Proof of Tears - Ate Sally in the Blockchain

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This is my Ate Sally. She is the most wonderful person we know.


Mahal Kita Ate Sally

She is funny and always loving. She is very giving and very thoughtful. Of all our relatives in the Philippines, Ate Sally is the only one who truly cared about us.

She died last year. It was a sudden death. My nanay said "inatake sa puso".

She was only 43 years old and she has a daughter and husband. She worked too hard in Malacanang.

We Miss You

We shed tears when we remember her and miss her. We miss Ate Sally very much. Our hearts are broken. My tatay and nanay tell us we will all die eventually and that Yeshua can only tell when.

I guess it was Ate Sally's time because she has completed what God made her for.

We cry because we are sad. And we also cry because we are happy. My memories of her are happy moments.

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My son's post is very difficult for us. Masakit at the same time, we believe God has His reasons.

Ate Sally is my first cousin and she has touched our family so dearly. My husband barely knew her and her family but he has a special heart for my Filipino family. He weeps for Ate Sally more than I do, to this day.

This picture of my son and Ate Sally is a very happy moment. This time was the last time we saw Ate Sally and we are glad that it was happy times that we remember her about.

We should not celebrate the death anniversary of our loved ones, we should celebrate their life. Tears of sadness for missing her but also tears of joy that she is waiting at the other end.

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