? Likely 'AI and robots'! What is more, thereafter? Human clones? And after that? 

What more fiction can the movie industries create, than 'aliens taking over' or Marvel or Dragons? Or speaking of the gaming-industry; what comes next after crypto-kitties, pokemonGO? And how about the fantasy/trends/luxury industry; 'millionaire cats, elephant pets, virtual babies, virtual reality' etc; what's next? I tell you, 'there is a CAP'

In the times in between, we are building an ecosystem around 'routes untouched by the world'; routes that have remained down-to-earth, in a bid to create 'beautiful disruptions'; balance! 

It is not coincidence that the world is growing tired of AD(s) or 'rehearsed reality-TV shows' or of an internet filled with bots. The world is indeed is shift in its paradigms and returning down-to-earth, leaning back towards its soil and we want to make the ground ready for its return.

Yes, humans do have a softer-spot for what's 'real' and that is where TEARDROPS comes in. 

Let's now take a closer look at the paradigms & potential...


We will now explain some of our core paradigms. Here is a list of what we will cover:

  • Surpassinggoogle
  • Un(dis)talented
  • Down-To-Earthedness
  • Steem growth
  • Beautiful Disruptions
  • Mainstreamity


This paradigm covers the premise of "removing all 'barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that everything good becomes available to every(any)one". (Decentralization, with a grand context!)

'Surpassinggoogle' is a core paradigm guarding each aspect of our enterprise model. 

Speaking of "every(any)one", we refer to 'each human'. We are envisioning a 'model world' under our ecosystem, where 'each human' carries 'value', courtesy of their status as a 'human'. 

Speaking of "human" however, we are envisioning a 'balanced world' under our ecosystem, where each human is a 'full-blown human', meaning that our enterprise should be able to stir activities that 'mine the human' and reward these activities. 

Now, it is very important that we are able to reach 'every(any)one'; thus, we will need a medium. We will need to adequately "serve the search engines". This means that under our ecosystem, 'content is queen'; dynamic, ever-refreshing and filled with humans (ulogacies). 

Our primary driver thus is 'content', where 'content is queen' and 'serving the search engines' is a key part of the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigm.

When it comes to "removing all barriers to entry from everything good", we should make provision for 'all walks of life'. This thus means, that our enterprise should dynamically emanate 'down-to-earth innovations', that are modeled in a way that gives more testimonial essence to 'every human activity', simplified in such a way that 'each human' regardless of their social status, literacy-level or location can actively participate in. This must have to mean that our enterprise has taken cognizance of the 'entire human populace' in the evolution of its model. 

In the grander scheme of things, this also means that our enterprise should make provisions for 'generations yet born' by emanating 'owners' (generation-fixers) now. 

A Recap - The Surpassinggoogle Paradigm

  • Take cognizance of 'each human' in the evolution of your enterprise model.
  • Keep innovations down-to-earth, relatable and simple.
  • Innovate dynamically, with each innovation modeled to incite humans to 'mine their human'. (Note: the likes of Facebook, Google etc do just one thing; they 'mine our human'. We take ownership of 'that mine', we control the resulting dividend.)
  • "We can't change the world, we can adjust it" (Don't reinvent the wheel. Simply give more testimonial essence to the existing wheel. Give regular human activities more 'value'.)
  • Apply blockchain to use as a 'mentality-adjuster' (e.g using curation to accomplish more than just 'reward distribution.)
  • "Content is queen." (attempt to make 'content' more dynamic, relatable and ever-refreshing. Remove all 'barriers to entry' from content-creation, content-curation and content-promotion. Create an atmosphere and culture where content-creators use the art of content-creation as a means to consciously 'mine their human'. Create an atmosphere and culture where 'real human growth' becomes the primary reward for content-creation.)
  • "Serve the search engines." (Fill up the search engines with 'fresh pieces of human' daily. Begin to rank 'new celebrities in the search engines)
  • Where possible, reshape the entire internet or 'create a new one'; one where 'humans' hold sway.
  • Reward humans for 'becoming human'.
  • In the scheme of rewards, give 'money' its place as the 'smaller things'. Return 'value' to 'human'. (Inculcate this mentality but rewarding other things besides content-quality e.g past deeds, effort, 'the display of human virtues' etc)
  • Seek to reward 'human virtues'. Seek to reward 'past deeds'.
  • Explore "a variety of rewards". (e.g reward 'everyone', propagate other forms of rewards besides 'money' etc)
  • Now, emanate 'owners' and move together. (Create avenues to help 'each human' build their noble dreams.)
  • Celebrate 'breakthrough in human' with 'an emblem of human', a breakthrough token called 'TEARDROPS'.
  • Get TEARDROPS into each 'human hand'.

We have three primary social-network platforms under the Teardrops SMT ecosystem, that implements the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigm, namely ULOGS, STEEMGIGS, MACROHARD

Case Study

One of our youngest projects which is also our front-runner project is called ULOGS. Starting months ago on the steem blockchain (on #ulog), it has gone on to 'organic growth'. 

