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My Past

by: @dinmark09

It seems like I can’t sleep tonight,
My heart feels so tight.
I just can’t help myself,
But think of the past in my life’s shelf.

I opened the window after I rose up from my bed,
Then I grasped the cold breeze of the wind.
I found myself looking at the sky,
I held my chest with a deep sigh.

I keep on praying every moment,
Hoping to disperse this unpleasant sentiment.
But why do I still live with that current episode
in my life?
It keeps on stabbing my heart as if it’s a double
Blade knife.

I just can’t smile because my tears are falling,
And my heart keeps on breaking.
I never thought that I still have this feeling.
Feeling that darkened my past,
But I know that is would still last.

I just can’t understand what I feel,
Every time I remember my past.
Even though I want to forget them all,
But still, they keeps on lingering on my mind.


Photo above by: @dinmark09 and

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It's a great poem! I can feel the pain in this poem. I do hope you will be able to move past that dark memory that keeps creeping into your present. I know, you'll get by :)


Thank you :) Our past and experience is our great teacher in life. To move forward :)

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Great poem! Very nice.

Oh man! I can feel the pain :(
Time heal all wounds buddy!