My Baby Turns Into Little Girl...Teardrops of Happiness- Graduation Day!

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Photo is mine

I am very happy for my little baby, Samantha Shayne as she said goodbye to Babyhood and will say Hello! to childhood.

I still called it Babyhood because Samantha is still having her milk on feeding bottle and still using diaper when sleeping.
Please see link to see my previous post to know more about her:

Yesterday, March 22, 2018 was the graduation day of my daughter Samantha Shayne.

The day before her graduation day, we went to the mall to buy a dress and shoes to be used on her graduation.


Photo is mine

She was so excited looking for a dress...

Selfie while waiting

Photo is mine

Her little sister is with us also. Taking selfie while waiting for her in fitting room.

Photo is mine

This is the dress and shoes she chose.

Photo is mine

I am very happy that my little girl passed already the babyhood stage and now she will start to embrace the childhood stage.

Class picture

I had and agreement with my daughter that now she's growing up and done with Kindergarten, she will completely stop using feeding bottle. I explained to her that she is no longer a baby.

They had a local dance presentation after awardings.

Her journey in Elementary level will now begin...I will keep supporting her till the rest of my life or as long I am breathing...

Photo is mine

Photo is mine

Happy Graduation Day to all graduating students and congrats to all the parents like me!

May God guide our children and bless more knowledge throughout their journey.

Thanks for your time reading my post.

Photo credits: All photos are mine

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Congratulations to your daughter, she's very cute.

Thank you so much...

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awesome lovely girl you have

Thank you...

Thank you so much @teardrops, sir Terry @surpassinggoogle... I really appreciates it and I am very overwhelemed for having my baby as a covered image.

Congratulations sis!

Thanks sis!

congrats now she will be starting a new stage in her life

thanks ma'am Daisy..

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Your daughter is so beautiful, congratulations to her. The excitement on her face shows, you're always there for her. Keep making her smile.

thank you so much..