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🎶 Shosholoza!! 🎶

If you don’t have that tune ringing in your head now then there’s a pretty big chance you’re either a member of Team Australia, Team USA, Team Britain, Steemit Philippines or Team New Zealand 😝



We might be the new guys on the block, but we’re here to corrupt (oh wait, that’s our…) take over the Steemverse!!

Shame, we know you guys don’t understand us fully with our "South African accent" and all (oh, and there is more than one, by the way), but let us try and educate you a bit on how to converse with someone from Mzansi2:

  1. Shame
  2. This is an endearing term used in almost any situation.
    "My sister just had a baby, shame, he’s so cute".
    "Shame, he wrote his car off last night, I hope he didn’t get hurt?".
    One word, any situation!

  3. Just now
  4. This could mean anything from a few minutes to a few hours (or even days for that matter). If a South African says "I’ll do it just now," well, it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

  5. Robot
  6. No, this is not some "robotic man" walking down the street - this is simply a traffic light. We also tend not to stop at these (especially after dark).

  7. Izit? / Sho?
  8. Usually used when you have absolutely no idea what your friend is talking about and you don’t want to sound stupid.
    "Oh man! I sat up until 2am converting my SQL database to MariaDB".

So, now that you understand us Saffas3 a bit better, we’d like to introduce you to the founding members of Team South Africa.

Founding Whales/Dolphins:

@awgbibb, @dragonslayer109 and @jacor.

Founding members:

@alainite, @anneke, @artsy-wallflower, @awgbibb, @bdmomuae, @beetroot, @benniebanana, @binarie, @breezin, @brotherbear, @byronviljoen, @capetowngirl,, @cinderella, @coindup, @colinbrazendale, @darnscotty, @dean01, @deanoza, @devonking, @dewallenband, @diebaasman, @dirkodie, @doetwa, @dragonslayer109, @dse, @enazwahsdarb, @fates, @freewheeler, @ghostgtr, @giantbear, @gunn3rfourlif3, @hope777, @jacor, @jaynie, @jodywrites, @katara.sedai, @kiligirl, @leonroode, @lizelle, @longfield98, @louiscpt, @marcel1965, @maretha94, @melkay, @moderndragon, @morkrock, @muks, @mysticlilly16, @numbnut68, @onetree, @pandamama, @papilloncharity, @petruska13, @philip.willemse, @pieterb3, @pjcswart, @plainoldme, @princessmewmew, @rahvin84, @rogerblu, @roninza, @rynow, @scotty777, @shaunmza, @snapperlize, @soulsavers, @sportspodium, @stardust, @sweetpea, @tanyaschutte, @the-housewife, @thedarksideshow, @themagus, @themanswife, @themessup, @therneau, @veejay, @whistlejacket, @wildone, @xxsenpaixsamaxx and @yvonnebraaf.

A big shoutout to @kiligirl for her diligent work on tracing down so many South Africans!!

Rules for joining/members of Team South Africa

  1. Follow @teamsouthafrica.
  2. The @teamsouthafrica account will follow all official members back - this is the ONLY official list of members. View the current list here.

  3. Follow and upvote any existing members of Team South Africa that you share a common interest with (no need to follow all members).
  4. Regularly check the #teamsouthafrica recent tags and upvote the content you like.
  5. Comment here or DM me on Steemit.Chat or Discord informing me you would like to join.
  6. Once you’re a member, remember to use the tag #teamsouthafrica as one of the tags on your posts.
  7. The official Team South Africa banners and logos are only allowed to be used by official members or with consent from myself. When using a banner, it has to be linked to here and credit has to be given to the author.
  8. These rules can change at any time. Please always make sure you are checking the latest post for the latest rules.

Note to current members

We are currently in the process of testing a few more ideas on how the team can benefit from each other’s support. I can’t give away too much info on this right now, but stay tuned for these exciting updates!

Please contact me so I can arrange to get you your Team South Africa banner (with your name on). I’ll send you the actual "code" you can copy and paste which will add the banner, link it, and credit the author at the same time.
A big shoutout to @bearone for creating our banners/signatures!

If you haven’t joined our Discord chat server as yet - please go here to chat with us and catch up on your other team mates.
Thanks so much to our Moderators @darnscotty, @philip.willemse and @the-housewife for their time and effort keeping the chats clean.
Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

2South Africa
3South Africans

You little beauty - the Saffas have arrived - so what shall it be then ladies and gentlemen - cricket or rugby? We'll take you guys on in either.