Without active promotion or active curation/rewards, some 5,500 people have ulogged! After 4-months since its inception, '#ulog' emanated more than 20,000 posts and some 179,000 comments. (See the most recent stats)

We created a content-space via '' that allows users to apply 'content-creation' also as a tool to consciously 'mine the human' towards its awesomest version. Called "ulogs", participants can become uloggers, carry out the art of ulogging i.e creating a kind of content that is created 'fresh' each time and composed entirely of 'excerpts of U' (i.e doesn't resource from or recycle content from the internet). 

The U in Ulogs stands for YOU.

This form of content has removed all 'barriers to entry' from content-creation and content-curation alike, making content 'queen', dynamic and relatable to everyone regardless of levels of literacy. (On the side, it also dispels worries related to plagiarism or copyrights infringement.)

Not everyone feels qualified as a blogger or vlogger. Anyone can ulog!

We have also crafted the name "ulogs" in a way that we can 'rank in the search engines' and on the entire web for the word "ulogs" and feed off of web-traffic from already renown words like "blogs"or "vlogs". (For instance, where one uses the search query "ulogs" in error instead of the intended search query "blog" or "vlog", google no longer has to suggest 'an error' because there are myriads of results for the word "ulogs".

Note that the term 'ulogs' is a fresh concept across the entire web.

See this:

The word "ulog" sparks curiosity too as it is relatable and familiar. People wonder what a ulog is because they are already aware of terms like 'blog/vlog', resulting in very-organic growth.

Where one ulogs constantly, 'content becomes queen' as they refresh the entire internet with each ulog, gifting to the internet 'fresh pieces of human' (ulogacies). 

Uloggers become 'owners', becoming givers, become 'the referenced', become 'the celebrity'. As importantly, by ulogging incessantly, 'we evolve', we exert and exercise our innate human virtues, we tap into our shine, we re-tap into lost/redundant shine, we become 'the awesomest version of human', we become great, we become full-blown human, we are redirected to the Creator Jehovah. 

Content-creation becomes more than just a means to earn. In a ulog, we can afford to become 'our primary audience' and thus, can create content whether 'bulls or bears'. Once again, "content becomes queen".

Where we can ulog 'everything' (making use of ulog-subtags), we emanate ulog-communities as a result, create new world-renown trends, write  our own narratives and unite every existing dream, enterprise, innovation, community; then, we unite each human.

Where we get the word "ulog" integrated into the dictionaries, integrated into every social-network platform (e.g where each social-network has a tab labelled 'My Ulogs'), and becomes present on every PC-keyboard/phone-keypad; mainstreamity lurks around.

Surpassinggoogle lurks around.

Sample Application(s)

Apart from '', which was touched on earlier in our case study, we have applied the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigm to each enterprise or innovation stemming from the Teardrops SMT ecosystem. 

Here are some other examples:

  • Each of the three primary social-platforms that make up the Teardrops SMT ecosystem, namely ULOGS, STEEMGIGS and MACROHARD is built around a 'grey-list of certified uloggers'. This means that 'each algorithm' on all three aforementioned social-platforms has been written to bring 'certified uloggers' to further limelight e.g all exclusive UI-perks are made available to certified uloggers only.
  • Content is the key driver across all three social-platforms (e.g even '', a freelancing/dream-building marketplace, is very content-base. It has a knowledge-bank that accepts expert-knowledge contributions borne solely of 'experience')
  • allows both experts and non-experts to offer gigs, enabling to offer 'free gigs' and further removing 'barriers to entry' from the process of dream-building.
  • intends to create a 'programming language that anyone can code in' regardless of 'levels of literacy', further removing all 'barriers to entry' from the process of dream-building.
  • will help project-owners who can't program to have better relationships with programmers by providing these ones with 'progammers who can code with SWAG' (i.e brother programmers) 
  • Legit-Illiteracy is an entire school emanating from the Teardrops SMT ecosystem that every(any)one can school in. 
  • Marlians is a side-project of the Teardrops ecosystem. A social platform that uses the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigm by revealing 'rare intel' emanating from the 'down-to-earth' aspects of Nigeria.
  • Tara is a side-project of the Teardrops ecosystem. A social platform that uses the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigm by revealing 'rare intel' emanating from the 'down-to-earth' aspects of the Philippines.
  • For curation, we do not use moderators. Each certified ulogger plays a role in our curation efforts, creating an entire movement.
  • Each social platform that we innovate has 'ulog-communities', overseen by 'certified uloggers', whereupon they empowered to build a noble dream, enabling us to emanate 'owners'.
  • The TEARDROPS SMT distribution is focused primarily on our 'grey-list of certified uloggers'.
  • Through our entire ecosystem, we seek to reward 'real human growth' (i.e 'proof of tears').
  • etc

The Un(dis)talented Paradigm.

This is another core paradigm, that helps us further "remove barriers to entry", enabling each human to shine. So, we start by saying, "everyone has something to offer"

See this:

Then we say, "talent is not that impressive without the 'substance of the human', for 'just talent' is generic".