We certainly have @sirknight 😁
As long as it's union and not league or Aussie rules - we play real rugby - hehe 😉

Hi, I am also from South Africa, Limpopo province. I would like to be added to the list. I have followed @teamsouthafrica and busy following people on the list. (Edit: Ok done following all the members)

Welcome to the team!! @teamsouthafrica has followed you back :)
Try join us on the Discord chat to meet your fellow team members...
Where in Limpopo are you from??

At the moment our house is in Tzaneen. But I am working between Springs and Brakpan currently and only go home one week each month.
We actually stayed all over the place from Pietersburg, Steelpoort, Naboomspruit these were all over the last 10 - 15 years.

Wow, you from my new of the woods!! Awesome :)

Welcome @reaverza! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Following you.

Yay!!! Congratulations on your launch @teamsouthafrica! Welcome to the family! ❤ @steemph & @teamaustralia

I upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you so much. Where in Australia are you from? I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Following you.

You're both welcome!

Sorry for the late reply lol Im still trying out that hiatus thing ;)

@pjcswart I'm in NSW. Thank you! Following you back!

I hope you're all having a great day Team South Africa!

Thanks, now problem. I tried to cut and paste that banner and it didn't quite work, not sure if I did something wrong...

Which banner brother? I think best person to speak to about T.SA graphics would be :)

This one, he sent it to me

Here is the code to your two Team South Africa banners.
Please copy and paste the code below “as is” to use one of your unique banners on your posts. This will ensure that the logo has the appropriate link attached and that the author is credited correctly.

Banner 01:

Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

Banner 02:

Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

Did you come right with the code when using it in a post @pjcswart??

No not yet, I get some residual brackets and stuff, and the pic is not clickable.

Ah, you guys are so awesome!!! Thanks @bearone :)

Awesooooome, sho....happy to be here! I know we will go from strength to strength!

I agree, where in SA are you from?

Newcastle, KZN :)

Cool. What do you do?

I have a second hand shop and sell online.

Beautiful. What do you sell?

Second hand stuff in the shop, collectibles online. The link to that is on my cover.

What do you sell second hand? Cars?

Man this is cool, glad to be part of the team.
Team South Africa, jou lekker ding :D

Glad to have you here man :)

The result of being bored :D


You bored waaaay too often man ;)

An absolutely splendid job of officially introducing @teamsouthafrica!!! Love it!!! "Ons gaan nou braai!!" Translated - "We're going to have a bbq now. Just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. It will happen in good time!!"

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Following you. Where in SA are you from?

Hey hey, howzit @pjcswart. Cool, thanks for the follow :):) I'm from Cape Town, yourself? Yeah man, been having a lekker chilled out day today. OFF WORK TODAY :) Edit: Never mind, I saw further down Pretoria :)

No problem, you're welcome. What do you do?

Awesome nice post glad to be part of the team

Glad to have you on the team @louiscpt :)

Hi Louis, I'm from Pretoria. Welcome!

Lekker man! Shame, I want one of those banners too, want ek like dit!
:) Upvoted and resteemed!

Will do the banners tonight and get yours to you :)

Ooh, thanks for the @randowhale upvote :D

Sharp man

Welcome @bdmomuae where in SA are you from? I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Following you.

Hi @pjcswart. I am from Mpumalanga but I'm living in Abu Dhabi now. Thank you for the welcome, I will follow back ;)

Great thanks! Must be HOT there now!

Extremely! Burnt to a crisp! lol

hehe LOL. Are you guys diplomats?

Happy days!

Certainly is :)

Hi and welcome @snapperlize! Where in SA are you from? I am organizing a STEEMIT event in Pretoria for 23 Sep. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Following you.

Sjoe! This is so kif man! Lekker !

Lekker lekker ;)

May 14-08-17 go down in the history books as the start when Saffers stood together and took over

For sure man!! Mark the date in the history books ;)

Sounds good to me man, it has a nice ring to it that date @darnscotty! Where in SA are you from? I am organizing a STEEMIT event in Pretoria for 23 Sep. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Following you.

Hey bud. You are aware of the Steemit event taking place in Jhb two weekends before that, right? Try make it there - you'll probably meet quite a few ppl there...

Yes see you there.


Count us in please. 😁

Sure can do ☺️
@teamsouthafrica is now following you back...
Please remember to use teamsouthafrica as one of the tags on all your future posts to get some extra upvotes from fellow team members 👍🏻
Welcome!! 😎

Are we all getting banners? This is so cool!

Hehe - oh yeah!!! :D


I'm a Capetownian, could you please add me to the list? My daughter @simplylizelle has helped me sign up to Steemit and I'm still finding my feet here.

Kind regards

Hi there @grethaventer. Welcome to Steemit!!
Sure, not a problem. Just follow @teamsouthafrica and then drop me note again and I'll add you 😉

Very happy to be a founder member of teamsouthafrica. We need to support each other as much as possible

Good to have you hear @pandamama - we certainly do hey..

This is awesome Ex-pat here currently in Canada. From Pietermaritzburg area. been gone 15 + years now so im sure its a whole new world now. Least its not - 30 degrees haha Cheers everyone!!!

Great to have you on board man!!! 🇿🇦🇨🇦

Welcome to Steem I have upvoted and sent you a tip

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Hi, I'm a South African from Kempton Park. Please include me.

Hi, I'm a South African from JHB. Please include me.

Can do...
Please follow @teamsouthafrica first and then let me know in a comment once done so I can add you to the list 👍🏻

Awesome - @teamsouthafrica is now following you back. Welcome to the team ☺️
Remember to use teamsouthafrica as one of the tags on all your future posts. Also, see if you can join us on Discord to meet your fellow team mates 👍🏻

I lived in Pretoria for a year, and loved it! I miss South Africa. Upvoted and resteemed, okes!

Ah, hope we treated you well ;)
Thanks so much "bru" :)

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Aweh! lekker to see fellow saffas on this streamtrain!

You should join us at some point ;)

Skiet daai kode vir die banner

Cool, will send yours to you tonight on Discord :)

Welcome to the fold @teamsouthafrica. Good to have you here. Looking forward to your growth and future contributions to the Steemit community

Thanks so much :)

Cool banner! I especially love my SteemPH one, also from @bearone.
Go conquer, Team South Africa! :)
I've hear of MongoDB but MariaDB sounds new to me, googling it now.

Hehe - thanks so much @luvabi :)

Congratulations Guys!!!!!
Well Done.

Thanks so much @sashin :)

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Shosholoza! I do have this song going through my head, as we sing it in our community choir here in Wellington New Zealand. Last time we sang it in a street festival the organisers were freaking out because we rocked it out so much they thought we were going to break the mobile stage.

Haha - that's funny and awesome!!! :)

I just found a photo on our FB page - we were jam packed onto a rickity temp stage - thats me at far left in blue

That's awesome!!! Nice :)


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I LOVE this!!!!
So excited to see what you guys will be posting #teamsouthafrica

Hope you going to join the team?

Would love too!! :)
I did do all the steps , just forgot to say!
I am still new on steem

Make sure you follow @teamsouthafrica so we can add you :)

Followed 👌

Welcome to the team @mel-bee :) @teamsouthafrica is now following you back...
Please see if you can join our Discord to meet your fellow team members and remember to use the tag teamsouthafrica as one of your tags in all future posts :)

Thank you for getting this organised

Least I can do @awgbibb :)
Thanks for being on the team :)
See you at Steem Saturday??

Should be there, Thanks

Awesome!! Looking forward to the event and meeting everyone :)

Im in, have been looking for a local comunity since my first day. Great job and great banner

Thanks so much @freetissues :) See you on Discord :)

Hello Friends, How Are You
Thank You Friend nice To Meet You
the Best And amazing.
Nice To Meet You All #steemians
My Name @memedel I Am Coming From Aceh Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF)
I Say Welcome And Happy To You Here #steemit or#eSteem.
Vote @good-karma As Our Witness.
Do not Forget Follow Me Also @memedel
I would like to express my gratitude.

Ek is lekker moeg. Please my china, count me in.

Thanks, but please make sure you following @teamsouthafrica first...
Let me know once done...

I don't see the follow??

I just checked again. You are correct. It didn't accept my first follow because your page requires me to "login"??? Please explain why it is asking me to login in order to follow you?

Whenever I click follow, it wants to kick me out or have my login. Can you please explain this very special procedure? What exactly is being installed on my notebook?

Must be something on your side man... No one else has complained about this...
Or Steemit is having problems?? Maybe try later again...

Seems you got it right :)
@teamsouthafrica is following you too now - welcome to the team!!!
See if you can join us on Discord to meet your fellow team members and remember to use the tag teamsouthafrica in all future posts :)

Thanks for your comment.