See this:

And we say, "relegate bum, average or smart and suddenly 'everyone' is genius".

We say, "find sense in the nonsense". We say, "dirt is good, ask the soap master". We say, "find good even in the not-so-good or at least testimonial use for good in the face of the not-so-good".

When it comes to rewards, we say, "reward every(any)one". We say, reward even 'the attempt'. We say, "reward attempts at out-of-the-boxness". 

We say, "add English into the Mathematics and 'once complex-equations' become simple non-equations". 

We say, "if i got the worst results ever, in a Bill Gate's Microsoft coding exam, before you seal your definition of 'genius', let Bill Gates come write my own Macrohard jargon exam".

We created the "4th law of motion" using the 'no books'

See this:

We say, "many answers are found in 'exhausting the first simplest-obviousest-solutions first, instead of jumping onto the 'nth complexest-solutions' first" e.g to find out 'what is bingo's mind', before going to all the way to Mars, to apprentice under an alien to learn veterinary-psychology, perhaps you should try something as simple as 'asking bingo what is on its mind' first. 

Yes, we say, "many things are as difficult as 1, 2 3". Thus, we say this:

Yes we say; "every(any)one can sign autographs". We say, "each one is celebrity because at the very least they have the an entire Teardrops ecosystem as their 'true fan' and each one should start rehearsing their signature now, for they will sign autographs". (Note that will have a commerce-shop, whereupon 'certified uloggers' can sell signed-creations)

See this:


Where we make use of an 'oracle', it will be un(dis)talented oracle. (An oracle refers to a decision-making protocol or capability offered by Smart Media Tokens)

Where we make use it of 'a list', it will be a grey-list (neither black or white). See this:

With the un(dis)talented paradigm, we are further returning 'value' to humans and yes, according to us, no 'excerpt of human' is shitty

We aren't seeking a flawless blockchain either. We are seeking humans and 'communities in unity' even in the midst of flaws, using the blockchain simply as a tool to 'evolve the human'. Where humans attain true celebrity-hood and begin to shine, then even 'their excerpts' will be of quality too and blockchain itself will begin to find its own shine.

We also have a ColorlessPaper. It is neither black nor white and is written so un(dis)talentedly for the understanding of each human

We are about 'beautiful disruptions'. We are about 'real human growth' for each human.

This is the scope of the un(dis)talented paradigm. 

Case Study

A contest was ran on the steem blockchain some two years ago, that birthed #untalented. This un(dis)talented contest labelled 'who are you' accrued more than a thousand post-entries and each entry was rewarded. The very post that pronounced the contest and introduced '#untalented' accrued more than a thousand comments.

Speaking of once again, this 'steem-based freelancing/dream-building services marketplace' has allowed 'all participants', even non-experts. "Everyone has something to offer!"

See this:

The un(dis)talented paradigm as evident in the enterprise model has helped us further remove 'barriers to entry', enabling to offer 'free gigs'.

See this:

Sample Application(s) - The un(dis)talented paradigm

No gimmicks, no rehearsals.

  • allows 'everyone to offer something'
  • BROPRO, core aspect of offers 'brother talents/un(dis)talents' as opposed to 'just talents'.
  • Our entire Teardrops SMT ecosystem is built around a 'grey-list of certified uloggers', allowing every(any)one to participate.
  • emanates content that is create-able and curate-able by anyone, regardless of 'literacy-levels'
  • Macrohard intends to create a programming language that is non-complex.
  • Legit Illiteracy uses the un(dis)talented paradigm, create a school out of the 'no books', that anyone can school in.
  • Our style of content-curation, curates things like 'the human', effort, attempts at out-of-the-boxness etc.
  • We reward the 'display of human virtues', past deeds and even 'flaws'.
  • UntalentedTV will run real-world reality TV-shows and competitions, with all its aspects 'unrehearsed'. It will also feature humans from all around the globe; 'flaws allowed!'.
  • The un(dis)talented paradigm also models UloggersTV and TeardropsTV
  • The upcoming Uloggers game-app will also make use of an un(dis)talented paradigm becoming playable by each human.
  • etc.

Your boy Terry


#lassecash #sct #marlians

@surpassinggoogle, Old ways of Internet will going to be continued at one place but here in Decentralised World collaboratively many are reshaping the version of this Internet and writing whole Decentralised Syllabus for future.

Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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Yes bro. We will experiment more and evolve the model on

It will begin in a day or two. Tokens already on steem-engine

Great to know that brother. Pray that it will be successful project and initiative. Stay blessed.

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Get some MARLIANS here:

Staking will be enabled on later today

Thank you for letting me know. Stay blessed.

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Woowwwwww Terry, the amount of work put in -not just you but everyone featured in this post- is just astonishing to see!!

Ulogs and teardrops is the way to go man!! <3

And that is me already completely broken. You fixed me. Thank you alot. A side project coming up under the Teardrops ecosystem that will help us further evolving the project on
It also has tokens on steem-engine

dont be broken...Be YOU!

Look on what you are capable of accomplishing..its amazing!

We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.

Warren Buffett -

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