Well done @teamsouthafrica. Please add me to the group. Im based in Cape Town. Been on Steemit since yesterday. Very new to all of this

Hi @tamwebess. Welcome to the platform - sure you'll love it :)
We will be processing or next intake in the next few days so stay posted :)

So now I found you, in 'African' time as always. Well Durban is pretty laid back and thanks for the invite to be a founding member.

Will be delighted to be part of the Shongololo Trail singing the Shosholoza

Found SA in here will join Discord shortly.

Hi @joanstewart welcome! Following you.

Welcome!!! Just added you :)

please add me as a member to #teamsouthafrica

Hi Leon.
You're already on as a member ;)

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Hi @teamsouthafrica!

I live in Potchefstroom, South Africa. Can I join please?

Great idea :) Please sign me up :)

Awesome!! Welcome to the team @graviton 🇿🇦 Remember to use teamsouthafrica as one of your tags in your future posts 😉

Please add me. I'm following and have been voting my fellow SAs up since I joined.

Hi there @ruthofisrael!! Are you a South African or an expat by any chance??

South African. Born in Durban, raised in Kimberly, Studied at Goudstad Onderwys kollege. Live in Krugersdorp since 1994. Retired after teaching for 18 years. Personally acquainted with two of teamsa's founding Whales/Dolphins. One for 35 years and the other since his birth.

Ah, in with the big boys hey - hehe ☺️
I see now I did send you an invite way back when 😎
Welcome to the team!! @teamsouthafrica is following you back too now so please use teamsouthafrica as one of your tags...
Try join us on the Discord server if you'd like to meet any of your other team mates 👍🏻

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Hi, I'm a South African from JHB. Please include me.

Awesome! Just added you as a member - @teamsouthafrica is following you back 😉 Please remember to use teamsouthafrica as one of your tags in your future posts. Try and join us on Discord, if you can, to meet your fellow team members 😎

I am a South African, @Gavvet introduced me to Steemit and I want to join teamsouthafrica

Hi there!!
Sure, no problem, please make sure you follow @teamsouthafrica first and respond here once done 😎

Hello I'm juniorshelver from the west rand. Joined Steemit in July this year Could I be added to the list as well please?

Hey there... You already are on the list - @teamsouthafrica is already following you ☺️
Make sure you use teamsouthafrica as one of the tags on all your future posts hey 👍🏻

Yayyy Thanks so much!!


Hi, I would like to join @teamsouthafrica.

Awesome!! I just had @teamsouthafrica follow you back - welcome to the team 😉
Make sure you use teamsouthafrica as one of your tags on all future posts to get some extra community votes.
And if you can, try join us on our Discord Chat to meet your fellow team members 👍🏻

Hi Please advise process of attaching and amending the logo at the bottom of @teamsouthafrica posts on my posts? Still learning some skills!

I can arrange to get the logos to you 👍🏻
Could you sign up to the Discord server - then I can send them to you there 😉

Hi sorry for taking so much time to get back to you... been away. This is going to sound stupid... What is the Discord server? Please assist. I plan to a great deal of posting and would like the teamsouthafrica logo in place. Have a great day!

It is basically a website you can go to (or you can download the app) which allows you to chat to the group (or directly to members). Great way for me to send you the file with the code for your logo 😉

Hi I forgot to mention I am South African. I was introduced to Steemit by @graviton

This is super lekka! Thanks @teamsouthafrica for this awesome initiative! You guys rock!

Thanks for all the support @sweetpea :)
Great things still to come :)

welcome here! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me!

hello @teamsouthafrica. I recently joined steemit and i am located in Pretoria. I would very much like to be apart of the team. I already followed few of the members and upvoted them as well as followed the teamsouthafrica page.

Welcome to the team!! @teamsouthafrica is now following you back too. Please remember to use teamsouthafrica as one of the tags in all your future posts to get some extra community votes.
Also, see if you can join us on our Discord chat to meet your fellow team mates 😉

Please add me, and @guyrilla, we'd love to be a part of @teamsouthafrica

Have had @teamsouthafrica follow you back @carjhb - welcome to the team 😉
Let me know as soon as @guyrilla has followed @teamsouthafrica so I can add them too 👍🏻

Keep it up! I saw that you have been on here for some time so thanks for finally sharing with us. This deserves an upvote and rock on!
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How do I resteem this post please?

Sorry, but I don't think posts older than 7 days can resteemed 😕

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"Nooo it is advertising not spam." You say.
So are you suggesting that all of us listed above change our sentences to please everyone? You have clealry mistaken an innovation for something derogatory and you make me sick! But a ln ambitious person will always have enemies they say. I am promoting my team's business. If you do not like it mind your own